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Eric Daviroff
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1990-08-03 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Chicago, IL
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Phelan Sokol
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    157 cm
  2. Weight
    86 kg
  3. Build
    Muscular, slim
  4. Hair
    Black, Short
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
  8. Equipment
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


== Likes

- Music

- Guns

- Nature

- Adoring Fans

- Monster Flicks

- Alcohol

- Masks

- Drugs

- Fast Cars

- Adrenaline

- Human flesh (specifically female)

== Dislikes

- Timid people

- Yogurt

- When people refer to "EDM"  as club music

- Racists 

- Extremely religious people

- Authority's (anyone who acts like they have power over him)

- Pop music

== Equipment

- Spiked baseball bat

- Clown mask + Gas mask

- Red "kicks"

- Black shirt

- Blue jeans

- Black gloves

- Black beanie

- Rolex watch

- Pack of cigarettes

- Flask of alcohol

- Prescription bottle of Adderall

== Features

- Smiley tattoo on left arm

- Scar on abdomen from kidney removal

- Crooked molars

- "Kiss the cook" tattoo over heart

- Missing his right middle finger

- Small scar on back of head (given to him by VDV)

== Mental/Physical Disabilities/Health

- Cannibalism 


- Alcoholic

- Druggie

- Smoker

- Blood type is B+


== Eric's Story ==


Part One: Before the end of the world

Eric Daviroff was born on August 3, 1990, at Mercy Hospital located in the South side of Chicago. His mother quickly put him up for adoption due to her own financial problems. Eric grew up in an orphanage called, Saint Peter's home for children. He received most of his education through classes taught by the nuns at his Orphanage. Life was simple for Eric for the first couple years of his life, he played with the other kids, had a roof over his head, and had hot meals three times a day. Things started getting rough for Eric when the other kids at the orphanage began to bully him. Eric was an awkward kid, he had a hard time communicating to others and he was very shy. He eventually outgrew these habits of his over time, but not without great challenge. Eric had been born with ADHD, he was a very creative and smart kid, but he didn't understand how to express those things at first. It wasn't until a generous donation to the orphanage by an anonymous individual (anonymous to Eric) did Eric have the spark he needed to fit in with all the other kids. The orphanage received a bunch of brand new (at the time) apple computers from said generous donator. The orphanage immediately set up rules that the children had to follow when using the computers such as, you may only use the computers during free time (ex. Recess, lunch, breaks, etc...) and each child was allowed to be on a computer for a maximum of 60 minutes a day. With the new computers Eric found himself enveloped in a world of limitless possibilities. He had access to so many new and exciting things like music, games, information, and more that he never dreamed of having. But, what stuck with him the most to this day has been his love of techno music which all began with pirated "midi" songs on internet. With no real entertainment or luxury's at his orphanage, Eric wanted to understand how to make music like the kind he listened to online. He spent as much of his time on the computers as he could, teaching himself how to make electronic music. It wasn't until Eric had made his own original song and played it in class one day that the kids began to respect him. He started making friends with the kids at his orphanage because of his neat hobby. Sure, the song he made was simple, but to the kids at Saint Peter's Eric was a freaking wizard with magical music powers!

