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Weston Yager
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Average. He is determined to survive, but has moments where the emotional weight of his situation weighs heavily on him.
  3. Morale
    Good morale. He has hope that he will be able to make it home to his wife again.
  4. Date of birth
    1988-08-27 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Deanna - Wife
  10. Family
    No other family but his wife, Deanna
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    Celtic Cross tattoo on his back.
  8. Occupation
    Remote Control Operations and Development
  9. Affiliation
    United States Air Force
  10. Role
    Military Adviser; Deployed to Chernarus


My character is named Tater. It was his callsign when he was in the United States Air Force prior to the zombie apocalypse. His real name is Captain Weston Yager. He has a newlywed wife named Deanna who lives as a housewife in their Austin, Texas home. Three months prior to the outbreak, he was deployed to Chernarus as a military adviser where he specialized in remote control operations and technological development. With the United States wanting to grow it's sphere of influence, it began sending subject matter experts (SMEs) to Eastern European countries to help bolster their military development and halt the growing threat that Russia's influence held over the region. The Chernarus government entered into a military partnership which involved the U.S. sending said SMEs to help modernize the Chernarus military with training and NATO state-of-the-art weaponry. As part of this campaign, Tater was tasked with working closely with Chernarus Army officers, training them in the use and operation of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA (drones)).

On the day that the first group of Chernarus pilots were to graduate, the outbreak began. At first, Tater began overhearing strange radio transmissions from other units on the Chernarus base he was assigned to. The officers in charge seemed to dismiss these radio calls, viewing them as less important than the graduation ceremony that was underway. However, things began to take a more serious turn. As the Chernarus Army commander was addressing the crowd at the ceremony, a loud gunshot was heard near the base entrance. Alarmed, the crowd began to stir. Soon more shots were heard in greater number, and finally a loud explosion. The terrified crowd began to panic, running in all directions as it seemed the base was under attack. Tater made his way through the manic crowd with two other U.S. advisers, 1st Lt Daniel "Nukem" Dukes and MSgt Adrian "Gizmo" Montanez. The team posted up at their communications building and made contact with the U.S. detachment leader through radio. They were ordered to find transport to the Chernogorsk docks; all U.S. military personnel were to rendezvous there and await a Navy transportation ship for exfiltration. This task proved more difficult than expected as no Chernarus military personnel would allow them use of their transport vehicles due to the firefight that was occurring. Finally, Gizmo was able to persuade one of the local supply soldiers to give them a lift, exiting the base through the side entrance.

On their way to Chernogorsk, it became apparent that this wasn't a traditional attack. There were hundreds of people in the streets, and they were attacking each other in the most barbaric manner. Nukem swore he saw one person rip open the throat of another using only his teeth! Tater ordered the driver not to stop for anything until they reached the Chernogorsk docks. Escaping the chaos occurring at the base, the skyline of Chernogorsk appeared in the distance. The sight was unbelievable. Smoke filled the sky over the city, and the glow of flames could be seen through the haze. Tears began to form on the driver's face at the sight, and he began to say a prayer in his native language. Gizmo told the rest of the group that it was the soldier's home city. Not knowing what to say, Tater remained silent as they continued onwards. It was then the unfortunate happened - they noticed the car was severely low on gas. The soldier informed them there was a gas station just up the road in the Western outskirts of the city. Seeing no other options, Tater ordered them to refill there.

While the Chernarus soldier refilled the vehicle, Tater, Gizmo, and Nukem tried to piece together what was happening. Gizmo had a hand-held radio on him, but ever since they departed the base, he had not been able to make contact with any U.S. personnel. Nukem, clearly distraught, mentioned that he believed this was some sort of chemical attack by Russia which was causing any affected to turn violent in the most primal ways. Tater shrugged off this theory as there was no proof of anything at this time, and instead tried to get Nukem to focus on keeping calm until they made the rendezvous point. At this time, they heard a scream from outside the car. A man, covered in blood and glazy eyes, was attacking their driver as he attempted to fill the car with gasoline. Tater, Gizmo, and Nukem got out and ran to help fight off the assailant. No matter how hard they hit the man, he just kept attacking, almost as though he couldn't feel any pain. Soon, another six people emerged from inside the gas station and rushed towards their group. All had the same appearance as the man. Nukem screamed out as one of them tore into his arm with her teeth. Gizmo tried to run, but was overwhelmed by four of the people who began tearing him apart as he screamed in agony. Seeing the slaughter before him, Tater reacted in the only way he could think to - he ran.

He ran as fast as he could into the nearby forest until he was certain he had lost the assailants. Catching his breath, he tried to focus his mind and make sense of what he had just witnessed. Those people who attacked his team... they were changed somehow. They seemed to be devouring his comrades alive... mindless. More explosions could be heard in the direction of Chernogorsk. Realizing that heading towards the city unarmed would almost certainly end in his death, Tater decided to instead shift his priority to finding shelter in an attempt to weather the storm. Walking out of the forest, he came across a farm house. He knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Peeking inside, he did not see any movement, so he made the decision to break in. He cleared the small home and made sure he was alone. Inside he found a pantry full of food and first aid supplies in the bathroom. He decided he would remain at this location until the owner came back, or the food and supplies ran out. He remained at this house for what seemed like weeks, maybe months.

Soon the food did run out, forcing him to have to leave in search of more. By this time, the explosions that could be heard in the distance had been silent for many weeks, but there was also no sounds of civilization either. Nothing but eerie silence could be heard. Tater, fearing the worst, prepared for his journey by filling two bottles with water and bringing his last can of peaches with him. He had no weapons of any kind other than a small kitchen knife he looted from the house. At dawn, he ventured out into the world. Unsure of how much time was passing, he managed to continue surviving by sneaking into abandoned homes and looting them for what food and supplies he could find. He continued this life of scavenging until the present day, though he has always tried to remain near the coast for signs of the U.S. Navy.

As for the infected, he has come to the understanding that they have been transformed into some kind of cannibalistic monstrosity, incapable of reason. They made up the majority of the former Chernarus population. He had witnessed other survivors being "killed" by these creatures, only to discover that with enough time passed, they too would then come to "life" as one of the monsters. Real life zombies. Tater learned how to deal with these creatures in small enough numbers. Their weakness was head trauma, and their sense of awareness was very poor, making stealth a viable technique to avoid them. The real danger in this "New Chernarus" were other survivors. It was a world of anarchy, all men for themselves, survival of the fittest. He had witnessed a small gang of survivors hold up a loner as he was caught scavenging in "their territory". The encounter ended with the gang leaving full of laughter with all of the loner's loot, and the loner... left strangled by his own intestines.

To survive, Tater had learned not to trust anyone. He is not opposed to surviving with the aid of others - after all, there is strength in numbers. But it will take time to fully gain Tater's trust. Ultimately, Tater wishes to learn what has become of the world at large, and if possible, make it home to see his wife again... that hope, at least, gives him the strength to continue surviving.
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