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Brendan Myers
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1993-05-25 (26 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Anchorage, Alaska
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Family
    Emily Myers - Younger Sister, Ryan Myers - Younger brother
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Black, short and unkempt, stubble
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Back: Burn Scarring
    Left Arm: Slashing Scar; Bullet wound
  7. Equipment
    Picture of the twins, Ash's Journal, short range radio
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    The Second Chance
  10. Role


This character is alive. KOSable and PKable by the Corporation.

Medic, Operator, Outlaw

Brendan Myers has done a lot of things in his life. If you looked back at what he's done since the world fell apart, you may see him torturing a woman in front her husband, demanding information they didn't have. You could see him with bloody hands saving a strangers life, for no reason other than a kind man asked him to. You might see him joking with men in masks about the evil they did, or you'd see him sitting in silence hating himself for it.

If you look at him now, you could see him killing one of the men he used to joke with without hesitation, or you could see him rushing to a nearby camp to help the wounded. You could see him joking with new friends, or him walling out those closest to him. For as much as he has tried to change, Brendan's life carries the same tune. A discordant cacophony, following no rhythm.

Occasionally, if you listen to his song, you'll catch the high notes. The lives he is trying to save, the good he is trying to do. More and more these high notes are coming through the melancholy. Those who have been listening are noticing these notes more and more, the song still broken, but a rhythm trying to form. A song that could eventually become a tune that saves lives, instead of destroying them.






Rune's eyes opened to the dark interior of the small home. The first thing he felt was his arm being soaked. The second was agonizing pain as all of his senses and the last 24 hours came flooding into his head. Rune thought he screamed, but he didn't hear himself. He looked at the most immediate issue, and saw the poorly stitched cut along his arm. It didn't look like it was still bleeding, but he could see the stitching bulge with every heart beat. 

He remembered tearing the knife into his own arm to leave a fake trail through the woods, away from Tex. 

Next, he looked at the bandage wrapped around his leg, soaked through with blood. 

As he unwrapped it, he remembered the sting as someones bullet found its way into his leg as he darted after Tex. 

Finally he got to the wound itself, filled with packing gauze that needed to be replaced. Sighing, he ripped his already ruined shirt and wrapped the cloth around the wound. Satisfied, he focused on his surroundings. He remembered stumbling into one of the homes on the outskirts of Stary Yar. Reaching for his wrist tablet to see how much time had passed, he realized he smashed it back in the hills. Slowly getting to his feet, Rune leaned against the wall of the room. Grabbing the radio clipped to his waist, he realized it had gotten smashed at some point during the-

Fuck. Where was Tex? She should have found him by now. How much time had passed? Hours? Days? Rune felt his heart rate rising, the stitching on his arm nearly bursting as some blood seeped through. He grabbed his bag and M4 and stumbled to the door, leaning out. 

Again, Rune yelled, but he couldn't hear it. Panicking, he stumbled out the door, dizzy from all of the blood he'd lost. He slowly made his way through the dirt streets, finding no one. Passing the town limits sign of Kamensk, everything was a blur. Before long, he was limping through the woods. 

After a day, Rune forced all of his fears to the back of his head. If he even thought of Ash or the twins he would break down. He moved through the trees, finding camps of old friends and asking if they'd seen Tex. Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Corp activity to pick up in the North, so Rune was forced South to avoid detection. 

He found himself on Skalisty Island, setting up camp through the summer. He would make trips inland from time to time. When radio chatter would mention the blonde in a black cowboy hat, or when his short range would pick up a cry for help. Now, after 9 long months, everything was different.

Brendan didn't care about a better tomorrow anymore. Now he fights for a second chance.




