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Martin Bjornstad
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Survive and Protect
  4. Date of birth
    1999-01-01 (21 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Sister: Olivia Bjornstad
  11. Religion
    Interested in Old Norse


  1. Height
    174 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    Scar in his inner left arm allmost like a tattoo "Linda"
    Tattoo saying "Wolf" in Viking Runes on his inner right arm
  8. Occupation
    ex-private security




Martin Bjornstad grew up in a town in Norway, his father was a wealthy owner of a small private security firm. Even from a child Martin did not the idea of stayig inside, following rules or doing homework. though out his teen years he grew up to be a someone who caused trouble wherever he could, with the addition of his father being away all the time and only his mother to deal with the mess he left behind it was only a matter of time before his father got involved. By 15, he began to fail at school, dropping out of classes and failing to turn up, eventualy he was expelled.

his father in a last ditch effort to redeem his son gave him the opotunity to join his company and train to become a part of a security detail. at the beggining he struggled but as he saw his chances to be away from home and move all around the world he took an interest and became very motivated to do well and make his father proud. his attitude changed and he followed orders well, learnt how to use sidearms and submachine guns. at 19 he was well trained and his job as a secuirty detail became a reality.






As soon as the outbreak began in chernaurs, Martin felt something off, he could sense it. After the first week went by and nato forces went in he knew the aid ships would come flooding in to help. He was dispacted with a small detail of secruity to keep secure a small group of medical aid workers that were coming into the country via a contairner ship carrying aid and supplies for already short supplied aid stations.
During the first few days of his arrivel, things were tough but coping. Electro was now a home for refugess and people in need. During this time he really saw the true choas that errupted around him. He was strong and kept his emotions internal while he kept the doctors and supplies safe. Once setup they moved inland and set up a small medical zone In zelenogorsk within the military zone located in the city.

During his time with the doctors and refugees he learned small parts of medical knowledge that would come to serve him well in the future. Everything was running ok until the US was run out of Cherno by a huge horde, cutting of the city from any outside help. From there on situations went from bad to dire as infected began to spread through the city. Just before the collapse of the city the CDF forces there planned to evacuate the city. With no choice Martin, the rest of his secuirty detail and the medical staff evacuated with them.
out of the 4 men in his security detail only Martin made it out alive during the escape from the city. He managed to save only 1 of the 10 medical staff that he was assigned to protect. A women by the name of Linda. There battle through life and limb had left them very close, something that Martin wasnt familier with. He liked her, but never had the guts to tell her.

With no connection left to the outside world and no way back safely back to the coast, Martin and linda decided it would be best to stay with the CDF until help arrived. Martin spent most of his time helping the CDF forces set up arround the countryside, using his hunting skills and his outdoor nature to prove a real help to the CDF forces. He earned there respect. One day after returning hunting he found that a couple of the CDF troops had tried to rape linda in a woodshed, when she struggled they ended up killing her. Martin in pure anger and rage killed both soldiers where they stood. He knew he would be hunted and killed for what he has just done and so he ran, far.

Martin was distraught, he had failed himself, linda a women he truely cared for, and his father. Not realising the extent of the world catastrophe he tried to make it back to the coast in desperation, he failed. Finally it sunk in on him that he was stuck here. He decided it was best to stay alone . He spent a long time staying away from the cities and CDF forces in case they remembered him. He finds large groups cannot be trusted.
With no real goals left for himself, he resided in the coutryside, surviving of his instints and skills as a hunter he picked up as a kid. As time goes by his morale compass started pointing him out of the countryside, to help small groups of people, caught up in the mess and conflicts. And he would risk his life to protect them.





As the years went by, Martin joined his first ever group. The group was named Wolf pack. He was glad and proud to be a part of a group, as he had been alone for a long time after what happend. Wolf pack treated him well. The people were nice, leaders smart and he found some really cool people. The people he spent the most amount of time with was Gareth, Anthony and Leigh. There was something Martin didn't know about the wolf pack, and that was that they were at war with more than just one group. Martin was captured inside the wolf pack's compound because three groups came through the gates uninvited and Martin with only another 3 people. Martin was handcuffed and brought to a balcony. Minutes pass and Martin was able to break out as the people weren't watching him anymore. As Martin broke out he saw his friend Leigh with her hands up. Martin ran up and shot the person that was holding his friend Leigh up. Just after the situation ended Martin started thinking if the wolf pack was a smart idea. Martin didn't leave. He still had friends to protect. Time goes by and wolf pack was comming to an end. The leader dissapeared. The Alpha was gone. So he went with the Beta. So now the wolf pack was now named "Hutch and friends" which Martin left pretty quickly because he befriended a person that kidnaped Martin's sister.





After beeing in Lopatino for a while with the rest of the wolf pack. Another group named "The Runners" living next to us were alot more friendly and seemed like a nice bunch. Martin went on to them instead of living with the rest of the wolf pack. Gareth also left wolf pack for another group that Martin didn't know of. Anthony was nowhere to be found. Leigh was still with the rest of wolf pack. Martin went on with the runners for a long time. He met some new friends that he could always count on. Michael Duquesne and Fred was two of them. He was with them for so long that he became third in command. In the runners Martin didn't do that much because the group was more calm and friendly than wolf pack. In the runners Martin for the first time ever be in a war where he would be joining the fight itself. The war lasted for a decent amount of time. Somehow Martin survived the war and kept going around with his friends in the runners.




Martin had bad blood with the 5.0.3 from before. The leader of 5.0.3 named CJ had kidnaped his sister once, also he had robbed Martin once. But CJ still wanted Martin to join the 5.0.3 because the runners dispanded after a while. Martin, Michael and Fred all joined the 5.0.3 together. Running around with the 5.0.3 changed Martin. He no longer cared about random people he met. He started to take people hostage. Take their stuff and also starting firefights with people. The only people he cared about was the people within the 5.0.3 and fellow scandinavians. Norwegians and Danish people were those he cared more for than the Swedish. In Martin's mind the Swedish didn't deserve any respect. Martin was now running around with the 5.0.3. Robbing, killing, raiding and tons more. 






3 hours ago, Daisy said:

Very nice character, and definitely the best taxi driver in Chernarus 😀

Thaanks :)) taxi thing was legit made up on the spot 😂 i was bored😂

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Ya finally added some color into this, noice.

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1 minute ago, Inferno said:

Ya finally added some color into this, noice.

I got more commin' its just that if it was up to me i'd re-write the entire thing but that would kinda destroy what i've done up untill this point.

I'd be more happy to do what i did with my other Char which i will be putting up soon.

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