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Steven Shillingford
Character information
  1. Alias
    Shakes | White Rabbit
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    2002-06-07 (17 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Sussex, United Kingdom
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English | Slight Chernarussian
  9. Family
    Mother, Brother, Father (Missing, assume deceased)


  1. Height
    194 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Brown hair, soft to run through
  5. Eyes
    Hazel Brown
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Equipment
    Necklace resembling a whittled arrow
  8. Affiliation
    Kings Ridge Medical
  9. Role






Steven's personality used to be one of glee and pure joy. A happy life outside of his strict family and a likeable person. Although lacking in his smarts, he managed to provide jokes and made-up stories to entertain those around him - seeming to forget this skill later in life. He was not an athlete nor a devoted scholar. Steven was someone who wanted to explore life in all its branches. Happiness, sadness, anger, confusion and misery.

Unbeknownst to him, he would explore all of these paths himself not too long after arriving in Athens. He would find himself forced off the country and into the sea. He had no idea how to navigate - nor sail a boat in general, and let the Gods decide where he went.  Poseidon chose South Zagoria. He would be left to his own devices, minimal survival skills or combat training - forced to teach himself through experience and harsh consequences.

This new start was not easy - but he would find himself again, albeit less enthusiastic and traumatised from his experiences.


"The moment you falter, the moment they shall turn on you like wolves."





Fresh / Healing / Scar


-    One large slash across chest, multiple cuts on wrists
-    5.56 GSW in hip

-    5.56 GSW through left hand
-    .308 GSW in shoulder
-    .556 graze on the left side of thigh




Whittled necklace resembling an arrow containing inscription on the back
Cassette player & Headphones
Multiple photos of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]
Multiple wooden carvings of animals.


       Left Leg / Foot                          Right Forearm








Closest Friend - Close / Regarded as Close - Friendly - Acquaintances - Disliked

Emily Herald - 'Panther'


A light-hearted and innocent individual. First meeting in Tisy - the pair would encounter eachother by pure luck and timing. She was bleeding out and Steven was prepared to treat her.
Although the two would struggle to make friends - considering the circumstances that neither of them had seemed to have been in - it would eventually show that the duo would
become eachother's closest friend and confidant over the following weeks. Emily would be taught how to protect herself and hunt properly - whilst she taught him some of the finer parts of life,
in terms of art and exploring his mind. Steven would make her safety her top priority after he was almost killed by Vania Bozik. As such, he would travel with her frequently - taking over old and abandoned settlements for a few days, sometimes weeks before moving again. The pain in her leg would sometimes make this difficult, and as such he realised that she should not be travelling this much in such a dangerous environment. He would take her to Miroslavl, where he had a place sorted out by an old friend. He placed her into the hands of a CDF Lieutenant, Katerina Novotny and a Sergeant, Andrej Makovsky. Emily told Steven she was happy where she was - safe and comfortable in what feels like she can call home.

Steven eventually left her side in the first time in months to explore land outside of South Zagoria.
They have recently struggled to stay in contact, with Emily going back to school in Miroslavl and Steven finding a new group to run around with.

Ellie Hoste - 'Truffle Kitten'


Steven thinks of Ellie much like a long lost sister that he never had. Someone he can finally relate to after being surrounded by adults for so long. Somebody he can be himself around. Somebody who understands him the same way he understands her. Ellie always has joy in her voice despite her traumatic experiences. Acquainted from the old days of 'Mac Tire' - Steven and Ellie first met through two members having occasional meetings with her. Not a long experience to be remembered, however Steven found himself to feel a small hint of comfort around Ellie. Since then, Steven is around Ellie often, as she is one of few people he actually feels comfort around. Since the days of Mac Tire and Jaromir Lucic's death - Ellie received two of Steven's carvings - a Lynx for Jaro, and a kitten riding a horse to resemble the relationship between Nikolai and herself. As of recent, Steven has felt more and more comfortable around Ellie as he realises that she's one of the few people who he can relate to left.

