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Sabot Walker
Character information
  1. Mental
    suffers with PTSD
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1989-12-15 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Ontario, Canada
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Family
    grandson of Cpt. David Walker (Canadian war hero)
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Build
  3. Hair
  4. Eyes
  5. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  6. Features
    sharpshooter, survivalist experts, navigation, hand to hand combat, cooking, skinning animals, calm, dangerous, JTF2 trained along with training with the SAS, interrogation expert
  7. Equipment
    308 model 70 Winchester/sword
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    Potius Cras Corporation
  10. Role
    skilled Sniper/Hunter/Recon


I am Sabot David Walker (grandson of Canadian war hero David Walker), born in 1989 in Ontario, Canada - at a small town of only 300 and two hours away from any major civilization. Growing up I spent my days playing in the forest, hunting, logging and all the while learning from my grandfather how to survive if lost. I learned at a young age how to shoot a gun and the importance of securing the kill with a properly placed shot because missing a shot meant no food for the long winter ahead. When i was 14 I moved in with family members in the small town of South River, 45 minutes from home, and attended high school to get my education. I found school to be boring because the skills that I wanted to learn where beyond those taught in a classroom. School may have tried to teach me proper English, but I cared more about how to start a fire or to navigate through a forest. School was not a complete waste of time though because it was at school that I found my true purpose. One day, a military instructor came to do a presentation on the benefits of joining the Canadian military At that moment, I realized that I was destined for a purpose greater than just splitting logs and that the military was my future.
Quickly, all eyes were on me during basic training my shooting skills were unmatched, and while others suffered and failed during survival expeditions my knowledge and skills earned me prefect scores and the respect of fellow soldiers. Ultimately, my success earned me the position of a sniper in the JTF2 Canadian special forces at the young age of 20, i trained in Alberta and in England with the SAS . During my first tour in Afghanistan I had 150 confirmed kills including a 3,650 meter record breaking kill shot. After only three months home at 23 I headed on my second tour. Once again I was deployed deep within terrorist controlled territory. Our job was to kill Mohammad Khan one of the highly wanted leaders of the Taliban who was credited with beheading over 5 Canadian peacekeepers, 3 journalist and 13 american soldiers. My spotter and I set up in the hills near a location that Mohammad was to meet with a drug lord who had leaked the info of their whereabouts. My orders were clear, blow his head off. After the kill was secured, we fled from his troops who were now hunting us, but our ride out did not come due to taking to much fire when flying to get us. We retreated south toward friendly territory. We came to an old abandoned oil field where we were ambushed by the Taliban, my spotter fell early in the fight, but I was able to kill 12 of their men before I fled deeper into the oil field. I climbed to the top of one of the oil rigs and, as the Taliban came in the front gate I dropped them 1 after another. I fled the oil field after i killed them, knowing more would come and I managed to survive 90 days in the desert, stealing water from small villages and stealing their goats for food. Finally, I was picked up by American Forces who returned me to my base.
My days in the desert were hard on me, I could not think straight anymore, all I heard were gun shots everywhere. I jumped and twitched and almost killed one of my own men who tried to wake me from a nightmare. It wasn't long before I was discharged from the army at age 24 for mental health. I struggled adapting back to civilization, had I spent too much time alone in the desert, using everything my grandpa taught me to survive. I wanted to go back, I wanted the feeling of kissing death everyday and fighting to find food and water, to stay warm in the cold desert nights and not die of heat exhaustion in the day. I started hearing voices, the voices of those I had killed. I couldn't take it anymore and I purchased a hunt camp deep in the forest away from it all, just my rifle and I in a kill or be killed world. I farmed, hunted and logged to survive the cold winter ahead. I spent 4 years living by myself, very rarely did I visit family or travel. Eventually, my mind cleared up and I was finally able to sleep, living out there satisfied my taste for survival to an extent.
On August of 2017 3 black jeeps showed up at my camp. Men from the government got out of the vehicles, and I met them at the door with my rifle, "what do you want?" I barked. "Captain Walker, we have a lot to talk about" the government official said. Living in seclusion, I was unaware of the fallout in Chernarus and the spread of the infected to the rest of the world. They explained to me about the infected and the major fall outs throughout the large cities of the country. They explained that as the infected spread from the cities they were slowed by the low population density of Canada. There was so much land for them to cross so the military were able to contain the spread, but they did not know for how long. I am told that each country is in their own in the fight, and contact has already been lost with some. The government wanted me and 5 other special force operatives to air drop into Chernarus with a group of 3 scientist to study were the infection began, and to search for a cure. My survival expertise made me a perfect selection for the mission. I was delighted, as I had wanted to return to service for so long, to taste the blood of fear and death, but this time i couldn't believe it, infected mindless creatures, this was a whole new survival, it intrigued my interest. Our plane flew high above Chernarus and we prepared to jump with a plan in place to all meet up at the city of Elektrozavodsk.
It was during the drop that everything started to go wrong. My parachute did not fully deploy causing me to get tangled and go into a spin. While spiraling off course, I manage to pull my knife free, cut through the parachute and free myself, losing most of my gear. I broke loose with only my back up parachute, and with almost no time to spare deployed the chute. Even with the chute, I hit the ground hard, I lay there in pain during the night. As the sun rose so did I and looked upon the dense forest around me. For the first time in a long time I smile knowing that all of my skills will be needed as I battle to survive.
months past and sabot never met up with any of his team, he started living off the land until he was hired by some strange men that said they were a part of a big corporation.


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