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Glenn Smith
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1995-09-22 (23 years old)



Glenn Smith was born in the Mississippi Delta around all the farmland. He was raised up on a cotton farm he spends many of the night catching fireflies and putting them in jars. During the days he would help his dad manage the fields. He spent the majority of his childhood in the boy scouts learn the basics of survival. He won 5 years straight in the clay pigeon competition. Glenn was a bully at school he started to steal from other kids and got into a lot of fights. Glenn bought his way out of trouble as his family was rich and was just stealing for fun. One day his mother was in the kitchen cooking when she dropped to the floor. Tucker was at a party when he got a phone call from his dad that his mother was in the hospital. He soon rushed to the hospital to discover everyone that came into contact with them had gotten sick. Glennwas scheduled to go to Russia for spring break. He landed in Moscow the disease had already hit there and was starting to spread. Glenn quickly rushed back to the airport, he bought the first ticket he could get and he jumped on the plane. During the flight back home the fuel tank developed a small hole, the fuel started to drain quickly. The nearest airstrip was vybor in Chernarus. With no response from the ACT, they quickly landed to a big surprise. Glenn quickly hopped out the plane and scrambled to hide in the fire station lockers. Glenn looked at his watch it was 5:14 P.M July 24, 2017. Glenn scrambled out and scavenged through houses and sheds. He managed to find an old M1911 with 3 bullets. Glenn has found a friend named Clayton who has promised to keep him safe if he helped to fight the war. Glenn questioned the war but was willing to do everything in his power to survive. Glenn is trying to get back to his mother. He wants to end all of the violence in the county and keep everyone safe until he can find a way to make it back home.


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