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Killian Arclight
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1990-05-03 (28 years old)



Killian Arclight, his friends call him Arc for short, worked so many long hours at the hospital that he barely ever gotten the chance to take his vacation time. Being the head surgeon in a trauma center was often demanding. With two full weeks of vacation time saved up, and a surgeon to fill his position at the hospital he decided to go on a cruise with his fiancé. Even after all the publicity on the news about the outbreak he thought it couldn't be that bad and he would be safe out on the ocean. "Surely the government will get it under control" He thought to himself as he quickly booked his tickets for a two week cruise for mid July of the year 2017. Killian, his family and about 3,000 other passengers boarded the Costa Risacca to set out on their journey. One night, a few days into the cruise, Killian woke up feeling sick. He stumbled tiredly to the bathroom thinking the "sea sickness" has finally set in. Little did he know his life was about to change forever. As he became more aware of his surroundings he realized this was not normal sea motion causing his upset stomach something else was wrong. He began hearing screaming and quickly jumped up off the john. Pulling up his trousers as he rushed to get back to his sleeping quarters where his finance was. It was too late there was water gushing in everywhere, there was no way he was making it back if he wanted to survive. He ran as fast as he could to the stairs that led up to the deck. Pushing through the rushing water he made it to the deck just in time to see a life boat. He quickly untied it and helped as many people load into it as he could. He frantically called for his fiancé as he watched the ship disappear quickly among a rock formation. Everyone was screaming and crying for their family members, he knew there was no way he was going to hear the soft voice of his fiancé over all of it.Tears rolled down his face as he jumped off the life boat determined to find her. He swam to what was left of the sunken ship searching around for his beloved life partner. He searched for hours with no success. He came to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe she made it to a different life boat and had made it to shore. He jumped on some floating planks that were left from the wreckage and began to paddle towards the coast that he could see off in the distance. A significant amount of time passed until he reached the shore. He fell to his knees as reached the dry land completely exhausted and thirsty. He looked up and seen two life boats close together on the beach. Just the sight of those boats gave him a sudden boost of energy and he stumbled over to them. There sat a can of Spite Lemonade, his favorite, sitting on top of an upside-down life boat. He took a minute to make sure he wasn't dreaming. After Discovering that he was not dreaming he thought to himself, "Surely this is not a coincidence, my fiancé must have left this here as a sign that she made it! I must go find her."


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