The Archive



Potius Cras Dossier on "Rune"

Classification Level: AA (Compartmentalized)


Summary: Outside Asset

Member of: ROGUE

Record: Dishonorable Discharge (Expunged from official record by corporate)

Specialization: Combat Medic

Duty: Former Head of of Medical for Infitius Lustitiae

Dossier Conclusions: 

"Rune" is a reliable asset for the corporation. His brief military experience may be unimpressive, however his track record within the PMC is, at the very least, promising. His value however lies in his loyalties. His employers have stated his dedication to the well-being of his siblings. With them in our possession, the chances of "Rune" becoming a security risk are almost none. He may not directly work for us, but his employers have the children being watched over at Site [REDACTED], which gives us direct access to them should the need arise. Regardless, as long as the safety of the twins is assured, it can be believed that he will remain loyal to all orders from the corporation and Infinitus. 

Dossier Update: June 2, 2019;

"Rune" has been advanced to head of medical within the PMC. Monitoring of assets by Potius personnel has been halted by Infinitius. It is unknown why, or if the siblings are alive. Word from the PMC suggests they have been undergoing some sort of medical treatment. As a precaution, all messages over Corporate channels to and from the operator are being monitored. Extra precaution is being taken to keep this off the ground level to prevent information leak. An updated full psyche eval and situation report is needed the next time the Operator leaves country. 


Corporate Asset Officer




Date: June 10, 2019

Location: South Zagoria

Operators involved: Abel, Ice Dragon, Kyuodo, Rune, Tex, Warden


Operator Kyuodo was given instruction to extract Operator Tex from the country for testing as soon as possible. After assembling a team consisting of the above mentioned operators, excluding Rune and Tex, they moved to Tex's location at a community in Severograd.

It should be noted, Tex and Rune became emotionally involved prior, despite relationships being against company policy. The pair were reportedly married just a day prior to this incident.

Upon arrival at the civilian camp, Operator Kyuodo and his team informed Tex of her immediate extraction. The pair initially rejected the orders, asking for further time. Operator Kyuodo eventually convinced them to move out, and after stopping for supplies and checking [REDACTED] for anyone else approved for extraction the team set out for the docks. Operator Ice Dragon reported the couple being irritable and aggressive toward the team, withdrawing themselves from the others and seemingly "joking" about escaping. Things became worse as the team got closer and closer to the docks. Operator Abel reports the pair actively plotting an escape as they neared the extraction point. As the ship was approaching the docks, the team received a call from Dr. [REDACTED] informing them the extraction was no longer required. Operator Kyuodo swiftly placed the subjects in a cargo container to figure out what was going on. Word came from corporate that the subject was no longer needed alive, and instead Kyuodo and his team were ordered to bring in a body. Operator Rune and the subject overheard this, and quickly broke for the woods. It was initially believed that Rune was assisting in the hunt for the subject, meeting with Operator Warden who was on overwatch and Operator Ice Dragon who was also hunting. Shortly though, he left the radio frequency and disappeared in the woods as well. The hunt continued for the subjects, and eventually Operator Ice Dragon came across a blood trail, leading to the presumed corpses of the subjects. A shattered datapad and one of the subjects clothing was brought back, along with a letter written by Operator Rune(See attached addendum). The subjects are currently presumed dead in the woods North of Novaya. Further investigation is required to find the lapse in training causing this incident.

Files within: Psyche Eval, Criminal Record, Enlisted Record, Employment Record, Financial Record, Proof of Worth,  Infinitus Record, Birth Records, Relevant Articles


Status of Resources:



Discovered Letter: 

I hope Ashley finds this, Hell I hope she's alright. For whatever reason, I didn't make it. I have a lot to say, and this paper is only so big. But I'll give everyone else a quick message. If you are a member of the Corporation, I have no personal feelings against you. But understand my hatred of your employer. I worked with you, and I regret that I had to. But it was my fault. But Ashley didn't know what she was getting into. She wanted a home. And damn it, she loved the company. And not in a sick power hungry way like most of you. She felt she owed the company, and she's willing to sacrifice everything to repay that debt. Just trust her, don't treat her like a spy. She's a good person, better than most of us. Hell, Shadow tried to do some good and I ended up having to detain him and send him off to god knows what. But he knew what would happen. If it wasn't me that did it, they would have just pulled some trigger happy prick to do the job.

