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Rob Banks
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  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1982-01-11 (37 years old)



My names Rob banks or Banksy as know by my friends i am a single man age 32 keeped myself to myself most of the time lived at an old farm house which has been in my family for more then 100 years i live here with my brother. I was born here in the United Kingdom and worked as a builder but an injury at work made me retire so now im living a quiet life in the country doing small jobs for the local people' at the weekends i hang out at the farm doing crazy stuff with the lads but this weekend we all decided to go to Germany for the food and beer festival which is held once a year.

Bags packed off we all went straight to the airport without a care in the world all exited of plenty of food tasting and beer drinking. All went well made a few friends on the plane and was exited to meet them again at the festival.

The plane that we all was traveling on ran into problems and was'n't aloud to land in germany and was re-rooted i dont know where their was panic on the plane people shouting screaming and babys crying it was terrible people were really scarred and so was my friends and i. When the plane went down it hit the sea with such force the plane broke up and it was everyman for himself it was dark and cold in the sea i shouted for my friends then just help to anybody that could hear me but nothing.

I could see a light flashing in the distance so by hanging on to a part of the plane until a knew i could swim to that light which turned out to be a light house and drifted towards shore freezing cold scared which is how i got here i will have to survive hiding from the undead and keeping a low profile im hoping some of my friends made it but i dont know ill search and search maybe one day i'll find them but in the mean time ill have to make new ones.

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