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Franklin Miller
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1996-03-01 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    White British
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    57 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation


Franklin Miller was born in Bethnal Green, London to Robert and Lauren Miller on the 31st of March 1987. 

His up bringing was a good and happy one. His family were not the richest but they didn't live below the breadline. He was an only child to the dismay of his mother and father who wanted a bigger family but his mother couldn't get pregnant after giving birth to Frank. 

He went to a good school and had some good friends. But Frank longed for something more. He was bored of the "good" life and bored of the day to day school, homework then sleep. He started hanging around at night on the streets drinking and smoking with friends. 

This is where he meant his girlfriend Ada. Ada was from a small country called Chernarus and had a thick accent. She had long blond hair and always wore a ripped leather jacket. She could hold her own and at first wasn't interested in Frank. But after a few months his cheeky London charm wore her harsh eastern European defence's down. 

The two were madly in love. They had moved into a small flat above a local shop and would stay up all night smoking and listening to music. 

Frank had started to change from his every day school boy to his new style. He had got himself covered in tattoo's and was drinking and smoking alot. He didn't care about anything anymore apart from Ada. He would for a fight with anyone that would look at Ada or him the wrong way. 

The drink and weed wasn't enough for him anymore either. Someone had told him about heroin and for Frank it was the next logical step. He was in the mindset of "fuck it" and wanted to push himself to the limits. 

It was in a dirty crack house in Camden he did his first hit and to him it was like nothing out there. No high had ever compared of reached that height. He went in hard and started to steal to get his fix. His doll money wasn't covering it anymore. Car radio's, whisky, razors anything would end up in his hands and being flogged at local markets or to people behind the pub. He would even start stealing clothes from shops on Regent street. 

Ada could see what was happening to Frank. Even tho he said it wasn't a problem and that he just suffered from headaches and this is why he'd go for a walk to clear his head. But really he was shooting up and crack house's and robbing. 

She loved Frank and wanted him the best for him, she wanted him clean and back to the old Frank that loved her and not the drugs. She had become pregnant with Franks child and wanted to go back to Chernarus to raise there child with the help of her mum and dad. It was the perfect time to take Frank out of England and his problems. 

She broke the news to him and he was over the moon. He didn't want to leave England and London behind but his parents had turned there back on him and he only had Ada. They packed up there belongings and a few weeks later they had moved into her parents home. Ada's father had got Frank work with him down at the local butchers. It was easy work but to Frank nothing was easy. He had a drink problem and serious withdrawal from heroine. He didn't know where to find any out there. He was masking the withdrawal with a prescription of Demerol for a pretend back injury he had made up. It wasn't to hard to get the prescription's he wanted. Any doctor would write him one for a few Chernarus Koruna. 


Frank and Ada had moved out of her mother and fathers apartment and got there own place Novoselki. It wasn't the nicest of places but they were just happy they finally had there own apartment to call home and with enough space for the baby. It was only a short bus ride for Frank to get to work so it was perfect. By this time his local doctors had stop writing prescriptions for him as his dosage was getting larger and larger. He was having to get the coach up north to find a doctor who was in need of his cash more and would turn a blind eye. 

In his new apartment one night he sat there on his sofa drinking whisky with his pregnant girlfriend in bed in the next room. He listened to his old vinyls and stare out the window. He noticed a man stood under the lamp post with an orange glow on him. He looked familiar. He looked just like his old dealer back in London, his eye were playing tricks on him. He knew it couldn't be him but he was that desperate he was starting to see things. The man under the light was clearly a dealer tho. He didn't like that his old demon had come back to haunt him. He was an addict but he wasn't an addict to heroin anymore it was the painkillers and to Frank it was a better life then shooting up. But something in the back of his head was screaming "go down frank.....go down.....i'm waiting for you...."