Infinitus. Whistleblower specifically. Take Ashley in if you'll have her. She's a good person. I know she may be useful in testing because of what's in her, but have some decency. There's better ways to securing the future than torturing one of the few good people left in this world. She cares about the twins as much as I do, so expect her to be a thorn in your side..and thank you. Despite your fucked up methods, you genuinely care about something at least.  To all the other people who won't shed a tear at my corpse, I don't hate you. I deserve what I got. But most of you would deserve it too.

Now Ashley. Thank you. For giving me something to fight for. For giving me a reminder of what could be. You reminded me of what was at stake with the research at Infinitus. You reminded me of who I wish I could have been. You reminded me of the twins, of the future. But you showed me so much new. You showed me a new side of myself. You showed me a new side of why I do things. You made me realize why I'm here. And I'll have died better for it. I can't change the man I've been. I can't change where I'm going when I die. But I can change how I go. Know I went happy. Know I truly love you, and on my way out I wasn't thinking of my mistakes. I wasn't thinking of how I got there. I was thinking of you, and the twins, and the future I wanted. The future I could have had. And I was happy. So keep fighting. Fight for me. Fight for the twins. Live your life the best you can. Don't go after whoever did this. I deserved it. Hate them, curse them, do whatever you have to do to move on. But move on. And live your life. Find your reason to move on. The kids, the future, all the hope that has always filled you and eluded me. Hold that. And go after it.  I love you. I'm glad I met you, despite the pain it caused us both. I wouldn't change a moment of our time together, except telling you how I felt sooner. Oh, and keep Mr. Asshole for me.







Rough OOC backstory:


Brendan Myers was the first born of a young couple in Anchorage. Things were always rough around the house, between the lack of money and the extra work the young parents did to make up for it, stress was high. When Brendan was 15, his mother found out she was pregnant. By the time she found out she was having twins, things had more than reached a tipping point. Brendan's father took to drinking, and would occasionally take to threatening Brendan's mother and even the unborn children. Brendan always stood up for his unborn siblings, despite his mothers wishes and his fathers beatings. He didn't know how, but he knew he had to take care of them. Shortly before the twins were born, Brendan's father left. Later he found out he had died in a drunk driving accident on his way out of town. Despite everything, somehow Brendan was lost. He may have been an asshole, but Brendan's dad was always just a fact of life in his eyes. Like he'd never go away. Brendan's mother was clearly more effected by the event. She took to drugs shortly after the birth of the twins. Two years later she died of an overdose, long after Brendan and the twins moved in with their aunt and uncle. The old couple seemed more indifferent than anything else. Too busy in there own work to deal with the new additions to their home. Instead, Brendan took to raising the kids while balancing his classes at school. When he finally graduated, he decided to join the Army for the benefits it would give the twins. At 18, he was granted custody of the twins, and left for the Army as a medic. The twins stayed with a family Brendan had met when joining the Army, and grew up better off there than they could have anywhere else. Brendan was attached to the 101st division as a line medic, where he deployed to Iraq. He saw some pretty rough shit while he was there, but as a medic he did what he could to keep the morale up. Around the 7th month of his deployment his Humvee was hit with an IED. He was lucky to make it out with relatively minor burns as his only severe injury, but his buddy didn't make it. After the area was secured, the man with the detonator was severely wounded and brought to Brendan to receive aid. Brendan refused, instead still trying to save his comrades who were long gone. Unfortunately, a member of the press was present in the convoy, and didn't get the whole story. The story blew up, and it forced Brendan to be dishonorably discharged. After returning home, Brendan found it nearly impossible to find work. He couldn't support himself, let alone the kids. A few months into this, one of Brendan's friends from his old unit gave him a call. He was working with a PMC that he'd convinced to give him a shot. Infinitus was a good opportunity for Brendan. They helped with the twins, and he proved himself to the upper echelons, despite the New York incident...He trained as a junior researcher for a time before being sent to Chernarus after the outbreak. The PMC cover was strong, but Rune knew why he was really there. The lives of his siblings were at stake, and soon others Rune would come to care about would be as well.









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