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Thomas Morgan
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1996-12-09 (22 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Duluth, GA
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages


  1. Alignment
    Neutral Good


An American student in his early 20s named Tom Morgan who was born in Duluth, GA. He received an opportunity to land a study-abroad scholarship in Saint Petersburg and went out down to Chernarus for spring break with some friends. He went partying with said friends, bar hopping his way through the state and during the bender blacked out and woke up during the meltdown separated from his friends, hiding in the pub during the chaos. Tom is a pretty neutral character kinda in the mode of "don't start no shit, won't be no shit" but depending on what happens as his story unfolds that can change for better or for worse. He isn't a character who's manipulative and will try to avoid most conflict and steer away from drama. Though the friends he has/will make he's extremely loyal to and will defend them with his life. His main goal is to survive as best he can and likely try to find a stable place he can hold up and make his own with friends and community he can call his own.


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