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Jake Sanders
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1996-02-29 (23 years old)



Jake Sanders is kept back. Unlike his family He is shallow and warm hearted. He was adopted into the mafia by Jed when he was only 10. When the outbreak occurred The Manders hit us with a surprise attack and only me and a couple of members survived. We came to Chernaurus wanting more than we needed. We were then split up by the infected. I approach Jed after not seeing them for a long time then he led me to the rest he found once again. We are still to this day looking for the Manders and we will never give up on it. Jake had his parents killed by the age of six and the mafia had found him looking for the Manders. They brought him in and from there on he was a Sander. Since he was adopted he faced many hardships. He was also the youngest in the family so he didn't really understand being in a mafia. Slowly but surely he got better in the eyes of his new family and where he stand now he is almost glad to be there and couldn't ask for a better home. In his situation as we stand in the present he is stressed out of his damn mind and doesn't know the next step for him. He is wondering if he should just find someone else to be around because his mafia is slowly going insane and he is the only one that is recognizing it.

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nice picture

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