Weeks past the man was out there every night and Frank was sat there watching from his chair every night. It had gone from listening to music and drinking whisky to blindly staring out the window at this man hand out packets. This night tho sadly Frank hadn't made it to the doctors and had ran out of his painkillers. He grabbed the whisky and drank it all, it did nothing, he raided the medical cabinet in the bathroom all there was were paracetamol and ibuprofen. He would knock them back but it wouldn't stop the shakes. He looked at his wallet, there was the money. He sat in his chair and put on his record player and put his headphones on and turned the volume up to max. It didn't help. The voice was still there "Frank.....I'm waiting.....How much longer are you going to make me wait......Just come down"

He grabbed his jacket and walked down the stairs. He stood in the door way watching the man under the orange glow for a good 30 mins and then slowly walked over to him. He had been in such a rush he was only wearing his coat and underwear. The man looked at Frank strangely but Frank didn't care he just held out his cash and grabbed the packet in the mans hand and ran back into the stairwell. 

Frank walked round the stairwell to the back where the bin room was and started down the road where he knew he couldn't come back from. The needle plunged into Franks vain and the voice spoke to him "Its good to be the old Frank.....isn't it Frank?" Frank muttered to himself "Yes" and slumped over. 


He managed to keep this under wraps for some time but it was about to all come to ahead. As he left the house to go to work that day he had left his kit out. He had forgot to hide it like normal as he was in a rush. Ada had found it. She was devastated, she thought Frank was clean she thought there life was getting better and he was getting better. She took the kit and went to throw it away but thought to herself why not try it and see what the hype was about, why Frank couldn't put the shit down. She sat on the sofa and started to tie her arm up to find a vain. She had forgotten about the baby she was in such a rage. She finally found a vain and stuck the needle in and pushed the plunger down. She could feel the heroine instantly rushing through her veins. But something wasn't right. She started to cough and foam at the mouth and fall over on the sofa and go into cardiac arrest. 

A few hours later Frank came home from work to find her blue on the sofa. He was in shock. He didn't know what to do. His love was dead due to him and his unborn child  was dead because of him. He was in a country he hated alone. 

He grabbed his bag and dumped out his work clothes and started to pack it with anything. He didn't know what he would need but he started chucking anything in his bag. A bed sheet, a cup anything went in that he thought was going to help him. He looked at Ada and took the needle out her arm and undone the belt around her arm. He wasn't going to leave his kit with her. He needed it now. 

Frank grabbed his bag and ran down the stairs leaving the door to his apartment open and ran down the road, he had no clue where he was going, he was just running. 

Later that day Ada's family had planned to come round and spend the evening with her but they were greeted with her dead body on the sofa with no Frank in site. Her father knew it was Franks doing that his girl was dead and his grandchild was dead. He had connections. Frank wasn't aware that the butchers shop was really a front for criminal activity. Her dad had spoken to the owners and told them what had happened to his daughter. It wasn't going to be to hard to find Frank. A skinny ginger junkie covered in tattoo's. The job was put out on Frank to find him and kill him. 


A few days had passed and Frank was resulting to breaking into doctors at night to steal anything that could keep him high. He was living in the woods at night in a makeshift tent he had put together. 

But it was about to come crashing down. They had found him, they were tipped off about his whereabouts and knew about his addition so they waited out near the chemist one night for him. Like clock work he turned up and they were waiting for him. They grabbed him and slung him into the back of the car and drove of deeper into the woods. 

Frank was kicking and screaming he knew his past had come back to haunt him. He was fighting for his life now. Kicking and biting the men in the back of the car with him. He wasn't going out without a fight. He was kicking at the widows, he was trying anything but it was useless. Finally they had got to there chosen spot. The men dragged Frank out kicking and screaming and tied him to a chair. He could barely see out of his left eye they had beaten him so hard. The men turned the head lights on and dropped two picture's in front of Frank. It was Ada and a picture of the scan of there child. One man grabbed his head and forced him to look down. 

Frank cried and screamed at the men "I didn't mean to.....I'll do anything....I promise you I'll leave.....I'll me gone by daylight please". The men grabbed a can of petrol out of the car and started to drench him in it. Frank screamed even louder for some help while struggling as hard as he could in the chair. Suddenly the leg snapped and Frank fell to the ground and the rope were loose. He made a run for it deeper and deeper into the forest. He couldn't see a thing it was that dark. He was tripping over branches and logs, falling through bushes and running through streams. He couldn't hear the men anymore as he lay hiding under a log. 

He vowed to himself to change. He wasn't going back. 



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