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Jane Panzer
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1996-02-13 (23 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
    english, german
  6. Family
    sister, Gina (dead); parents (dead)


  1. Height
    179 cm
  2. Weight
    69 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    - zombie killer
    - knows how to survive


Jane Panzer aka Tank was born in Germany on the 13th of Feburary 1996 . Her mother was an american and her father german. She grew up in germany, together with her 1 year older sister, Gina. They were like twins, they spend much time together, trusted each other and had an unbreakable bond. Also Jane was the younger one, she was the "leader" of the two. When they were teens they planned a road trip through the US all on their own, with a car from east to west. AT this time they also discovered one of their favourite hobbies: gaming. And they were good at it, especially Jane she managed to build her own clan and community.
However in 2017 they made their trip to the US, they vistied some gaming buddies and everything was perfect. Until they noticed what was going on, they had ignored the news about Chernarus but when they noticed that also Europe seemed to be affected they broke up their trip.
In germany were no guards on the airport anymore, just the basic stuff tryed to handle the waves of people who tried to escape via plains. The roads to the airport were full so they had to take the train to be able to reach their home. One day later they finally reached the city close to their home. Empty roads, still standing cars, no sight of a human being. It was more than suspicious and when they saw the first dead bodies they recognized what had happend here. "Stay calm, stay inside your houses the Bundeswehr is going to provide food and water and keep you up to date!" Jane read one of the signs "Tank, you know what happend here, this is not only a minor thread it´s like in these stories, movies and games! The apocalypse is upon us!" Gina shouted. Their parents were dead of course and the hords of infected had moved on.
They have been prepared for something like this at least theoretically, because they imagined situations like this before. They came over it pretty easy and while others tryed to run, for them it was clear to stay at their home-village and stand their ground. When the communication systems, internet and electricity shut down completly they knew that it was over, humanity was over.
Fast they learned to hunt with a bow and crossbow, it helped that they visited a gun range back then on their trip. They knew the local fields and forests and were able to grow vegetables and also to keep some of the farmers animals like some chickens, cows and goats. They didn´t starve or died due to illnesses. The only danger were the infected and other survivors.
And these survivors weren´t always friendly, on Janurary 2018 a large group managed to break their defenses and took over not only their base but the whole village. It was a tough winter and they welcomed the supplies, animals and size of their base.
Against all odds the small group escaped without critical injuries and run away deep into the forest. The bandits let them go. Jane and Gina hid some supplies in these forests just in case they had to give up their base.
Jane, Gina and the other 5 members of their group survived the winter. They planed to attack the bandits who still occupied their base. But their goal was not to kill them all, that would have been unpossible, they wanted to get some of their supplies aswell as their pick-up truck with the self- attached metal sheets. They succeded and stealth killed 5 bandits meanwhile.
After all that they decided to no longer stay there and started moving east, equipped with guns, enough ammo and supplies to last for a while. They became zombie hunters travelling all around Germany helping the ones in need and killing the hostile ones.
Once again everything seemed to be perfectly fine when they ran into an ambush. They figured out that Jane was the leader and after they captured everyone who was left after the shooting, they killed every member slowly right in front of Jane. They wanted information, information about were they left their armored pick-up trucks and supplies. Everyone kept silent, noone said a word. When the bandit started to torture her sister Jane started crying "Stop it!" she shouted and the bandit hold on. "Ahh finally. Did I really had to slaughter all of your group members apart from you and the other lady?" the bandit grin "No!" Gina shouted, and hit the bandit with her cuffed hands right in the face "You need to kill ALL of us!" that was the last sentence Jane heard from her sister the next thing she heard was a shot.
On this day Jane´s world changed her personal nightmare became true, a world without her sister. At first she felt numb, weeks passed and she just wanted to die aswell. The bandits tortured her, trying to get the information they wanted but she kept silent, didn't eat and was about to die.
A group of 'heros' killed the bandits and took care of her. Their medics did a good job and after three months she was able to leave the camp. She didn´t feel numb anymore she had a mission, she'd kill every infected on her way to where all the evil started, to where the first infected were spotted, to Chernarus.
With an axe on her back, a big backpack, a Glock in her holster and a Mosin in one hand she waved the camp goodbye, turned around and headed south east.


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