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Franck Spilberg
Character information
  1. Alias
    The tree
  2. Mental
    on the lookout
  3. Morale
    Try to kill the minimum of people by observing them
  4. Date of birth
    1989-06-07 (29 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    French - English


  1. Height
    184 cm
  2. Weight
    73 kg
  3. Build
    Normal body
  4. Hair
    not so much hair, cut by a knife founded in the plane
  5. Eyes
    blue eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    Can survive without food for many days, really patient, carefullest guy in the chernarus place, really kind with honest people
  8. Equipment
    the strict minimum, with a bagpack crafted, military cloth, handgun with supressor, melee weapon, various item for troc
  9. Occupation
    hunt, searching for people to troc, drink


My name is Franck Spilberg.

I was born in France, thats why i actually got a french accent. I worked into a giant supermarket in Paris where i repaired all of computer object. Ive liked how people react when their equipment is working again. Since the virus came, the supermaker get sadly empty, and one day, some badits came and destroy everythings. Next the apocalypse, i run out my country. I found a friend named Tommy, where i place my whole confidence.

My charactere like talking to people but his wickness is to be too much talkative, thats why he get thief a lot of time by bandits. Next this period, I get a lot more carefull about the whole world, Even my friends.

Next 2 month, I just saw again my millitary friend, that told me that they go in plane in canada, where the place was more safe and secured.That food where adequate. In the travel, the plane took a thunderbolt, that crash him into a mystery place, Chernarus.

I was alone. Everyone was dead. I found someone next 2 days without food, just some water founded in the place. He learn me everythings, bur mainly, survive. One day he died, so i decided to stay there because i know a lot in this place and started to get used to the place. Now live in wood that i craft all of my stuff, i dont like firearm, i found them too noisy so i prefer use melee weapon and cut the throat in the night of my attacker. Im now becoming too much careful men and i now analys people for days before start talking to them to make troc and help each other.


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