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Jack Collin
Character information
  1. Mental
    Can turn Psycho
  2. Date of birth
    2000-01-14 (19 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Las Angeles
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
  6. Family


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    76 kg
  3. Build
    above average
  4. Hair
    mid parting brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    he is extremely handsome and cute
    his eyes are beautiful
    people judge him by his look and when they mess with him they wish they didn't
    he looks cute and that makes him look vulnerable but he is tough and ain't afraid to be brave and risk his life.
    When he gets in his "psycho mode" he can litterly eat / bite people so much that they bleed to death.
    He loves to see the right people suffer
    and sometimes the wrong ones...


My name is Jack Collin and I was born 2000. So am 19 years old now. I have a brother who moves a lot. My brother and I ware best friends, we were there for each other all the time. he is 20 years old and his name is Paul Collin. He loved to move around the world to exeprience what was out there. I wanted to go with somethimes but i didnt have the money, so i had to stay home with myself.
The next place he was planning to move to was Chernarus. We skyped alot and chatd alot wheile he was gone. After a week he was in Chernarus things started to get a little strange as he told me. He didnt want to leave Chernarus and he never told me why. my thoughts is that he couldn't leave because he was to late before the outbrake. Soon I heard that nobody could go back to chernarus becuase of the outbrake. I knew someone who had a jet and I kindly asked him to fly me out to Chernarus and he did after a lot of talking. My quest is to find out if my brother is stil out there. Whatever it takes, I'll do it


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