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Nickolas Sloan
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1993-04-06 (26 years old)



Character's name is Nickolas Sloan a very charismatic individual. He became an reporter covering stories from all over the world ranging for wars to celebrations to disasters. He was on a slow run in his career and eventually found himself danger of being let go by his network. An amazing stroke of misfortune landed him the story that would save his job but doom himself to isolation in Chernarus. Finding a ride was not easy weeks went by before he could charter transportation and eventually he found a pilot willing to go. By the time he had landed it was too late, the individuals he thought were coming to greet him were not security, police, or military... but they had guns. The pilot recognized the situation and took off leaving Nick to whatever fate was approaching him. He was stripped of his gear and valuables and left alone with a receding sun in the middle of nowhere. He came here for story that would jump start his career but now the only thing on his mind is survival. He decided to head for the nearest mountain to get his bearings. The sounds of howling wolves made his neck hair stand on end. He made his way away from the sound a stealthily as he could. The sound of rustling bushes turned that stealthy retreat into a full on sprint down the mountain. the sound of rapidly approaching foot steps and panting kept the adrenaline pumping. There was a structure ahead, a log cabin the only sanctuary he could see in the darkness of the woods. He rushed through the door closing it behind him and using his back to secure it. The interior was dimly lit with a lantern and candle someone lived here. He called out to apologize for the intrusion and let them know the situation, all he got back was the sound of snores from the adjacent room. When he entered the room he did not find the owner sleeping but standing much awake. The light from the other room showed a grotesque decaying face. The owner lunged at him and tackle him to the ground this thing was not human it was a zombie. As it ripped away at his clothes Nick searched desperately for something to defend himself with. He grabbed the lantern and bashed it into its face freeing himself form its grasp. The zombie charged him again and he threw the lantern at it shattering it and igniting the zombie in flames. The contents of the house quickly caught and he ran outside to see the wolves fleeing from the flames. Nick did not stick around to see what happened.


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