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Hoxton Murphy
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1966-12-18 (52 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Seattle, Washington, U.S
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Wife - Louise (Deceased)
  10. Family
    Daughter - Beth (Deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Occupation
  8. Role



Hoxton was a troubled man. He had always had a lust for attention, be it from friends, women, or family. He could never find enough satisfaction from just a select group of people. He wanted more, he wanted to be at the forefront. His simple 9.00am - 5.00pm office job in a printing company gave his brain an unwarranted amount of turmoil. When he was 31, he met Louise, one of the few women who had stuck around longer than a day or two. He made a connection with her, mainly due to the sex, but also due to her financial position. Yet again he was unsatisfied, he would get off from his job around 5.15pm and hire a dingy room in a hotel where he would bring other women, mainly those who had been paid for. After his promiscuity, he would return home to his house, where he wife would be waiting. She would look at him dead in the eyes, trying to uncover just what the fuck was going on inside his head, but she never managed to break through. Hoxton's behavior continued throughout their relationship and subsequently their marriage. Hoxton did not love his wife, he merely stayed with her because it was safe, because coming home to a guaranteed pair of arms was reassuring. It was 4 years before they had their first child, Bethany. Hoxton took this gift and used it to attempt to change himself. This newfound 'light' was the rope that would allow him to climb out of the ditch he had dug himself. He ceased his evenings with random women, and began to return home as soon as he could, just so that he could see his daughter for as long as possible. She truly meant the world to him, he was finally able to adjust himself and make a purpose to which he could fulfill. 



It was a Thursday, 5:30am, the sky only just beginning to turn a hue of orange. Hoxton pulled up outside of his house. The lights were off, unusual for this time of evening. He approached the door to find it ajar. After opening the door, he began to get worried, smashed glass littered the floor, vases and mugs were strewn about the living room, like someone had been throwing them around. Suddenly, he heard footsteps from the floor above. He quickly bolted up the stairs to find Beth crouched by her bedroom door, seemingly holding something from inside from coming out. Tears covered her cheeks, and Hoxton picked her up and moved her from the door before opening it. A pair of discoloured arms extended through the doorway and grabbed Hoxton by the neck. Grey, lifeless eyes stared at him, and if it was not for her hair clips he would not have known it to be his wife. He wrestled her arms off of his neck, grabbed her by the scalp and slammed her forehead into the banister, smashing her skull in the process. He had not meant to use such brute force, but he had felt a surge of aggression when he saw his daughter was in danger. They both walked downstairs, Hoxton packed a few things, clothes, food, Beth's inhaler, and a few bottles of water that he propped up against his M9 Beretta pistol. Beth had been left standing by the open door to the house. Hoxton went upstairs to grab one last item, his wallet. He began walking back down the stairs when he heard police sirens screeching to a halt outside of the house. Almost instantaneously, a team of police swarm the front door, one of them picks up Beth and holds her in place as the rest rush Hoxton and cuff him, before walking him outside of the house and shoving his head down into the backseat of the vehicle. Hoxton looks out to see Beth screaming, trying to fight the policeman holding her. All of a sudden, an officer walks out of the front door and stands still for a moment, dropping his weapon on the floor. He eerily begins twitching and his hands shake in an uncontrolled fashion. His gaze locks onto Beth who had just broken free of the officer who was holding her and begins running towards the car. Before she can reach it, she is tackled by the twitching policeman and he begins ripping into her tiny body, using his hands and teeth to tear her flesh apart. Hoxton begins to shout and yell, tears streaming down his face, but the driver had not seen what had happened and had already began to drive away, leaving Hoxton to look through the back window at the lifeless body of his 'little light' as the officer viciously attacked her like a hyena desecrating a corpse.


His aggression overtook his concern for what he had witnessed, and he spent 14 years incarcerated before his release on account of homicide, this was exaggerated by his constant anger and violence displayed when he came into contact with any prison officers or prisoners. Every single day spent inside those enclosed four walls only furthered his anger and his increasingly breaking mentality. He was eventually released, and had no wish to return to the tainted land on which his daughter had perished. He used the last of his money to purchase a van which he would pick up from Georgia after he had caught a plane over and collected his belongings. He drove for days, weeks, falling short on food and water, and without direction, he had no idea where he was going, he just gripped the wheel firmly and kept on. He saw some mountains emerging from the horizon and began to stare at them, admiring their height and solidarity. Out of nowhere the van jumped, and something rolled under the tires. The van swerved and hit a tree, leaving the engine smoking. Hoxton clambered out of the driver seat to see a dead deer lying in the road. He took a second to catch his bearings before noticing out of the corner of his eye, the deer's legs began to twitch, and it stood up, staring at him dead in the eyes. Hoxton edged back, trying not to startle it, but it broke into a sprint and chased him down into the encroaching village. Hoxton sprinted to the first house and attempted to kick in the door, locked. He then turned and ran for the large church in the centre, quickly dashing inside before slamming the door and closing the wooden barricade. He turned to see a huddled family in the corner, a mother, a child and a father. They looked up at him, wary of who and what he is. The child held up a can of beans to which Hoxton gave a menacing grin as walked over to grab them. He devoured the can before tossing it aside and holding the father up by his collar, the man spoke in Chernarussian, a language Hoxton could not understand, so he took his bayonet, and slit the throat of the father, allowing his limp body to slump to the floor. The child sprinted out of the church, crying as he ran. The mother was left cowering in the corner, Hoxton glanced over at her and walked over to pick her up, she tried to fight him but she could not stop him. Hoxton walked out of the church and watched the deer chase the child through the village. He then proceeded to walk over to a house with an open door and take the woman inside, closing the door with his heel.



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