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Demetri Romanoff
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1988-08-21 (30 years old)
  2. Place of birth



Demetri Romanoff is a 30 year old man originally born in Sinistok. After his mother passed away at a young age, he was left to be raised by his abusive, alcoholic father. The 2 of them stayed in sinistok and ran a farm that sold fresh produce to local markets and vendors.
Demetri had a fairly simple life, that is, as long as the farm turned enough of a profit to keep his father happy. But when it didn't, Dimitri's father would turn to his bottle and wouldn't stop until it was empty. Usually that meant that he would send Demetri to fetch him more alcohol, or it would signal Demetri when the blows were gonna start coming, sometimes both. When Demetri couldn't handle things at home he would escape off into the woods, sometimes for days on end. He enjoyed the peacefulness and quiet he found out there in the middle of nowhere and felt free of all the constraints he found in daily life, but would always returned at some point knowing that his father could not take care of himself and needed Demetri more than Demetri needed him.One day after one of his fathers famous tirades Demetri ran off to his usual spot in the woods that he liked to go and was surprised to find a dog picking through some nearby litter Demetri left. The dog had no tags and seemed to be alone with no family so Demetri felt akin to the dog. The dog was a large German Shepperd who didn't seem to trust Demetri, but didn't hesitate to approach Demetri as soon as he got realized that Demetri had food. Demetri decided to name the dog Milo. The 2 of them roamed the woods and enjoyed each others company, so much so, that Demetri decided to bring milo back home with him. Once they got home Demetri immediately felt like something was wrong, milos could sense Dimitri's increasing anxiety and panic as they got closer and closer to the house. Demetri opened the door to what used to be his home to find it had been thrown into disarray. Old photos knocked over and broken, furniture strewn about and the general overall appearance of the house made it very evident that something bad happened here. He called out to his father but didn't get any response. Just then he heard in a back room what sounded like rustling. He approached the room slowly, calling out for his father who he was starting to feel worried for. Suddenly someone came lunging out of the darkness of the room at Demetri. At first glance he thought it was his father, but upon second glance he saw that this creature only
looked like his father. It was cold, had pale skin with visible veins all over its exposed skin. Its eyes were glossed over white and even thought it had a huge gaping wound on the side of his neck, it didn't seem to feel any pain. Demetri was paralyzed with fear as he saw the creature lumbering towards him arms out reaching for him and groaning, while bearing teeth that he was sure the creature intended to use on him. Soon the creature was just a few feet from Demetri but he couldn't move, questions swirled around in his head. "is this really my dad?, what happened to him?, what's going to happen to me?" he thought as the creature got even closer. Just as the creature was about to reach Demetri, milo came crashing past him and attacked the creature as they went tumbling off behind a couch.Demetri stood there frozen in fear as he watched the 2 wrestle and fight on the floor. Milos seemed to have the upper hand but the creature was able to grab milo and sunk his teeth into his side. Seeing his friend being hurt snapped Demetri out of it and he immediately reached and grabbed the closest object he could, a large bottle. He ran over and began to bash the creature over the head with the large bottle and it was as if all of Demetri's bottled up emotions came flowing out and he just kept swinging until he no longer saw movement from the creature. He stepped back from the bloody mess and turned to milo who was laid on the floor with a large wound on his side. Demetri knew that milos wouldn't survive in his condition and apologized for getting him into this mess. He then picked milo up and returned to the woods, turning his back on the world he knew and starting a new chapter in his life....


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