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Pablo Garcia
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1998-08-30 (20 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
    English, Spanish
  6. Family
    my mother is called lupita hernandez, and my father is called francisco garcia


  1. Height
    1 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Hair
    dark brown
  4. Eyes


i am pablo hernandez garcia,17 year old farmer/hunter that was born in northern mexico, my mother is called lupita hernandez, and my father is called francisco garcia, my mom works as a cook at a restaurant, and my dad had a mechanic workshop in northern mexico, we are a happy family, my dad used to work at a farm with my uncle ricardo basically all his life, and then he teached himself car mechanics when he was 20 or so, so that he can keep up with my mom and myself. he teached me about farming and hunting, almost every week we spent a day or two hunting or fishing, some pretty cool shit.

when i was 15, my father was diagnosticated with lung cancer, sadly it was too late for a treatment and he had no money, and then he passed away 2 years later... i still miss my dad up to this day...

with the money the government gave us by my dad passing away, my mother wanted for me to study in the best university, thats why i came to chernaurus to study mechanics at chernaurus university to support my mother, while there, i lived with my unlce ricardo by the town of stary sobor, he was a farmer and hunter aswell, we lived in in a small house with 1 floor and a huge backyard.

The town was always chill, some helicopters and planes passed by a couple times a day because of the airfield, at the start it was annoying, but then i got used to it, one day i even saw a freaking tank, it was pretty cool and funny watching the soilders bragging about they had a tank, at they even let me touch the cannon, they were pretty cool

the virus outbreak came out of nowhere, i was in school when it happened, we were in class when the principal called the teacher and said something to him in the ear, and then they ordered us to evacuate the School and we didn't knew why.

i ordered a cab to my house and we saw many tanks and soldiers marching towards chernaurus "what Is happening?" I asked the taxi driver, "something happened, some kind of atack" my hearth dropped to the floor, fearing that some kind of war started, i arrived home just to find my uncle smoking a cigarette in the porch, everything was ordinary and calmed, we heard many helicopters and planes comming out of the airfield, i was scared, fearing that we got in a war or something.

And then it happened...

The next day, my uncle and i were in the woods when it happened, my uncle got bitten by one of those monsters while hunting, he was bitten right in the neck, while being bitten my uncle shot that piece of shit with his handgun, i was scared as shit, i sprinted to the police station and told the sheriff, he said on the radio something about an outbreak, they took my uncle's bodie and i never saw it again, when i came to my house, there was a military camp setup by, a lot of soldiers with rifles and guns where stopping people, they stopped me and couldn't come into my house, but i sneaked out and went around town to my house, then i saw them...

Tons of bodies, many bodies on the ground, some crawling, some shouting, it was horrible, i went to my house just to find everything everything trashed, just like someone robbed us

when came to check out what was happening and almost everyone has turned into one of those monsters, i had to kill my neighbors turned into one of those things, and now im located north of the airfield, hungry, searching for animals to hunt, i have met many people, some good, some bad.

me and my SKS have been best buddies since the start, i could not afford to loose my buddy.

ihaven't heard of my mother since forever, i hope she's ok...


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