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Wynter Skye
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    2000-04-21 (19 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    London, UK
  3. Nationality


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    49 kg
  3. Build
    Slim, toned


Wynter was born in Surrey, UK. Her childhood was by no means awful, but it was far from the loving environment some people were fortunate enough to have. Her father was a pilot who moved to Barcelona when her mother kicked him out following a long term affair with his Spanish mistress. While she maintained a decent career as a solicitor, she didn’t put much love or care into raise a child. Her coping mechanism following the divorce involved drinking herself into a silent stupor, her 'sleeping aid'.

Growing up, Wynter became self sufficient out of necessity. She was rather awkward at school and struggled to make friends. She did well academically but didn’t manage to gain the affection of her teachers either. She was clumsy and shy. She blurted things out before thinking and upset people without meaning to. She found herself mostly in her own company, lost in her reading.

She collected numerous books and magazines on serial killers, reading them cover to cover. She became fascinated by the macabre and by the people who committed these heinous crimes, outcasts like herself. Her explorations led her to venture onto the deep web. Initially she was horrified by what she saw, but slowly, she became accustomed to its contents. Eventually she started to enjoy it. She never wanted to participate, just observe. She found a place to escape from real life, to get lost in a world of violence and social abnormalities. Sometimes she talked to people online, listened to them boast about achievements and crimes. She praised them, encouraged them and in turn they would do things... bad things... to impress her. She enjoyed the attention.

She started researching a group who people called the Toy Makers. The concept of power and control fascinated her and she became obsessed with finding them. She heard whispers of a planned trip to Chernarus so she invented a school trip which her mother obliviously paid for. She arrived in the country at 17, completely unaccustomed to the new environment. Her life was plunged into even more chaos when the infection broke out shortly after her arrival. She hid like a coward, barely venturing near populated areas.

One day, she stumbled across a group of people in the woods. She watched a situation unfold from the cover... seeing someone held down, an X carved into their wrist. It was all she needed to confirm her target. She set her sights on one man... Derek. She followed him in the shadows, watching him live and work and sleep. Eventually her curiosity overwhelmed her fear and she allowed him to catch her, thrilled to meet her idol in real life. Her aim was to become his toy and loyally obey her master.


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