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The Challenge
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Logan Moore
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Fired Up
  4. Date of birth
    1991-11-21 (31 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    San Antonio, Texas
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, American Sign Language
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    They know who they are.
  11. Religion
    Somethin's out there, I'll figure it out when I die.


  1. Height
    155 cm
  2. Weight
    81 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dirty blonde with a light beard
  5. Eyes
  6. Equipment
    - A denim or leather jacket, typically the latter

    - Some type of armored vest

    - A pair of aviators

    - Denim blue jeans, always denim blue jeans

    - Boots, preferably black military styled boots, but boots none-the-less

    - A bandana, skull cap, or a baseball cap, the latter typically worn backwards

    - Booze and cigarettes of any kind

    - Either an assault rifle or a sub machine gun in .45 ACP

    - A sidearm, in either .357 Magnum or .45 ACP (recently trying out the 5.7 round)

    - Various hand tools & lockpicks

    - A pair of handcuffs, sometimes paired with a taser

    - A large knife, usually a Ka-Bar
  7. Occupation
    Outlaw, Mechanic, Smuggler, Fighter
  8. Affiliation
  9. Role








Logan never knew his parents, being the rough and rowdy kid he was, he spent most of his childhood in and out of foster care. From one family to the next, in and out of school, Logan was always in some sort of trouble. At the ripe age of sixteen Logan found himself running away from his current home in San Antonio, he'd spend the next couple of years getting involved in petty crimes, and spending time in and out of juvenile detention centers. After Logan's last stay in "juvie" he managed to pickpocket the keys to a motorcycle off of a biker outside of a local bar. He'd steal the man's bike and take it for a ride. The biker's buddies managed to run him down, they were impressed by how well he rode the bike and upon discovering that Logan was but a homeless kid, they decided to take him under their wing. The bikers were part of an outlaw motor club known as "Hell's Outcasts". During his first couple years in the MC, Logan was put through homeschool, where he eventually earned a general education degree. Afterwards he spent his time rising up in the MC, earning a reputation throughout the southern United States, and honing his skills on the road.


The wind in his hair, the smell of burning fuel as he tore down the highway, the distant sound of sirens blaring as law enforcement tried in vain to run him down, these were the things that Logan lived for. Logan, now in his early twenties, had felt he had finally found where he belonged. From smuggling drugs and weapons across the southern border, to getting in fights with rival gangs, Logan had loved every second of it. Due to his cunning nature on his smuggling runs, Logan was given the road tag "Dimebag," although "Dimes" is what he was commonly called. Although he enjoyed his new found profession, everything wasn't always a breeze. Frequent fights between rival gangs and law enforcement had Logan witness some of his closest friends wounded or killed. Logan would soon find himself in the position of an Enforcer in the Hell's Outcasts. He'd been tasked with ensuring all the rules in the club were followed, and that any conflict within or outside of the MC were settled.


As Logan's time in the motor club went on, he was invited by some of the more senior members to head out to Norway for a bit of R&R, and to participate in the "Norwegian Midnight Sun", a tour of Norway from Oslo to the North Cape. Logan accepted the invite, and joined his brothers for a well deserved vacation. Onward they rode, enjoying the sights, and feeling the cold mountain air. They decided they would stay for a bit longer than they first decided to, renting out a small lodge to crash in, and spending lots of time, and money, at local bars. As Logan and the gang stayed in Norway, they heard news of a virus that had began raging across the globe. Things slowly begun taking a turn for the worse. Air travel had become impossible, quarantines were in place, people were unhappy and as the months went by, people started to riot. As the world seemed to collapse, and supplies ran low, Logan was separated from his brothers. He'd spend the next few months aimlessly searching for them, little to his knowledge, he'd never see them again.


Days turned to weeks and weeks to months as Logan roamed throughout Norway. He watched as people began to turn feral and attack and eat each other. He had witnessed first hand, the city of Oslo burn to the ground, he spent countless days cruising on his bike searching for his brothers. Eventually his bike broke down somewhere outside the town of Vestby, with nowhere else to go he began to wander around the region. He learned of the nearby city of Nyhiem, how it was one of the few places left with a notably low infection rate. He decided for the time being it would be a decent place to hunker down and gather the resources to survive until this whole ordeal would blow over. He'd eventually encounter a guy called "Fin". The guy seemed to have a good head on his shoulders, and had some form of operation going on. After hanging out with Fin for some time and getting to somewhat know each other, Fin had taken note of Logan's past as an Enforcer for the Hell's Outcasts, and offered him a job in his gang. Being his brothers were nowhere to be found, and there would be no way for him to get home, Logan accepted his proposal and decided to stick around and see how things would play out. 


