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Oliver White
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1991-08-13 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    New Orleans, Louisiana
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Religion
    Roman Catholic (Not practicing)


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Black; Short
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    An excessive amount of tattoos cover his torso. A single tattoo can be found on his left cheek. List of tattoos found in the description.

    Several scars cover his body. List can be found in the description.
  8. Equipment
    Head- Black Baseball Cap
    Eyewear- Avaitors
    Mask- Black Bandana
    Upper Torso- Black Rider Jacket
    Lower Torso- Black Jeans
    Footwear- Black Assault Boots
    Weaponry- SKS, engraved hunting knife, combat knife, M9A1 bayonet, engraved machete, antique sword, steak knife
  9. Occupation



Short tempered
Playful (More so to those he knows)


Head - Black Baseball Cap; Black Beanie
Mask - Black Bandana
Eyewear - Avaitors
Upper Body - Black Leather Jacket; Black Tactical Jacket
Lower Body - Black Jeans
Footwear - Black Assault Boots
Weaponry - SKS; Pump Shotgun; M4A1


Enjoys- Fishing, peaches, bacon, inside jokes, smoking (both joints and cigs)
Dislikes- Large crowds, snobby individuals, spaghetti, mushrooms, zucchini, pumpkins
Loves- Loyal individuals, like-minded individuals, knives, hunting, nature, small spaces, authority, fear
Hates- Egotistical individuals, disrespectful individuals, driving, doctors, unloyal individuals


Left Cheek - Diamond
Throat - Bible
Upper Right Breast - Outward Facing Arrow
Upper Left Breast - Outward Facing Arrow
Upper Chest - "Strength through loyalty"
Epigastric Region - Pheonix
Right Hypochondriac Region - Gorilla
Right Hypochondriac Region - Greek God Zeus
Right Lumbar Region - Magnum Revolver "Stay Calm"
Right Iliac Region - Metz Gang Logo
Left Hypochondriac Region - Male Angelic Figure
Left Hypochondriac/Illiac Region - Upward Palm Female Hand
Left Illiac Region - Two Pennies
Left Illiac Region - Musical Notes
Left Illiac Region - "The Lord is my Shepherd"
Umbilical Region - Diamond
Hypogastric Region - Blazing Flame
Hypogastric Region - Steering Wheel
Outer Right Bicep - Large Cross
Lower Right Bicep- Rose
Inner Right Bicep- Musical Notes
Lower Right Arm - Soaring Eagle
Lower Right Arm - "Faith Binds Me"
Lower Right Arm - "Blessed Are The Meek"
Inner RIght Wrist- Metz Gang Tattoo
Outer Left Bicep - Virgin Mary
Inner Left Bicep - "Faith & Family"
Lower Left Arm - Falling Ring w/ Angelic Wings Attached
Inner Left Wrist - "5-22-15"
Inner Left Wrist - "Love Binds Us"


Right Shoulder - Two bullet wounds. (Gang Shootout)
Left Leg- A large scar begins at his upper calf and ends at his lower thigh. (Car Accident)
Right Breast- Three scars, about two inches in length, scatter around his right breast. (Car Accident)
Stomach, just above belly button- One scar, inch a half in length. (Stab wound)


Maranda White- Grandmother (Deceased- Died to cancer at age 74)
James White- Grandfather (Deceased- Died to a heart attack at age 67)
Nicole White- Mother (Deceased- Shot and killed at age 39)
Douglas Shoemaker- Father (Status unknown)
Jonah White- Older Brother (Deceased- Shot and killed at age 19)
Olivia White- Twin Sister (Status Unknown)




Born to a hardworking, troubled mother and dead beat father, life was not easy for Oliver growing up in the St Thomas Aquinas Projects of New Orleans. The projects, the city's attempt to care for the lower class of New Orleans. The reality was much darker. Crack houses. Heroin addicts. Street gangs. Uneducated children. This is the environment in which Oliver was brought up in. Oliver's father left before he and his twin sister were born, leaving Oliver's mother, Nicole White, to care for three children alone.

Nicole was a hardworking, kind woman. She was certainly not the brightest person nor was she a saint, but Nicole cared deeply for her children. Bad choices early in life had left Nicole damned to life in the lower class, despite her upbringing in a wealthy family. She worked two jobs every day except Sunday, leaving for work at 6 AM and getting home at 11 PM. This left enough time for church, groceries, and a small amount of fun. Oliver adored his mother growing up. He would do anything for her.

Jonah White, Oliver's older brother, was the man of the house, despite only being six years older than his younger siblings. Oliver and his brother had a great relationship. The two enjoyed baseball, football, and basketball. They also would play childish games such as hide-and-seek and tag together consistently. Jonah was often the one to cook dinner for his siblings, leaving a plate for Mom when she got home. He helped the kids with homework, entertained them, and tucked them in for bed at 9 PM every night. That is until he was shot and killed over a drug dispute. Heroin was like a cup of coffee in the projects, and when people didn't have their high it meant bad news. Oliver discovered this first hand through his brother.

