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Osiris Ressem
Character information
  1. Alias
    Med 1
  2. Mental
    Calm until provoked or stressed
  3. Morale
    No hostility until hostility is needed.
  4. Date of birth
    1968-04-08 (51 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Burlington, IA
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Dawn Ressem
  10. Family
    Paige, Gracie and Jacob Ressem
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    192 cm
  2. Weight
    104 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Bulldog Tattoo on the left shoulder. Slight facial scaring from youth
  7. Equipment
    Black tactical or camo clothing, protective vest, ball cap, m14, IJ70, combat boots and combat gloves
  8. Occupation
    Retired US Air Force
  9. Affiliation
    Gregory Harrison Eco Technologies
  10. Role
    Medical and tactical support


Osiris Ressem – Freshly Retired US Air Force Pararescue Training Instructor after 20 years of service training top notch candidates in Lockland, TX . Specializations: Diving, Arms, Survival and Field Trauma. Spent 11 years prior to enlisting in service of a small local community as an EMT. Married 30 years (Dawn Ressem Gray) with one child (Paige Ressem), one grandchild , a Sister (Gracie Ressem Parker) and one brother (Jacob Ressem).
Personality: Very easy going and full of humor unless training, provoked or stressed. Will defend his family, friends and military family until his last breath.
Goal: Find his sister Gracie and bring her home safe if possible. Most of the East Central part of Chernarus has been covered with no signs of the research group.
The now 51-year-old Military Vet wasn’t taking his retirement in a lounge chair, with a stiff drink and soak’n up the Arkansas Sun on the porch. Instead arrangements we’re being made to become self-sufficient and readiness for possible “problems” the world could throw at the husband and wife. During an early morning rest, the wooded homestead was assaulted with the sounds of vehicles making their way up the long dusty lane. Looking over his reading glasses, it only took a look to set the defensive plan in place. Dawn was to provide over watch from the top floor and Osiris would take his position around the workshop. Shortly thereafter, two black Humvee’s pull up to the isolated home and 7 men with weapons stowed to show no aggression in black tactical gear and one well dressed man in a black suit exited the vehicles. “Colonel Ressem!” comes from the Suited figure. “My name is Gregory Harrison from Eco Technologies and I’m in need of your help.” A voice comes from behind the entourage. “What sort of help? You’re the pharmaceutical/medical research company who my sister works for, right?” Wheeling around to see the grey-haired property owner, Mr. Harrison raises his hands slightly to calm the situation. “Yes, yes, and we have lost contact with her research group around the end of July after a huge storm in the Chernarus region.” Looking about with eyes darting, he makes contact with Dawn. She slowly nods her approval knowing her husband won’t be able to turn this down. The suited figure lowers his voice. “We’ve had broken coms with her up to this point so we think she’s alive around Miroslavl. We can use your knowledge and skills to get her back so we can begin the development of a cure for this crap.” Looking the stranger in the eye with gritted teeth, Osiris hisses… “When do we leave?” The man stumbles to get one word out…”Yesterday. We have gear at the ready.”
Journal note Day #1: Arrived in the Green Sea via Mr. Harrison's 230ft private yacht just south of Miroslavl on August 28th. Amphibious night landing scheduled for August 29th . Journal daily note summary:…The outbreak was far out of control already on arrival. I feel for my Sister if she endured this hole. No signs of her or her group yet in or near Miroslavl, Kirovagrad or any of the other small communities over the days. No one has heard of my sister or the group she was with. Not sure the people would tell us anyway. Shakedowns from hostiles are frequent, the infected are everywhere and hungry. Movement is in short bursts under cover of forest and darkness. Last Journal entry: The men haven't found their way back to the makeshift camp and no signs of them for almost a day...check in was 12 hours ago...I'm afraid I may be alone. I will give them another day before I move...Time is still of the essence...Tons of real estate needs to be covered. Close to a third of this place covered and hell to go. Not giving up...


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