SkullRight.png.48d1518205d52432f41f90ac9141d58a.pngGif 1.gifSkull.png.77cafcf85f9b8d1a126ab3d5262b5aab.png


Dedicated: Once I've set my mind to somethin', bet your ass Ima see it through.

Hot-Tempered: I tend to have a short fuse, dependin' on the situation, I can either control it, or lose it.

Protective: If you've got my back, I've got yours, and I'll be damned if I don't, 'nuff said.

Strict: From MCs to street gangs, things are meant to run smoothly, and I intend to enforce that.

Honest: They say that a man is just as good as his word, takes twice as long to build bridges you've burned.

Mistrustful: I ain't one to trust someone right off the bat, trust and respect is earned, not given. Tend to keep to myself.

Blunt: I'm to the point, no time for bullshit. You ask, I answer.

Opportunistic: If I can seize a moment to benefit myself or my friends, I'll take it in a heartbeat.
(More to come soon, just lazy atm : P)


ShotgunRight.png.595882dc7cc857acd3b0ba4843c2b561.png                                                         ShotgunLeft.png.49971965a8fd353362b5701cbd630101.png




I'm glad you've finally come to your senses and agreed to have a sit down n' talk things out.
Here's to hoping for smoother sailin' in the future.
I watched you get gunned down the in the streets of your own town.
I know you tried your best, I just wish you would have gotten the message, or at least asked for help.
Rest easy, Bossman...




Crow's alright. He works as the Treasurer for the Runners.
He's an interesting fella, comes from France and he's almost too nice.




Don't know much about Jake, he's a mute so he don't say much either, and that's not a bad thing.
Haven't seen Jake around much recently.




I'm not sure what the fuck happened between you n' the Runners, but what in the hell is wrong with you?




Zero, You just can't keep away from trouble now can you.
Glad to see you alright, and I'm glad Mara n' I could keep you from gettin' shot.
Remember what we've talked about my guy, keep at it.




Made a few rounds with her to see Denis at the weapons trader, she seems promising.
Learned a bit about her past as well, she too was involved in the criminal underworld. Nice to know I ain't the only one.
Had a chance to talk to her and clarify some things, Seems like we don't think too much differently.
Haven't seen her around in a while, heard she left the Runners, hope she's alright.




This guy right here, he is hulking mass of a man, yet he seems to be very... soft?...Or gentle?
He appears to be a bit... slow... It ain't his fault though, won't treat him any differently for it.
This big fuckin' dude really whipped out a teddy bear. Are you shittin' me? Funniest shit I've seen by far.
Haven't seen em' 'round in a bit. Kinda miss the big fucker.




Sam's a good kid, I give him a bit too much shit, and I'm prolly responsible for some damage from tasing him too much...
But I only give em' a hard time cause I care.



Your life ended sooner than it should have. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to help you.
Rest easy, sandwich boy.



We found your body, mangled on the side of the road. I'm sorry this happened.
Rest well Alesha, we will find who did this, and make em' pay.




Strange kid... Said his name was "Ryan", yet when Ivy and I were talkin' to him one night he said his name was "Rack Rack".
He seems to have some, peculiar views on religion, and he gets along very well with Rose.
Ivy seems to hang out with him often, wonder if she could tell me more about em'.
Kid may be strange, but he's alright, he means well and don't seem to cause much trouble.
He also gives some pretty valuable information too, pretty ok in my book.
Heard some people hurt you, gotta talk to ya, and make sure you are ok.




No matter what happens, I'll always be here for you. You and Rose are my family, no matter what happens.
Whatever it takes, I'll see that you two are safe, and have a future secured. It hurts my heart to see you injured.
I'm just glad you got a hold of me, so I could see that you would be alright.
Always with the questions, although you tend to have me stumped, I enjoy it.
Just gotta figure out some good questions myself, I think I've got a few for next time.
First date was a blast, no matter how ill prepared I was. I can't wait to see what you do for the next one.




An Interestin' woman. She is, or was, a higher up in the Russian Military, when they were here.
No Idea why she stuck around and didn't go home with the rest of her men, but that's none of my business.
Watched her cap some infected guy who was talkin' 'bout some crazy bullshit.
Not gonna lie it was kinda hot. She also knows a bit about first aid.
She's helped tend to some of our wounds in the past, including my own.
She has been really upset recently, think someone she knew died or some shit, that kinda blows.




