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Frank Pritchard
Character information
  1. Mental
    Defensive & Hostile
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1965-03-26 (54 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Budapest, Hungary
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Hungarian
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Extended Family Only
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Brown, with greying temples
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Black, thick-framed glasses, greying hair, mustache
  8. Equipment
    Clothing, copy of DeGowin & DeGowin, Prescription Glasses
  9. Occupation
    General Practitioner
  10. Affiliation
    (Former) World Health Organization
  11. Role


Born to Arthur Pritchard and Szofia Boros, Frank grew up as an only child in Franklin Park, PA, 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh where his father worked as a foreman at an aluminum manufacturer, and where his mother worked at UPMC Mercy, as an orthopedic nurse. His childhood was fair and uneventful, with the occasional fishing trips with his father, and perennial family gathering with his mother's side of the family. With Arthur's considerably smaller family in New England still, Frank grew up around Hungarian culture, matched strangely with America, as filtered through his father's rather strict sensibilities. As a result of those family outings and fishing trips, Frank learned to appreciate self-reliance via his father, and a passable skill with Hungarian, courtesy of his mother and her side of the family.


(Pictured above; Arthur Pritchard and Szofia Boros, far left, above and below respectively)

Tragically, in the spring of 1984, his mother was one of the victims of Charles Ward Cullen, a serial killer operating along the North-East Coast, and as far west as Cincinnati. The death of his mother would greatly color his personality, entering in to college, where he studied for one year at the University of Pittsburgh, his mother's alma mater. Following that year, he applied for transfer to UPenn, where he was accepted to the Perelman School of Medicine (Penn Med). Moving from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia put pressure on Frank and his father, and the death of his mother additionally strained his relationship with Arthur, who felt Frank's change of major from business management to medicine was reactionary, misguided and quite costly. As a result, his interaction with his father became further strained, relying on loans and his mother's family to assist in paying for college.


(Pictured above; Frank Pritchard, right, with friend circa 1989)

Frank received his Bachelor's in Medicine, graduating with honors in the top fifteen percent of his class. Shortly afterward, Frank took and passed his MCAT, before applying to and being admitted to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He moved himself further away from his roots, getting an apartment in Baltimore and effectively severing his ties with his father, whom he would not speak to again. In 1991, his father passed away from a stroke, given rise due to a conflict between prescribed medications. Frank did take a break for a semester, during which time he made the necessary funeral arrangements and began a malpractice lawsuit against his father's PCP (Primary Care Physician). In 1992, Frank received his doctorate from Johns Hopkins, and remained in Baltimore for his residency. I'm impressed if you've read this far. During the five years he remained a resident, his lawsuit successful resolved, permitting him to repay his mother's side of the family which he did with relish, further distancing himself once his fiscal obligation had been all set. Following that, he engaged in the now out-dated 'general practitioner' mentor-ship program, in which he traveled from various clinics, over the years, mentoring beneath a local communities physician, effiectively being the surgeons, the obstreticians, and the internists for their given communities.  Upon completion, and with 'no true' familial ties left, he used the remaining lawsuit funds as seed money for a personal practice.


(Pictured above; Frank Pritchard and Kelly Pritchard née Meyers, circa 2006)

In that time, he had also managed to find love during his residency, marrying Susan Myers, a graduate with a specialization in psychology. They married in 1997, and remained together until 2007, whereupon they separated for the better part of a year before filing for divorce. In 2015, Frank Pritchard closed his general practice, following several openly scandalous DUIs.

Following that, he applied to several posts, eventually seeking employ until finding it within the World Health Organization, in 2016.

In 2017, Frank was sent to Chernarus as a portion of the UN/WHO South Zagorian 1st Response. Through a number of matters red tape, personnel issues within the UN, and sheer bad luck, Frank's medical skills and efforts to aid in the mundane aspects of healthcare went mostly unnoticed and unaided. Given the number of relocations that took place (with Dr. Pritchard routinely being left behind), continual care of patients, including basic check-ups on those that had been seen do, proved to be virtually impossible. When the opportunity to leave the county presented itself, he made every effort to do so, only to be hindered by an elaborate kidnapping and hostage situation. During the rescue operation, Frank Pritchard was struck by 'friendly fire', given basic medical care, and not evacuated (left behind again, though whether accidental or intentional is unclear). This left the doctor with a severe distaste for any and all United Nations or WHO personnel.



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