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Edward Smith
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1985-06-02 (33 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral


Eddie had a rough upbringing, after being born in Southampton general hospital his parents gave him up for adoption.

At 16 after jumping from adoption centre to adoption centre for being a uncontrollable child/teen, he decided he wanted to join the army where you can be whom ever you want to be and have a family.

When he turned 20 he got Promoted to Lance Corporal, where he honed in his skills with a marksman rifle and quickly proved that he could make precision shots from remarkable distances, after many years of service he gradually got promoted to Sergeant and was put in-charge of 27 other soldiers after a short campaign in eastern Europe he was given a new task of training NATO soldiers stationed in Chernarus.

Quite quickly he was reassigned to help the effort of Chernarus to contain the infection with a squad of 6, but after what was meant to be a routine patrol, something went drastically wrong and had to watch all that was in his squad perish in a swarm of infected, whilst not being able to help but watch from the safety of a roof.

Bitter from his mistakes, he travels around Chernarus with a few survivors he met along the way to try make something good of what is left. his goals are to try push back the unstoppable force of infected to create a better future for Chernarus.


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