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Charles Richthofen
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Broken and crocked
  3. Morale
    Ring ring
  4. Date of birth
    1987-06-12 (31 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Frankfurt, Germany
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    African American
  8. Languages
    German, English
  9. Relationship
    Elisa Richthofen
  10. Family
    Wife and daughter in germany
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    92 kg
  3. Build
    Sporty, Wide
  4. Hair
    Short and stubby
  5. Eyes
    Dark brown
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
  7. Features
    A scar on his bear chest reading 'TO'
  8. Equipment
    He wears black and white, making him look like a penguin
  9. Affiliation
    Dead Batteries
  10. Role



Charles Richthofen is part of the german diplomatic envoy under Emily Haber. Since the Summer of 2014 Emily Haber was the german diplomat in the U.S, making great progress in strengthening the ties between Germany and the US.

One of Charles' boss job was to work as a middleman between the US and Russia in the everlasting conflict "Uncle Sam vs. The Russian Bear". Charles got to work with the team of Rüdiger Freiheer von Fritsch, who was the active German diplomat in Russia. Travelling in between Washington D. C. and Moscow, Charles got a fair snatch of Slavic culture and language.

The secretaries of state in germany now brings forwards other planes for Emily and her team. Due to their active negotiation skills with Russia, they are sent to a far away land in the heart of west Asia.


To prepare for this change, Charlie Richthofen is sent to Chernarus to make the final preparations.

He was born in Frankfurt, Germany to a rich investors family. He made use of his outstanding education and completed studies in law and relations. Due to his connections of his father he easily made his way up as a personal consultant of one of the most influential diplomats of Germany. Since 2006 he is the security adviser and head of security for Emily Haber. His work in Chernarus was a standard task before Emily could get on her flight to start a new mission.

Little did he know...

Little did anybody know...


Chapter 1

The time in Chernarus has taking his toll on Charlie, his friends have died, he has been robbed, beaten, shot and raped. He has been the trashcan of the postapokalyptic society. He has changed through the experiences he has made.

Nowadays Charlie isnt the calm and compiled self he used to be. He has turned into a extroverted talkative teenager, annoying those he is around and almost costing him his life.


Chapter 2

One unfaithful day he was scooped up by two men, Brutus, Buzzo and Benjamin. The three B's. They took him into a far castle not giving him a chance to go his own way and forcing their will on him. Once at the castle Charlie is beaten by hand and a bat, something he has come used to over time. Nevertheless he had to talk his way out of getting throwen off said castle. Buzzo, the selfproclaimed Alpha of a local grouoing found a liking on Charlies Euphoric manner and way of life. He spares his life and takes him in, protecting him with his word infront of the other group members. Ever since Charlie is thankful for getting granted a purpose, joining the group on their adventures to rape, pillage, kill and repeat. He now lives by a new lifestyle, the lifestyle of the;

Raiders BITCH

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