Oliver never cared much for school. He was plenty bright, just not dedicated enough. Young Oli, as his mother called him, had other priorities. Those priorities were supporting his sister and mother. This is why Oliver worked two jobs after school. He never studied, did homework, or even paid the mind to class. Rather, Oliver would make up for the result of his two jobs, sleep. At age sixteen, Oliver dropped out of school to find more work for his family. Nicole hated this. She saw too much of Jonah in Oliver. His act and motivations reflected the path Jonah had gone down five years before.

About two months after Oliver has dropped out of school, he lost one of the two jobs. The other wasn't bringing in as much money either. This lead to Oliver resulting in desperate measures: selling drugs. Nicole hated this. She truly feared for her son's life. Nicole cared for him to the point of calling her wealthy parents, whom she had not spoken to in seven years, and begging them to take custody of her children. Oli's grandparents agreed to take custody of he and his sister.

Oliver's grandparents lived on a six hundred acre farm in rural northern Louisiana. Shreveport. Oliver hated this decision at first. He became more rebellious than normal. Blaming God and his grandparents for the situation. Oli despised his grandparents from the start. They were the reason he could not see his mother. For the first four months of living with his grandparents, Oliver was secluded in his room. No work on weekends. No friends after school. Nothing. Just loneliness.

As time continued on, Oliver would open up more and more, as he did with most things. He began to understand the reasoning for his mother's "betrayal." Oli's sister, Olivia, really helped him to understand the improvement in their circumstances. Helped him understand that this was a second chance for the both of em. Oliver's grades continued to rise. Junior year, Oliver finished with a 4.0 GPA. He had also played baseball for his school in the spring and summer, allowing Oliver to make friends as he removed the shell surrounding his life.

Prior to his seventeenth birthday, it appeared Oliver would have no relationship with either of his grandparents. Although he had made friends, home life was still secluded, that is until Oliver's grandfather offered Oli a chance to go hunting. Oliver had always wanted to go hunting, stemming for his childhood love for bolt action rifles and long-range shooting. For the first time in two years of living with his grandparents, Oliver had agreed to do something. It was a small step in the right direction for the young man, but certainly marked a new stage in his life.

Over the course of two years, Oliver and his grandfather developed a great relationship. The two enjoyed hunting, camping, fishing, firing off rounds at the range, and just about anything else involving outdoor activity. In this time, Oliver discovered his love for nature. The calm and peace it brought to him were like no other. Maybe it was this calling to nature that made Oliver accept that offer from his grandfather, or maybe it was simply an act of maturity.

Oliver didn't begin college until he was nearly 21 years old. Oli wanted to make sure he majored in the right field, as he did not want to be taking college courses until age 30. The final decision was a degree in architecture through Louisiana State University. Oliver would be far from home, but still in the same state and close enough for weekend visits. Hence why this became his final decision.

After about three months of attendance at LSU, Oliver met a girl named Alissa. The two clicked off right away, having common interest and similar personalities. Both were born and raised in Louisiana, although Alissa was more of a city girl while Oliver had drifted to the country boy side. It began as a friendship but turned into more after a month or so.

Following his major in architecture at age 25, Oliver moved to New Orleans with his fiance, Alissa. The two rented out an apartment in the city and enjoyed the culture together. Alissa continued to her studies in the nursing field at UNO as Oliver found work in construction. The two agreed on having children at one point, but they wanted to be financially stable. Oliver wanted a much safer position with his company and Alissa wanted to find work in general.

After a fun Saturday night on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, the two began a short drive home. Neither member of the couple was drunk, nor was either buzzed in the slightest. It was the man who failed to stop at a red light who had been hitting the sauce. The man hadn't had too much to drink, but it was enough to ignore a red light and ram straight into the back of. Oliver had been driving with a seat belt securely fastened, Alissa, on the other hand, failed to secure her seatbelt. This hit caused him to fly headfirst out the window and into the concrete directly in front of them. She died upon impact.

Oliver was left alone. His love gone, his grandfather gone, and his grandmother on her last leg. Olivia had moved to Boston for work three months prior to the accident. This led Oliver down a dark path. He quickly developed alcoholic and drug habits, and soon found himself gambling away vast amounts of money. In just year, Oliver found himself in extreme debt. He had quit his job following the accident and could find no new work due to the excessive amount of ink Oliver put on his body. This led Oliver to his original home. The projects.

What began as simple drug runs for the Metz Gang in New Orleans would soon turn into a full-fledged gang relationship. Oliver worked his way up in the ranks by using his talented trigger finger, solid work ethic, and loyalty above all. He was a trustworthy member.

In the three years prior to Oliver's coming to Chernarus, he had sold weapons, drugs, fake ID's, participated in several robberies, carried out two drive-by shootings, and fought through one gang shootout. This long tracklist over a short period of time led to Oliver being picked for an arms deal with the Chernarussian Mafia. Two crates of AK's for dirt cheap. The civil war had left weapons easily accessible in the country, and the mob made a fortune off of it.

The deal was simple. Chernogorsk shipping doc at 1AM. Exchange the money for the guns. All Oliver had to do was stand guard. The weapons deal never happened. Instead, the sickness came.


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