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Jesse Write
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1975-01-29 (44 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages



Jesse is a relic of Eastern London during the late 80s and early 90s. Being associated with petty crimes and drug deals. He lived a rough life in the east end and done what he had to do to make the odd quid here and there. Inevitably this lead to more serious criminal activities and being associated with higher ups in the various drug trafficking industries.

Jesse led the life of taking drugs over borders, earned a bit of money and thought about getting out of the game until his wife and child died in a car accident. The loss of his close family, and perhaps the only ones he ever cared about, caused Jesse to spiral into depression and binge on the drugs he was shipping. Not pulling his nose out of the bag caused him to get sloppy and make mistakes. His mood volatile, people did not want to deal with Jesse and this led to his demise when he was left at the Russian border on his own with a kilo of powder and no mule to meet him.

A guard pulled Jesse to the side for acting erratic and suspicious, a fist fight broke out.

Naturally, Jesse was busted and sent to spend a lot of time in a jail cell.

In prison he got clean within the first few months. Being unable to speak any Russian Jesse was isolated until he met a fresh inmate named Frank. Hearing the word “cunt” screamed across a mess hall and turning around to see a bald egg headed man beat down a Russian inmate 2 foot taller than him, Jesse knew he had a friend in this guy.

They rolled around together for several years, watching each others backs, dealing what business they could, dipping their fingers in the right pies for the right comforts. It wasn’t a free life, or a wholly pleasant one, but they made it as comfortable as a eastern prison could be and became close friends - family you choose.

After another mess room spat over extra pudding, resulting in a shanking of 2 fellow inmates, Jesse and Frank were sent to “the Pen” a holding area for isolation and prisoner review. One day the guards stopped showing up, and for 2 days all Frank and Jesse could hear were screams, sirens and alarms. Brushing it off as a prison riot they stayed quiet. They caught on pretty quickly that something was not right; no guards, no food, no one, an eerie silence fell over the compound and an escape plan was hatched.

Driven by the primal need of survival, the boys clawed and scraped their way out of The Pen and navigated their way out of prison. Being introduced to a taste of the horror that wait for them outside with cells lined with gore and sights that turned both men’s stomachs.

After escaping the Russian prison in 2017 during the heat of the outbreak, Jesse and Frank rolled around as part of various small crews, surviving, getting by, it felt as thought he rule of prison life was now the rule of the world. They stayed with a group of 5 for around 6 months until recently, when bitter disputes started to rise, and accusations of theft were being thrown around. One itchy trigger finger led to a firefight among former friends and travelling companions.

Jesse and Frank always stood by each other, through thick and thin, like brothers. But the group divide forced them to lose each other in the night.

They agreed if they were to ever split up, they will head south across the Russian border and into Chernarus, hopefully meeting in Kamyshovo at a "safe house" an inmate had once told them about.

Jesse made his way by way of a small boat on the Burnaya river from Russia into Chernarus, where he has traveled by foot south east to the shorelines.


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