Nikolai Hagelund - 'Mustang'


Nikolai is Ellie's protector and closest friend. Seen as a brother by Ellie - Steven admires Nikolai for his undying devotion to protect her. Unwilling to know how Nikolai and Ellie met, Steven both appreciates and fears Nikolai's authoritative nature over Ellie due to his condescending tone yet protectiveness and care in his voice. Steven knows that Nikolai would sacrifice everything for Ellie's safekeeping. A man to be scared of - a man to feel safe around. Without Nikolai, Ellie would certainly have been dead within days. Nikolai's silence speaks volumes, his glare spits like fire. Nikolai is reliable and trustworthy and although Steven isn't as close to Nikolai as others are - he still values the sentinel.

Evelyne Delafosse


Steven and Evelyne have only met recently, but they have gotten extremely close. He is extremely comfortable around her like she is around him.  An innocent and young soul, only a few months older than Steven - she is incredibly playful and affectionate. Easily scared - Steven finds himself comforting her often. They have spent most of their recent days together - rarely being without eachother.

Maxmilian Vitek Myska - 'Black Wolf'


Maxim and Laska are like Yin and Yang. Two polar opposites who would not survive without eachother. A zealous nationalist, Maxim and Steven would instantly get off to a bad start due to latter being from a foreign country. Time would pass until they would meet again - and the opinions would not change. Maxim would relentlessly bully Steven upon their next meeting, however Steven's loyalties and fear kept him by his side. He would fight alongside Maxim and many other nationalists at Orlovets against Arnost Kovar, Red and their people. Steven hoped this would sway Maxim's opinion but to no avail.

A few weeks passed and the group came across Katie, Vlad Visus' wife. After Steven had regretfully told Maxim about who she was - he was ordered to kill her. Unwilling to do so due to the two being friends previously - Maxim would threaten her and would pass this news to Vania - who would attempt to take Steven's life. Maxim would not see Steven again until Miroslavl - where he would be engaged to Laska. They met again on bad terms, instantly yelling at Steven and Katerina Novotny, the CDF Lieutenant who accompanied him. Although heated, Maxim would not fight Steven - instead taking his anger out on Lt. Novotny whilst Steven and Laska spoke away from them.


Peace to the fallen

Jaromir Lucic - 'Rys'


Steven did not know Jaro well - he didn't find the time to get any information to him or about him. However, Jaro was still respected by Steven for caring and protecting Ellie - to the point where it cost him his life. His smoky, amber eyes were prominent and unique - his nature peacefully stoic. A smart, methodical man who always knew his next move, the only time Steven knowing he was bested - was his death. Jaro was not a man to give up nor was he one to let someone to control him. He was a master of puppets without the strings. To find some kind of solicitude for his death, he made a Lynx out of wood - who he would only give to Ellie Hoste about 4 months after he had done so.

Vania Bozik - 'Black Fox'


A former Liska, initially introduced to eachother by Maxim, Steven and Vania would get off to a bad start, the latter being former Liska and thus a nationalist - much like the one who introduced them. This relationship would be quickly improved after Steven would save Vania's life.They would spend some time around eachother - Steven clearly preferring to be around Vania than Maxim. Although, as quickly as their relationship had formed, it was broken. After he had refused to kill Katie, this news would be brought to Vania. This would lead to an attempt of Steven's life by dropping him off the Dubky apartments - which would fail as Steven managed to convince Vania to not drop him. Feeling betrayed, Steven would leave the group he had spent so long with and instead spend time with Emily and move to Miroslavl.

After Vania was kidnapped and taken to Kirovograd, Steven would refuse to join the rescue attempt nor would he care much when the man was hung off the apartments he was once threatened at.

"Keep track of yourself before you lose yourself to your head."












and I'll never forget the time where I did more than her family back in Pushtoshka.

Ehm... What? 

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On 5/5/2019 at 6:39 PM, BrianM said:

Ehm... What? 


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my man here stealing my book idea 🤣

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Noice work on this CP, Azu-kun!!! >:O! VERY DETAILED, ME LIKE.

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He's got tattoooooos...did your mother allow it? If not you'll be in trouble!

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