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Luke Tadhg Lawrie Ferguson
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Near mental breakdown
  3. Date of birth
    1999-03-25 (20 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Irish and French (barely)
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Deceased mother, non-existent father.
  10. Religion
    Newly agnostic catholic


  1. Height
    195 cm
  2. Weight
    95 kg
  3. Build
    Ectomorph-Mesomorph (Average fit build with no real muscle definition --- toned muscles)
  4. Hair
    Less curly than the picture and brown / dark brown
  5. Eyes
    Deep Ocean Blue
  6. Features
    Only unique feature is chiseled face, strong blue piercing eyes and height.
  7. Equipment
    A thick heavy green coat akin to a parka coat without the fur.
    Green woolen beanie and a standard size school backpack filled with basic supplies and a knife.
    Brown cargo pants.
    Black hiking boots.
  8. Occupation


"".... Luke Tadhg Lawrie-Ferguson or just Tadhg.. not that it matters anymore with everything gone to shit.. I was a student but that doesn't matter either I guess.... It was my own fault for taking that offer from that rescue group with the complicated abbreviation and the mislead hope of finding a safe haven somewhere in Canada.... God knows why they couldn't just fly over the Atlantic to Canada instead of backtracking over the top half of Russia towards the northern half of Canada.... I blame God for this disaster.. probably another one of his 'divine interventions'. To be honest I didn't even want to keep going after the crash.. I didn't care anymore whether I lived or died.... I'd lost everything, my home, my family, my friends, my people even.. I'd be surprised to find another pure Irish person out here in the middle of nowhere.... It took me forever just to find out what the f**king place was called.... Chernarus apparently.. what a shithole....

Anyways.. back to the beginning....

I was doing just fine with my plain normal life.. with my plain normal days and my plain normal nights.. with my plain normal food.. and my plain normal friends.. but then everything just got worse and worse and now i'm stuck with my plain normal nights in some f**king forest in a tent not knowing if i'll die in my sleep.... I vaguely remember the warnings on TV and the talk of a weird infection popping up in some Russian satellite.... It was just my luck to end up in the country the zombie virus started in.... I couldn't tell if it was all fake news or media trying to get attention and viewers.. but honestly at the time? I didn't care.. I was pretty rural at the time and I basically never watched the news.... When people started dying and coming back to life I started freaking out, getting food and water stocked up so I wouldn't have to go outside.... It was when friends and family started dying that I had a somewhat mental breakdown in which I locked myself in a secluded part of my 2 story house and sat in the fetal position for a few days without food or water.... Thankfully I got over that before people, and the dead, came knocking at my door.... I had no weapons, nothing to defend myself and no guns anywhere in the country, unless illegally acquired, and no idea what to do in case of more than one undead showing up.... The Irish army and the Gardai showed up to take people to safety but I knew enough from movies and TV that it is definitely not safety in numbers without regular checks of infected.... I decided to stick tight for a while, make sure that going with the army was a good idea but when I didn't see or hear anything for about a week from either the Gardai or the army I figured that the whole safety in numbers thing backfired really fast.... I had a car and enough fuel to get half way across the country, the only problem was knowing what way to go and what ways were safe.... There was no way I was gonna find or get a weapon so I just had to make due with my car and whatever I could find in my house.... I was finally stopped by that group I mentioned earlier, they weren't official but they had three helicopters with about 23 survivors including the group itself of 3 pilots and 4 soldier-like people.... There was no other place for me to go so I went with them.... Everything else is a blur.... The helicopter I was on had a malfunction somewhere over Chernarus and when we landed beside the nearest runway lights and we got surrounded by.. I don't even know how many zombies and the group had to scatter with me running towards the nearest clutter of trees being the forest I now currently operate out of and the rest running god knows where along with the ringing of gunshots as I sprint as fast as I could not caring for anything else other than my own survival.... That was when the second mental break happened and I sat in the furthest part of the forest, I could find, in the fetal position whilst jumping at every single little sound.... Thankfully I wasn't followed by person or by undead and sat in that forest for what seemed liked an eternity but was more than likely 10-16 hours.... When I tried to retrace my footsteps back towards the helicopter, all I found was corpses.. the helicopter had gone and so did the people on it and the people protecting it.... I'm sure some of them are still around to this day or maybe they're all dead but from that day forward i've spent all my time in this forest with the supplies I brought with me and anything I could find in nearby houses or buildings.. I haven't met anyone yet but I constantly hear gunfire and see lights off in the distance.... I have to survive.. I HAVE to survive.... That's what I tell myself these days.. I need to find a weapon or a gun and I need to find people who I can rebuild civilization with.. hopefully.... Ha, i've never been one for hope and i'm not gonna start now.. I'm just gonna live my life and if I so choose? Live it alone.. ""


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