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Abram Volkovo
Character information
  1. Mental
    Strong sense of pride, honour and integrity.
  2. Morale
    High, Confident
  3. Date of birth
    1984-06-22 (35 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Vladivostok, Russia
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Russian, English
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Mother and Father - Status unknown
  10. Religion
    Orthodox Christian


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
    Muscular, Physically Fit
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    - Scar from his left ear to his chin -
    - Short beard, looks to have been cut with a sharp knife -
    - Spider Web, left shoulder blade -
  7. Equipment
    -Military Equipment & Clothing-
    Helmet, Camouflaged clothing, Military Boots, Kalashnikov variant/ Bolt Action Rifles, Backpack, small amount of medical supplies, balaclava.

    -Civilian/ Normal clothing-
    Black tshirt/ Black M65/ Black, Camouflaged Pants , Hiking Boots (Black), Cap.

    - Russian Military ID (Currently in a hidden location)
  8. Occupation
    Russian Paratrooper.
  9. Affiliation
    Ex-VDV Ex-Solntsevskaya Bratva, Ex-Riptide
  10. Role
    CQC Specialist - VDV





Abram Volkovo was born in Vladivostok, Russia. He was born on the 23rd of June 1990. Brought up by his mother and father he was prepared from a very young age mentally and physically to apply and begin a large and prosperous career in the Russian military, to follow in his fathers footsteps Abram decided that he would strive to become apart of the Vozdushno- Desantnye Voyska (VDV). His father put him through rigorous training throughout his academic life during school to make sure that he was fully prepared for what was to come. After finishing the 2 years of mandatory military service he decided to enlist in the VDV and finally begin his career following in his fathers prestigious footsteps. 

Soviet airborne troops are among the best-trained soldiers in the Russian armed forces.The training that they receive is physically rigorous and mentally demanding. It is conducted under conditions simulating actual combat, including extensive NBC training. Airborne training integrates special airborne techniques with basic motorised rifle tactics. During the six months of specialized training for the VDV, Volkovo met with the rest company that he would serve with in Chechnya, Ukraine, and now South Zagoria. After finishing the specialized training to become a certified badass Abram was awarded with the rank of Ryadovóy (Private). Under the command of Major Vyacheslav Mikhailov, they served in the line of combat in Chechnya, Ukraine, and now South Zagoria. July 17th, Major Mikhailov briefed us all for our next mission in South Zagoria. Abram had never quite experienced a mission like this one. It was going to be a new challenge for all the men of the 104th.





The first few days after landing in Chernarus were certainly busy, disarming pretty much every civilian of their military grade rifles became a thing almost immediately and each of them didn't understand as to why they were being removed, after a short explanation and the civilians still not understanding they were let go. After a couple of meetings with the UN the Kapitan managed to make a deal securing the UN's location to be up north in the town of Kabinino. 
Shortly after their arrival it was apparent to all ranks of the VDV that their incompetence would get them killed so they stepped up their patrols in and around the area of the town while maintaining a heavy amount of presence in the camp so that the removal of military grade rifles could continue and the civilian populous weren't heavily armed. During the time at the camp he befriended a few civilians and grew to know them outside of his work schedule during free time. Not long after the UN had set up the camp along side the VDV within a moments notice the UN had packed up over night and fled the area along with all their belongings and citizens that were there and ready to go with no information of their next location to be left behind or informed over the radio, due to this tensions between the VDV and UN had risen, after attempting diplomatic discussions with the UN and giving them options to continue their work without any mishaps or issues multiple times, said talks ended in the UN declining the offers and getting themselves ready to take up arms against the VDV.

The first attack on the UN camp in Berezino was a bloody one, multiple casualties on both sides brought the two groups to the brink of death.. Luckily, Abram got away with minimal wounds. Two bullet wounds to then be treated by the VDV medic within the hour of gaining the injuries. Shortly after the fight the Russian government had got into contact with the VDV and they had been forcefully removed from Chernarus due to not only completing their research but also the attack that was taken towards the UN, 24 hours go by and the Mayor had received orders for the men to return to base and be prepared to leave within 2 hours of first contact, knowing that he'd have to leave his newly found friends behind to fend for themselves Abram had decided to ignore the call to return, leave his military ID and any memorabilia in a hidden location and go into hiding for a couple of days with his comrade Anton waiting for the VDV to have fully left the country before coming out of hiding.

A few days go by after the VDV had been pulled out from Chernarus, Abram had been hanging around Chernogorsk due to a local pub opening under the name "The Winking Chernarussian" run by a woman going by the name Rory, with the help and friendship Abram had found in and around the pub he would begin to gain more information needed on the CDF who had at that time attempted to regain the control they had quite easily lost over their own country. Mistakes from made by the CDF allowed Abram to join along side a new group of comrades who's only goal was to rid the country of the remaining CDF forces allowing people to roam freely without the rule of some form of "iron fist". Once again, the fights were bloody but due to his training with long ranged rifles Abram had managed to maintain his overwatch and make sure that there had been no losses on the side of the rebellion.. The CDF retreated deeper into the country and are yet to be seen again.. Those remaining in Chernarus only had the remnants of said military factions, the dead ones, lack of food and murderers to worry about from now on.




Volkovo as of late has separated himself from most if not all of those remaining in the country in a little house just off the edge of the northern highway where little to no one passes by, keeping a watchful eye over what is shadowing Chernarus, often only leaving his new found house to hunt, gather and prepare for the harsh weather environments that the country brings. 

A few days pass and Abrams radio springs to life, somehow someone had given the VDV contact frequency to someone claiming to be a scientist requiring a meeting to inform them of the countries inhabitants and further goings on, curious Abram agreed to a meeting and a time and place was agreed upon in the upcoming weeks. Abram would pack a tent, supplies, his rifle and plenty of ammunition and leave his comfortable home for the time being to reach the meeting point a few days earlier to scout out the location before the meeting was to take place. Seeing that those whom had decided to inhabit the area were no harm he decided to walk down to the camp at a slow pace, still watching over what they were doing. Dressed in full TTsko uniform Volkovo walked straight into the middle of the camp, somehow without being spotted. The information that the Scientists wanted of the local area was given to them by Volkovo, he took his reward of ammunition, food and their frequency and left.

After returning home, two weeks had past.. Volkovo's food supply was getting short, drastic measures had to be made. It was time for him to stumble back into the sight of the countries inhabitants, whoever they may now be.


-Will update as I see fit.


Anton Chernenko - Missing

VDV Personnel - Unknown Location

Natalya Wilkova - Missing?

Taryn Allegheny - Found  - Dead 

Riptide Personnel - Found



Faith Capella - Unknown

Cpt. Hawk - Unknown

Members of the UN who were in country at the same time as VDV.

- Will update when I come across new people etc.


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