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Aran Ferguson
Character information
  1. Alias
    Saineolaí, Sain
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Self-indulgent (Cares little for the world as long as he, and the Corporation, is alright)
  4. Date of birth
    1989-02-22 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    [REDACTED], Ireland.
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    Caucasian (Unknown if biracial)
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    [REDACTED] - Mother, [REDACTED] - Father.
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    198 cm
  2. Weight
    95 kg
  3. Build
    Ectomorph-Mesomorph (Average fit build with some muscle definition --- toned muscles)
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown Choppy, Textured, Medium Length
  5. Eyes
    Deep Ocean Blue
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Unknown scarring across body along with sub dermal stitching covering entire back.
    Unknown implants including some cerebral scarring along the back of the neck.
  8. Equipment
    Three etchings carved on gas mask and side of helmet.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    Potius Cras otherwise known as the Corporation
  11. Role
    Enforcer and Electronics Specialist


This character is subject to KOS. Meaning you can shoot and kill this character on sight upon identification as a Corporation Operator.

Current Status: Alive and healthy.


Brief background :


Born halfway across the country in a county General Hospital at 9:29 pm on a Monday evening to two highly respected scientists, Aran was smuggled by his parents, former Corporation scientists, to Ulster, the northern-most region of Ireland. Nothing is really known about his parents after their leave of Potius Cras, but we do know that they found something they shouldn't have done whilst working on their assigned projects. What they discovered was the [REDACTED] chemical agent. If this is used in unison with other particular elements and substances could heed unnatural results. They discovered this chemical agent's unique properties which could allow for people to gain the ability to [REDACTED]. It is believed by Corporation executives that the two renowned scientists escaped the facility they were stationed at with help from weak-willed individuals from within the Security department. They then eluded capture by [REDACTED] operative unit code-name [REDACTED] for several months before being traced to a remote cabin in Drumboe Woods where they had set up an underground bunker masked by the cabin in hopes of protecting their, and their son's, life. Unbeknownst to Aran himself, his two parents became severely depressed and, as a result, desperate to find a solution to their safety. Tricking their son with the promise of better sleep at night, they drugged and moved his medically unconscious body into their laboratory and conducted countless untold experiments upon their own son. So much so that Aran would soon discover scars and injection marks along his upper and lower back along with incisions made along his spinal cord not knowing what they meant or how he had gotten them. 7 months passed by while the parents thought that they went undetected by the Corporation. Little did they know they were discovered and put under constant surveillance by Corporation operators. As a result, they had actually been helping the Corporation with their experiments without even knowing that they were dooming themselves. When the parents finally finished their research, the Corporation made their move on the cabin and the underground bunker and laboratory.

Operators explained, quote: "We entered the bunker under the cover of night. 3 individuals were sighted upon entry. The boy had been strung across the laboratory table with his back cut open and recently.. stapled back together with massive steel staples. The 2 of them were doing something awful to that boy.. their boy..", End quote.

Whilst unconscious, the several operators raiding the laboratory shot and killed both scientists with a clean bullet through the skull for both. The laboratory was then searched and looted as another operator carried the boy from the bunker and placed him in restraints in the back of the helicopter. Once the lab had been fully looted, it was decontaminated and burned. Aran awoke in the back of the helicopter mid-flight with 4 masked operators staring him down with loaded M4A1s pointed in his general direction with 1 operator placing the barrel inches away from his face. He tried to ask a question and was immediately told to keep quiet. After about 30 minutes awake in the helicopter with the operators, Aran tried asking a question again. This time without being shut down prematurely. "Can.. can I ask wh... where is.. Mom and dad..?" he questioned passively. He was met with cold silence. "P.. please.." he inquired again. One of the operators raised his gun as the word left his mouth and Aran recoiled visibly. The operators were genuinely baffled by this kid. Even if none of them would admit it to each other, they were all terrified by what they had seen in that laboratory and confused by what it meant for this young boy. "Was he a threat?" They all thought simultaneously whilst strongly gripping each of their weapons. That flight was a tense one. The boy was made to shut up and the operators were ordered not to harm him. Upon arriving at the intended destination, Aran was injected with anaesthetic and put to sleep.

