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Niko Sullivan
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Stable & Healthy
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1998-11-02 (20 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Ontario, Canada
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, French & Greek
  9. Family
    Father & Mother
  10. Religion
    Greek Orthodox


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    99 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
    Molon Labe tattoo on upper back & an AK-47 tattoo going down from the right arm
  8. Affiliation
    The House




Niko was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in a hard, wealthy Greek family. Niko was a charming and handsome young man when he hit his late teens and was actively involved in a lot of different things, ranging from family things, fights, girls, parties, and friends. Niko also had a lot of different family members from his mothers and fathers sides. Both his parents were full blood Greek where his father was born in the heart of Sparta and his Mother born in Rodhes.

Ever since Niko turned 16 and when school was over during the summer, Niko was struggling to try to get a job so he would be able to make money to buy things or just have money for things he wanted since his parents stopped spoiling him. After a few weeks of him searching and not finding jack shit to do he decided to join the Canadian Armed Forces as a reservist. During his basic training Niko had the best shot and the best rifle control than his whole unit as a whole but after several months of his basic training and learning about how to handle guns, how to survive and so on he decided it was time to leave.   

A year late and Niko is 17 and was reaching the end of the money he had for himself since he was buying a buncha stuff which his family had no idea he was doing, for example, buying fake IDs to get into clubs with his Greek and Italian friends and last but not least buying drugs such as marijuana and flipping it for more money. At one point Niko said enough and asked his godfather, to give him a job at his Restaurant downtown as a busboy, and Elias was hesitant in giving him the job but did in the end.

After a few months of Niko working like a dog at the restaurant doing overtime and late nights, he was finally getting in more money than he ever thought he would get and proved and showed his family that he was a hard-working kid.

A day later Niko was called by his uncle to come in on a day they were closed to have a chat and Niko was confused but still went. When he got to the restaurant it was quite like he tough until his uncle came downstairs from the Office and told him to come up, and Niko followed him up there to see his father and a bunch of other familiar guys that came to the restaurant there too. Niko was under the impression that he was getting a raise or something along the lines like that but was totally wrong.

His father was explaining to him he was the Lieutenant or in other words, the Υπολοχαγός for the Greek Mafia or more infamously known as, Mob. Niko's father and uncle explained that they have the biggest illegal arms dealing operation and drug trafficking ring in all of downtown Ottawa. Niko always wondered how they were always so wealthy as his father always said he was the owner of the plumbing company. Niko then said to himself 

Once Niko was of age 18, his father trusted him to start working for the family after he held his promise not to tell his mother or anyone of what they did, Niko started to learn the ropes under his dad. Niko's father first put him as a protection racketeer to protect local Greek business that worked for the mob and fuck with the ones who caused shit. Niko had been doing for a while. The way Niko was good at what he did is from a young age Niko's father taught him how to do things such as Fight and how to talk, and if the talk didn't work the fight surely did, but not just normal fighting, fighting like a Spartan, as ridiculous as it sounded when he was young he finally thought to himself that it was either me or him in this world and he wasn't afraid to show it. Or in other words, as his father used to say and even has tatted on his shoulder, Μολών λαβέ.

After two to three months of learning under his father's wing at doing deals and such, Niko started to work at a local Greek-owned nightclub as a bouncer, Since Niko was in the family business he was smuggling drugs inside the nightclub as a hub point for business for the Mob. Niko started to get a name for himself and started making even more money then he thought,

A few months later Niko had been working for his father and decided to more or less leave and focus more on school and graduate from high school since. When Niko said that he thought all the respect he earned and achieved would have been a waste but he was shocked that his father was proud of him to say that since he thought Niko was going to get sucked in by the money he made and by the power he had.

After Niko graduated he wanted to take a year off and go visit some friends in Lakeside, USA and was given permission from his father under one circumstance, to not get back into the business or any gang-related shit. Knowing Niko he shrugged it off.

When Niko got to Lakeside he was greeted a few weeks later he was greeted by a long time friend he has known for a while who showed him around and right away offered Niko a job, for the time being, he was there. Niko is completely unaware that his friend was part of the infamously known Los Diablos Cartel.

As Niko found out that his friend was offering him a job in the business his dad told him not to get into, he did anyway and went along as member in it for the longest time.

It's been about a year or so and Niko is now 19, living the dream with more money then he can imagine he was giving a job by one of the honchos of the cartel and was going to be getting on a freight boat and smuggling weapons of all different kinds into the Czech Republic.

As soon as Niko found out that he was given this job he wasn't all that excited what so ever but the money was good so he got picked up and driven the harbor in Lakeside.

After about a long damn 3 weeks and a half of garbage food and throwing up from being seasick he finally arrived in the Czech Republic and was happy to get off the boat. After a few hours of waiting for the buyers to come to the boat and no one but myself in sight, a loud siren sound came from the northwest of the country, and that my friends is where it all started...


(This character is immune to the virus)




Looking sick mate

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