He was never adopted as a kid, and after staying at the orphanage for 18 years Eric was kicked out to make space for other troubled little souls. He lived on the streets of his neighborhood for two years and it changed him. Eric was not used to living like a piece of human shit, sure, he grew up in a poor orphanage but at least he had all of the necessary amenities to survive. Out there, on the streets of Chicago, Eric had nothing... and no one to help him. He learned from other veterans on the streets where the best spots were to beg and how to steal a meal from an unsuspecting pedestrian. He made friends with the other homeless in his neighborhood, not because he liked them for who they were, no... Eric hated them. He did it because he quickly learned that without friends, without community, he would die some way or another. Ever since Eric was accepted by those orphan kids he has had a deep hatred of timid people, likely because they remind him of who he used to be. After a few months of living on the streets and melting into his new lifestyle it happened... Winter had come. Eric was new to the streets and had no idea what a threat Winter was to him. He never prepared for it and when it began to snow things really went to shit for him. His clothes weren't made to keep him warm in freezing cold temperatures, and because Eric had to spend most of his time huddled in public restrooms or heated subways, it changed his schedule. Eric didn't have time anymore to go out and beg because the weather forced him to stay put otherwise he risked the chance of getting frostbite. It was three weeks into winter when Eric hit a wall, either starve to death or freeze to death trying to get food. Eric was terrified of losing any limbs to the biting cold but he was so hungry at the same time. He was staying with a group of homeless just like himself in a heated men's bathroom on the outside of a run down gas station. It was just him and an old Vietnam veteran (eric could tell because he had met this man on the streets before) and a teenage girl. It was late into the night when Eric started hallucinating from starvation, he knew he was on the verge of dying. It had been four days since Eric had eaten any food, he was so hungry.

Because of how dangerous the streets were he liked to carry around an old aluminium little sluggers tee ball bat for his own protection. He brought it with him everywhere just in case he ever needed to protect himself. He found the bat one day when dumpster diving for cardboard in the back parking lot of a Walmart. It was Eric's only real possession other than the clothes on his back. He liked baseball as a kid and loved the sound the bat made when it connected with the ball, "Crack" and "Slam".

He heard those disgusting noises flooding his brain, he couldn't remember what he was doing before or where he was. He slowly regained consciousness as his brain surfaced back into reality. He was still partially in a daydream when the screaming began. A loud, annoying high pitched scream, it startled him and he quickly came back to his senses. He was holding his tee ball bat in his right hand and there was an overpowering stench wafting into his nose. He quickly turned his head around the room trying to find the source of the screams. Her face was that of complete and utter terror, she reminded Eric of one of those chicks in a monster flick. Eric opened his mouth to speak but found nothing coming out, he didn't understand why she was screaming and he motioned for her to calm down. She began to speak to Eric and he could hear the terror in her voice, she  choked on her words and said, "What did you do to him!? Why did you ... please don't hurt me". It took Eric a moment for him to register what she had said, he was utterly confused. She pointed to the corner where the homeless veteran was sleeping, her mouth agape she began to violently sob into her open palm. He looked over to where she pointed, and he saw the old vet, his skull was caved in and his brains were splatted over the walls. He looked down at his bat, and noticed the blood and brain matter that coated the tip of it. Eric pieced together what had happened, and he felt no emotion when he came to the realization of what he had done. His brain was in overdrive mode, it was using up whatever last bits of energy his body had to offer and thinking at that moment for Eric was very difficult. He didn't even hesitate, he consciously brought the bat down on her head, and a loud and satisfying "Thwack" followed. He swung again, and again, and again, until her head exploded like a watermelon being struck by his little league tee ball bat. He felt strange, weightless, and the stench made his mouth water. He had gotten her blood all over himself, it covered most of his body and face. He licked his lips and tasted blood, it was such an erotic flavor, it brought a smile to Eric's face and it made him hard. He used his bat to bludgeon her left arm until it eventually detached from her corpse. He went down on his knees, sniffing her arm... which aroused him. He started with the fingers because they were easy to chew once he got past the bones. After that he began to indulge himself with hearty bites from the flesh of her arm. That cold and bitter night he feasted on the flesh of her body. Eric had never felt so satisfied in his life.

