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Dexter Goldman
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1995-04-20 (24 years old)



My character is 24 years old and is male. Living around Europe.

Back in the days before anything weird happening to the world I was a normal retail worker. In my free time I did a lot of paint balling with friends, helping friends on their cars or bikes and going on trips and hikes in far away countries. We were a close group and have known each other from college. There we started planning a lot of our future and were actually working on it to complete the sort of "Bucket list" we had.

After many trips the guys came up with the idea to head out for Chernarus for their beautiful forests and landscapes. Also the old styles of living and buildings are interesting for us to see. So we planned a trip to Chernarus.

When visiting Chernarus we enjoyed the view on our hiking trips. But after 3 days a lot gone bad. Some outbreak seemed to make people sick and turn to how we call it Zombies. We couldn't get any ride back home because the airstrip was completely shut down. Now we have stranded here. In the time being here trying to survive we got separated and some friends have died. I was all alone and have tried to find any person with good will. Running out of food and water, trying to avoid the bandits, things started to get tricky....


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