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Emma Isaksen
Character information
  1. Alias
    The bunny lady
  2. Mental
    In her own little world
  3. Date of birth
    1997-01-21 (22 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Languages
    English, Norwegian
  7. Religion
    The Lady of the Lake


  1. Affiliation
    The Asylum
  2. Role
    Puppet master, The protector of the bunnies




Emma the tattoo artist, the demon slayer, the doctor, the princess and the protector of all bunnies!


Walls have ears.

Doors have eyes.

Trees have voices.

Beasts tell lies.

Beware the rain.

Beware the snow.

Beware the man

You think you know.



The beginning


The bill pile.. I remember that.. It was quite big.. Maybe that's why my mom was so upset all the time? Or was it because dad left us? I don't know. My mom liked spending time alone, especially in her office. I had fun alone as well. I had a pet bunny, he was always there for me. My mom always smelled weird when she came home again. I remember one day my mom came home again, her face was bruised. She told me she fell down the stairs. It must have hurt a lot because I could tell that she had been crying a lot.

My mom brought home a man one day. He was talking very strange. She told me that he was Chernaruissan and that we were gonna move to a completely different country!

I was all ready to leave, standing there in my empty room, with my bunny close to my chest. The Chernarussian looked at me angrily and grabbed my bunny by its ears.. He was quite the mean man. The bunny.. It was screaming.. I never saw that bunny ever again..

I loved our new home. I had the whole attic all by myself! I didn't have much up there though, only my bed and a few toys. I spent a lot of time there alone while my mom talked to the men that came to visit. The Chernarussian guy stayed with us and he might not have been the nicest, but I still called him stepdad. I mostly stayed in my room anyway, because if I didn't he could have hurt me again, and I didn't want that.

I liked spending time alone. Sometimes I wasn't even alone. Sometimes there was something in the shadows in the attic. They even talked back to me. But I never told anybody because they told me to keep it a secret.

The loud noises when my stepdad came up the attic ladder.. I didn't like that. I had to make it stop. My stepdad never made any more noises after I took a knife to his throat in his sleep. It was finally quiet... For a while..


The Asylum


My mom decided to let me move into a different home, without her. 




The Outbreak





- Caring and protective towards those she cares about

- Stubborn

- Spoiled

- Childish

- Can be aggressive

- Manipulative

- Energetic







- A bullet wound on her right shoulder (Treated)

- "162 TO" carved into her neck

- Her right hand has burn marks

- Glasgow smile (Treated)



- Plenty of scars on her arms and wrists






- Games

- Her "family"

- Bunnies

- Surprises

- Red






- People who claim to not see her "bunnies"

- Rude people

- Needles

- Cheaters

- Politics





- A handmade wooden necklace with a heart carved into it

- A small rock (A talisman)











Another amazing page in progress!

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Where is Robert!?

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21 minutes ago, Eagle said:

Where is Robert!?

Shhh dont powergame my bunnies! 

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Hi hi, friendly neighborhood character page checker shit. I honestly don't have exactly a better title.

So, I stumbled upon your character at Altar Hill today and after reading your character page, I just wanted to leave a few comments. My first and initial very large concern was your use of visual hallucinations in character from having schizophrenia.  

So, as you have outlined is that your character has visual hallucinations of 4 bunny rabbits who seem comforting towards the character. The first issue about this is the severe rarity of visual hallucinations compared to other illnesses such as dementia with lewy bodies, parkinson's disease, alzheimer's disease, Charles Bonnet syndrome and so on. In Schizophrenia, it's oddly surprising, but compared to the other illnesses mentioned, their visual hallucinations are much lower and have a tenancy of being very short. So, with how schizophrenia works with visual hallucinations is they are, in almost every case, very frightening. They can see a range of things from animals to humans, but the thing about them is they are mostly fleeting. Meaning, you might see it or notice it, but it will likely go away before you can really get a good look at it.

Another important thing regarding schizophrenia is the fact that it come in episodes more or less. They're not always experiences all these symptoms. There are acute episodes, partial remission, and full remission. And this is where it gets really complicated. 

However, what I'm attempting to get at is that the visual hallucinations outlined by your character seem really unrealistic for a lack of better words. Schizophrenia is not a fun thing to have and the people going through a psychotic episode aren't going to be feeling that great. I saw how your character was acting and it felt like there were a lot of missing things. There's a very large misconception that schizophrenics are violent, but a VAST vast majority of them aren't. Your character can still be violent, but I would recommend changing why she would be and there are plenty of reasons why someone would. 

I would recommend a watch of this video for how a psychotic episode may seem like. I'm open to more further discussion about it, but I just feel like you're a bit off from what schizophrenia is.


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@Kain Have a look at your dm's and I will explain it

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Glad to see others picked up the religion of the Lady of the Lake ... shes always open to more followers

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