When winter was over Eric went back to his regular routine just like before, except for his feeding habits. Eric was enticed by the taste of a young woman's flesh. And he began to allow himself to enjoy such pleasures whenever the opportunity presented itself. He was known as the "Chicago Ghoul" on the news, likely because he left his teeth marks in his victims flesh. Eric wasn't interested in killing his victims, but, rather eating part of them alive and hearing their screams. When they screamed in pain the second he sunk his teeth into them it brought Eric into a state of ecstasy. He enjoyed biting into their flesh, only a few bites so that they never died, it was no fun if they didn't resist. Biting into their soft but meaty limbs hurt his mouth at first, but he found it much more satisfying than the alternative. Sometime shortly after his third victim the police got involved and so too did the media. Eric's little hobby turned into a nationwide story spanning two weeks on almost all major news networks. The country was captivated by the enticing and dark story of a serial killer partially eating unsuspecting homeless woman and leaving them with permanent bite marks on their body. Once Eric realized that the "Chicago Ghoul" that was being talked about on the news was him he began pushing himself further and further into seclusion out of fear of being caught for his crimes. He still "ate" whenever he could but his meals became scarce because of the public eyes that chose to watch him. Eric's victims gave the police detailed accounts of their horrible encounters with the "Chicago Ghoul" and Eric's freedom to eat whenever he pleased came to a halt because of this. His victims were always the same, young homeless woman between the ages of 18 and thirty who were considered fair looking by his own standards. He always took a hearty bite out of their left shoulder once he finished his work and that was his calling card.

 He started picking up odd jobs more and more, trying to distract himself from his problem by turning to drugs and alcohol, some of life's other simple pleasures. He was scraping by, barely making it day to day without some problem whether it be hunger, thirst, or his lust for flesh. Things didn't change for Eric until eventually he came across a shitty old laptop that still worked. He found it one day when dumpster diving. He figured he would scrounge up what little money he had from begging on the streets and use it to purchase a charger for his new laptop, and so he did. With access to a computer, Eric once again rekindled his passionate love of techno music. He spent whatever time he could creating music and distracting himself with his favorite hobby.  Whenever Eric wasn't on the streets begging for money he was spending his time at internet cafes, posting his musical creations online. The public never did catch the "Chicago Ghoul" because shortly after producing music Eric's life changed drastically once again. One of his "tunes" went viral and he began receiving messages upon messages from people praising his work and offering to partner with him and have him continue to produce new music as an artist. He declined every offer but the one that offered the highest payout.

It was the first time in two years that Eric had a roof over his head and fresh meals... it was also the first time Eric ever had stable pay. Eric ended up partnering up with FMV Radio, an agency out in L.A, and began to finally live life as a musical artist. The move from Chicago to L.A was easy enough for Eric and he found L.A to be a lot more fun than Chicago. He was introduced to a lot of things by his manager and began to slowly reconnect with modern society, however, he also reconnected with his cannibalistic fetishes as well. Now that Eric was loaded he could afford to purchase human flesh online on the dark web. A new, and unsuspecting friend of his introduced him to the dark web, a platform where he could get away with any illegal or shady activities as long as he had enough money to pay. Eric, was smart and opened up a second account with a fake name and birth certificate linked to it. He paid a stranger he found off the streets ten thousand dollars to open this new account for him at a bank on the other side of town. Eric used this new account of his to purchase orders of female human flesh on the dark web and he had these shipments shipped to an apartment that was also technically, on paper, owned by someone else. Whenever Eric wasn't at the studio producing new songs he was at his second home enjoying the meat he was so fond of.

Eric was a huge fan of social media and after being introduced to platforms like Facebook, and Twitter by his manager he began posting regularly. He loved talking to his fans and hearing feedback on his new songs. Two years after signing with FMV he left due to a contract disagreement. Eric had made enough money to last him three lifetimes, but, he enjoyed making music and decided to stick with it. After leaving FMV he hired his own manager and built up an entourage for himself. He started booking gigs at clubs and eventually concerts, building up his fame and wealth along the way. He loved being a DJ because of the freedom it gave him to do what he wanted. He could express himself through his music to millions of loyal fans who would shower him in praise and he could afford to pursue his fetish in much safer ways than capturing his prey by hand.

Eventually, Eric began touring around the world and playing at whatever venues paid top dollar or what seemed a reasonable amount to have him come and entertain a crowd. He had been on tour for over two years now, constantly moving about from place to place, and making tons of new friends along the way. He had a gig in Chernarus for some pomp club in Chernogorsk. He had never been to Chernarus before because of the lingering media scares from the countries rather recent civil war. Eric had made it a goal of his a while back when he first began touring internationally to visit every country in the world once in his life. Chernarus was just another check on the bucket list waiting to be made and so Eric didn't hesitate accepting the offer and flying out to the country. A week after staying in the country there was much civil unrest and riots broke out in the streets. Eric didn't bother to care about the countries problems and only saw it as a protest being overly dramatized by the countries media. He chose to stay in the country and perform at the clubs he was hired to play at even though he realized the possible danger of another civil war breaking out.