This old guy showed up one day outta the blue, askin' to stick around. Safety in numbers n' such. He's a Texan just like I am.
He used to stay down in Sorbu before the Russians up n' left. Old guy has been worried about bein' alone.
Ran into ol' Elroy in the northern city, he seems to be doin' well. Good to see him again.




Rose is the closest thing I've ever had to a daughter. I will watch over that girl and help her throughout life no matter what.
Hell, as far as I'm concerned, she is my daughter, and I'll be damned if anythin' happens to her.
She's been stayin' at home a lot, I sure hope she's feelin' alright.


@Derek Steel


Loki, the namesake and leader of the "Smoki Loki" Crew.
He's my new boss, so far things have gone well, lookin' forward to workin' with him more often.
Even my new bossman comments about my ass...
Other than that he does a bang up job, and so far we got along well.




Richi is an Austrian guy who works with the Smoki Crew.
Seems to have a good head on his shoulder and is scared of bears.
Tend to hang out with him n' V from time to time, looks like a good guy.
Hit a good score with the guy, he's pretty fun to work with.
Always lends a hand when I'm in a bind, good guy.
Sucks that we got in that bind with the No-Mads, we will get em' back, buddy.




I ain't got much to say about Ezra. The others in his group seem to think he's a bit of a fuck up.
He had a map with a hole in it where the Tower is, fair to say he holds a tad bit of a grudge.
He seems like he's alright.




Marek, think he's from Chernarus? Interestin' fella, really loves his old lady.
Watched him gas himself with a gas grenade, funny shit.
At the very least, I now know he won't take no shit, and that's respectable.
I've gotten to know em' better, seems we think alike on a lot.
Marek's a good man, has his priorities straight, and has a fine taste in weaponry.
He has my back, and I have his. Marek has proven a formidable force to reckon with, as well as a trusted friend.




You can't mention Marek without Niya. She's his old lady after all.
Niya is Czech, and knows medical shit. She's pretty, and really likes her old man.
Looks to be part of the Smoki Crew, not sure what her role is, but I'd say it's safe to assume she patches people up.
If it weren't for this angel, we would've lost either Mara or Rose, hell, prolly both. I can't find the words to thank you enough.
I really do owe you more than I could ever repay.




Rook is an interesting person. Seems he spent some time in the criminal underworld just as I have.
From what I've gathered this dude was a master class thief, said he even got caught by Interpol.
Looks to be somewhat laid back, sounds like he's from Queens. He can fly a fuckin' helicopter as well.
Pretty solid guy and good fun to hang around. I'm quite fond of hangin' out the back of his UAZ and shootin' shit.
Bout as close as I can get to the feelin' of a bike.




Don't know much about her, pretty, and part of the Smoki Crew, and she really likes those square iceboxes.
I think it's the Snowball ones. I gave her one the other day, not sure what the obsession is.
She also really likes to hit on me, and look at my ass.
Been hangin' out with her and Richi a bunch recently.




Cheryl, I just call her the doc. She seems alright, has a problem with oxy.
She saved my life so I owe her.

The Doc and her people try their best to help others. She is good people, keep on keepin' on, Doc.



(If you have met Dimes, and I haven't added you, shoot me a DM, or leave a comment.)


M16Right.png.c861aed326a31449558b7715246a397f.png                                                          AKleft.png.d9ba2b1179d0daf875a3e6478e0ec013.png

My former place of employment. Specializin' in information gathering, and asset delivery/retrieval.
The Road Runner legacy in Nyheim is over.


My current employer, and extended family.
I'd stop at nothin' to keep these guys safe.




Fresh - Healing - Recovered - Scarred

Stab wound to the side
(Thanks, Alesha.)

Laceration to the left cheek
(Thanks again, Alesha.)

Three rounds of 5.45 to the lower abdomen
(Thanks, random duo who caught me balls deep in their house.)

Single .22lr round to the left leg
(Thanks, Fin.)

Three 5.56 rounds to the chest and neck
(Thanks, scav guys who were pokin' around in my now former boss' garage.)

Chemical burns in the throat
(Thanks, No-Mads.)

Carving of a wolf on his left shoulder

Three claw marks from a bear on his right shoulder

(Thanks, "mystical" bear, you fucked up my tat...)




(Special thanks to @Salted for the graphics : ])



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