Years spent at a Corporation laboratory blurred those memories in his mind. Before long, Aran believed he'd always been at the Corporation and they were his family even adopting the last name of his Corporation carer, Ferguson. Rigorous training and experimentation moulded Aran into the soldier he is today. 14 years of everyday ballistics training, extreme physical exercise and late night studying along with almost no social interaction caused a lot of mental trauma for Aran. Perhaps even brainwashed him to an extent. His only real motivation in life now is the Corporation. Climbing the ranks fast as an operator for being ruthless and determined along with his unique record of never failing a mission gained Aran the code-name Saineolai or Sain as he goes by because of his Irish birth. Saineolai meaning specialist or expert. He completed a total of 58 successful operations with a 0 per cent fail rate and tales of his successes spread through the executive board of the Corporation. Whenever the Corporation was desperate and needed something done that was almost impossible to complete, they assigned him. Whether that was because he was expendable or because of his undying loyalty and unfaltering determination to be the best. He'll never know. Soon after, Saineolai was made a ghost. As far as most members of the Corporation knew, he never existed in the first place. Volunteering for a program within Potius Cras, Sain developed an unrivalled ability to infiltrate, recon and assassinate high-value targets. His ever-growing proficiencies with all known ballistics made him a deadly assassin and an even deadlier operator.


Place of Birth : [REDACTED], Ireland.

Military Training : [REDACTED], [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]. Ballistics weapons, hand to hand, bladed weaponry and heavy weaponry training.

Operations Potential: Citizenship in every major country on the planet and some select few primary targets of Potius Cras. Deployable immediately across the globe. Specializes in [REDACTED] operations
and [REDACTED] [REDACTED] recon, [REDACTED] training with [REDACTED].

Assets: Excellent manipulator. Trained in all basic forms of combat, including [REDACTED]. Professional training with all forms of transport issued by [REDACTED], the head office of Potius Cras. Deadly with all ballistic weapons. Deathly loyal. Adaptable in all situations. License to use ANY MEANS necessary to complete Operation [REDACTED]. Trained in electronics and maintenance and specializes in microelectronics.

Known Setbacks: Abysmal people skills, is not sure what emotions to feel in certain situations in regards to empathy possibly due to lack of social interaction during [REDACTED]. Reckless when determined. Works alone. Grievous team player.

Years employed by the Corporation: Since the age of [REDACTED].


Latest mission log :


Begin log 201: 0800 hours: Higher-ups listed me on the travel logs with all the other OPS for the Chernarus situation. Reinforcements for ground troops and maintenance or some crap. There are at least
a dozen other OPS just like me on this list.. well not like me but they're OPS... I'm not an idiot, if they're sending me, they're desperate. I'm about to ship out from HQ in an hour. I get the job done, no questions asked. Hell, I'm not sent in to ask questions. I'll do it and I'll do it my way. End log.

Begin log 202: 1400 hours: Landed in Chernarus Outpost, 1200 hours. I've been checking over equipment and doing some basic recon, without it hindering on my mission. A lot of OPS went MIA out there.
I know that's partly the reason why I was sent. I'm not just an electronics specialist and they know it. I'll check the equipment and get my weapon ready cos I know they're gonna send me out sooner or
later.. to shoot and kill anyone in our way.. which I'm an expert at. End log.

Begin log 203: 2200 hours: Basic recon yielded interesting results. Encountered several civilian 'groups' while recon-ing the NWAF. A group calling themselves 'The House' approached me and played friendly. I tried to get as much information out of them as possible. I played coy and told them nothing, they don't even know my codename or that I'm apart of the Corporation. Currently stationed at Military
Base (Tisy) in the North, awaiting further instructions from the higher-ups. Other than that, I managed to gain information about a strong stable signal radio tower that 'The House' and other groups use to relay information across Chernarus and the world atop a hill aptly named 'Green Mountain'. I must investigate further. End log.

Begin log 204: 0900 hours: Command still hasn't sent word that they have need of me so I'm gonna continue my reconnaissance mission at Military Base (Tisy). Perhaps I might travel back towards NWAF
and try and meet some other civilian groups in search of information. If I encounter any hostile groups, I will proceed to eliminate them. For the Corporation. End log.

Begin log 205: 1900 hours: Got news of a Corporation assignment down south looking for recruits. I've been told to keep put and help wherever I can but I'm not sure I can make that distance in the time required. Tomorrow morning I'll take a treck down for surveillance purposes and see if this assignment is worth my time. End log.

Begin log 208: 2200 hours: Finally got orders from my superior to meet and assist in his mission to extract [REDACTED] from Chernarus. Rendezvous with Shadow eta 0030 hours. End log.

Begin log 209: 0100 hours: Stationed at Devil's Castle east of my last known location. Keeping an eye out for target and escort. Met with Operator 'Juice Hands'. What a strange individual. Constantly wears a welding mask that covers his entire face, can barely hear him communicate through the damn thing. My superior left shortly after arriving at Devil's Castle with a classified mission, I dared not follow but I have been keeping an eye out for his return. End log.


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