When the outbreak happened it happened suddenly, Eric didn't care much for the news because of the shitty captions and translations. He was never very great about keeping up with current news and it definitely didn't help that he couldn't understand what the newscasters were saying. He first heard about the epidemic from his manager, she told him that it was too dangerous to stay in Chernarus because a terminal disease was spreading rapidly throughout the country. He and his entourage packed their things and left for the airport to get on the soonest flight. Sadly, Eric's fame didn't help him this time and he was stranded in Chernarus with the rest of the public in order to contain the outbreak. Eric really didn't care, he thought his manager was getting cold feet and overreacting over another media scare. With nowhere left to go but back to the hotel they were staying they headed back to wait out the epidemic in the safety of their room. They stocked up on food, water, and basic supplies on the way back before arriving at their hotel. They all huddled in the same room as they sipped beer and watched the situation unfold from the media's local coverage of it. It turned out that Eric was wrong, whatever was happening in Chernarus was the start of something bad.

After a week the media went dead, all the stations died out and the power to their rooms died with it. They had all seen what was happening outside of their room on the television and decided to board themselves in with whatever furniture and things they could use. Everyone was horrified by the situation, even Eric was a little frightened at what was happening to the world. But, at the same time he was also excited to live in a world straight out of a monster flick. In his head it sounded really rad. He also figured that if most people were gone he could pursue his eating habits without being disturbed by anyone.

When one of his groupies came back from a "scouting" mission, or so he called it, he returned with a festering wound. The other groupies knew what it was but were afraid of harming their friend. Eric wasn't. Nothing would stand in his way now that he could live in this "perfect" world. They all talked about how he might be immune, and how he would make it. Eric knew it was fucking bullshit, and he pulled out his tee ball bat, the one he used on his former tender lovers. It was only twenty minutes after his groupie came back with that wound and his friends and manager were in the middle of talking to him about how they should handle him and what they should do with him. Talking about shit like, "If you turn how do you want me to kill you? Do you want me to kill you if you become one of those things? Do you think it will hurt?". Eric pushed his way through them hovered over his infected friend. With one powerful swing he smashed his head in with the tee ball bat.

They stopped talking to Eric shortly after that. They were afraid of him for what he had done. In the moment they were screaming and shocked, choking on their words and saying, "Why did you kill him!? He was still alive! He hadn't turned yet! What if he didn't turn? What the fuck dude!". Eric's response to all of their questions was only seven words, "I did what had to be done". They were horrified, and tried their best to avoid him after that. Eric stayed on one side of the room while the other two of his entourage and his manager stayed on another side of the room. Eric kept to himself and continued making music on his laptop, occasionally asking one of his groupies or his manager to come over and sample a new track he was in the process of making. They listened to Eric and acted like everything was all right, saying it sounded good no matter what. They were afraid of him because he showed no hesitation and no remorse for his friend. They didn't understand why Eric had done it so heartlessly, and that is what truly scared them.

After two weeks since boarding themselves in the room they began running low on food. Their water situation on the other hand was fine because one of them had the bright idea to fill up the bathtub in their room's bathroom with water before the main supply would no doubt be cut off, which it eventually was, what a surprise. It was when they finally ran out of food that Eric suggested they eat their dead friend. They were dismissal of trying it at first, but a few days in, when the hunger really started to hurt, they tried it. Eric was the first one to eat, only a day after suggesting they eat their friend did Eric begin snacking on the corpse's left arm. His friends chimed in a few days later, only to pussy out after a few bites. They claimed it was wrong, and that Eric shouldn't continue to eat their friend, this upset Eric. He was disappointed in them for lacking the resolve to give it a real shot. But, most of all Eric was hurt that his friends called him disgusting for eating when he needed to.

His friends began to turn hostile towards him, claiming that he was a sick cannibal and that eating another person is, "Fucking wrong and for fucking weak losers". The only people in that room who were weak were Eric's friends, they hadn't eaten in three days and Eric could tell that their bodies were beginning to shut down. One of them had the "bright" idea of going out there and scavenging for food. As soon as they opened the door leading out into the hallway of the hotel a small mob of the infected came at them. The two groupies pushed the manager, who was in front of them and closest to the mob, into the crowd of infected in order to buy time and quickly reseal the room. Only that little amount of effort left them winded and breathing heavily, and after quickly regaining their breath they looked to the other side of the room where Eric was sitting. His back was against the wall and his feet out and crossed, his laptop on his lap and his headphones plugged in. The whole time they were deconstructing the barricade to their room and exiting to meet hell Eric was sitting calmly in the back of the room working on his music. Neither of the two were shocked anymore by Eric's frightening behavior, both had seen Eric do things they never thought capable of him in the past two weeks.

Eric looked up from his laptop at them with a calm look on his face and said, "I told you that eating him was the right move". He pointed toward the corner where they shoved their dead friends body. It had been almost three weeks now since Eric "murdered" their friend. His dead corpse was beginning to smell, the rotting flesh permeating the room, giving it the distinct smell of death. The two starving groupies looked hungrily at their former friends corpse. Now a rotting mess sitting in the corner of their hotel room. They both nodded in agreement with each other, a silent but understandable kind of nod. They looked back towards Eric who was back to working on a song of his and one of them spoke up and said, "Can you show us how you eat him... we don't know what to do". Eric again looked up from his laptop and towards his friends and said in a confused tone, "What do you mean? It's not rocket science or anything you just find the part you like the most and chow down".

The two groupies of his ended up eating their dead friends corpse only to delay the inevitable. Half a day after eating their dead friend they began developing symptoms of the infection. That same night Eric killed them both whilst they were asleep, or well one of them was asleep for it whilst the other was awoken by the crackling of bones being smashed. He awoke to Eric crushing the other groupie's skull with his aluminum tee ball bat just like he had done to their other long dead friend that they were eating earlier that day. He jumped from his bed in horror but didn't react fast enough to Eric's quick movement. Eric clubbed him in the head with his bat and knocked him out cold. He then proceeded to crush his last friend's skull in with his bat. Eric knew it wasn't safe to sleep in the same room as two infected, if they turned whilst he was asleep and his guard was down he might lose his life. Eric did what he thought absolutely necessary and crushed his last friend's skull in with his bat. His brains splattering over the room and blood spilling onto the bed's sheets.

Eric was quick to leave the hotel room he had spent the past three weeks in after securing enough food and water to last him a while. The stench of his friend's corpses making living in the room unbearable. He packed his things and fought his way out of the small horde of undead on the other side of his hotel room door. He made his way out of the hotel and out into the open streets of Chernogorsk. Taking a nice and long inhale of fresh air he breathed out with a sigh of relief and said aloud to himself, "What a fucking shit show that was". He slung his backpack off him and onto the ground, unzipping one of the straps and opening it. He pulled out his phone and a pair of headphones. He plugged his headphones into his phone and turned on some techno tunes before zipping his bag back up and slinging it over his shoulder.

And so, Eric headed North in order to find other survivors...







Time played: 69.6 hours

Total wounds: 0

Total deaths: 0

Recent events:


I really like this, only small misspellings here and there, but I like this.

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Very creative and detailed , i really like it. Perfect character page!

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I'm a strong believer in there is no limitations to RP characters, as long as its done properly and in a non trolly manor. I've read your story and I like it. I believe you are doing it properly even with how early into the infection we are. Nice job dude.

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Dio Brando


Thanks for all the comments guys, I really appreciate it.

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I read your character page and RPed with you and I think both is great. So. I agree with Ender! ^_^

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