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Vanessa Volasek
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1994-12-28 (24 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Novigrad, Chernarus
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Chernarussian, Czech, English
  7. Relationship
  8. Family
    Never knew them
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    161 cm
  2. Weight
    56 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Long, brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Equipment
    - Camo bandana
    - Smersh vest black
    - Shirt/Hoodie/T-shirt of some sort
    - Combat pants/Jeans
    - Sneakers/Boots
    - Any firearm she can find
    - Knife
  7. Occupation
    Unlucky work jumping
  8. Affiliation
    Dead Batteries


Growing wasn't exactly easy for me, no mother or father...not a single person to consider her family. I was...still am an orphan, left alone from as far as I can remember, never even got to know my parents. But fuck them anyway, why should I care about people that leave their own child at the fucking street in cold and rain, the only real luck I've had in my life was when some policeman found me there. Ondrej his name was, he was like me with no family or friends. He took me and raised me to the woman I am now...or more like didn't, the old pleb actually cared about me only until I started going to school, afterwards it was just coming "home" to an old guy on couch watching tv with beer in his hand. 

Anything I did, I appearently did wrong from what he said and to quote Ondrej "You were a mistake to even bring home" he used to tell me many times at his drunken rants that were mostly about me. One of the times when he screamed at me with his bullshit It was too much and i snapped...slammed glass of water I was holding against his head. Ondrej's head was bleeding slightly and he looked staggered, holding the wound and looking at me. It didn't take long, just a moment and it was me who ended up beaten every other day after what I did.

I hated the old guy, but I stayed for the sake of not having anywhere else to go. At least I didn't had to spend much time at the apartment since I found myself some job at coffee shop...didn't last long and I got fired for dropping literally one cup on the ground. Just bad luck with idiotic boss at work? Noo no no! The bad luck followed me from the day I was born and it kept going...

Until it happend, the outbreak.

Silently sitting in my room in the evening pouring myself a glass of whiskey I stole from the local shop earlier that evening, I suddenly hear very loud banging on the door of the appartment. I took a peek through my door into the living room where I see Ondrej slowly walking his dunk ass towards the door, the loud banging stops as he closes towards the door and a one thud against the ground follows. Ondrej quickly unlocked and openned the door, there was now a dead man lying on the ground with blood stained ugly ass looking motherfucker standing over him looking right into Ondrej's eyes. He pulled the pistol from his belt holster that he lucky for us didnt put away since coming home from work. *bang bang* two shots , both missed as the other guy didn't let him get enough time to aim the gun as he jumped at Ondrej literally biting him in the shoulder. Ondrej struggled and screamed as the other guy wouldn't let go from the deep bite in his shoulder.

I was scared, I was confused, I ran to the kitchen and took a knife from the stand. *bang* As I grabbed it I hear another shot, unsure of the situation I walked back to the living room slowly peeking from behind the corner. I saw Ondrej struggling to stand up and the other fucker on the ground dead with blood spreading all around his head. It took just a few seconds, one moment, I completely stopped thinking as the anger against Ondrej got the best of me, with the knife i was squeezing behind my back I got close to him. Helped him stand up with the other hand...the poor guy didnt expect what was gonna happen. *slash* Standing in front of him cutting his throat in a second and stabbing the knife in his chest the next one. Ondrej fell down to his knees and on his back after. My face and hands bloody, with blank expression on the face I calmly walked to the bathroom, washed the blood off, then grabbed some of my stuff from my room including the bottle of whiskey. Stepping over the two dead bodies I walked through the hallway, down the stairs and outside...

Some time has passed and I was moving up and down Novigrad scavenging for food and anything I could put to a good use, met bunch of people doing the same. Since I've run into some times where I got myself overrun by the dead fucks, thought to myself I could use them for "protection" if you could say so. One day when everyone was sleeping there suddenly was shouting and gun shots going off, openned my eyes and saw some of the men that I stayed around getting shot down as they tried to grab their weapons to fight. With my eyes still slightly squinting and confused I tried to stand up, just to get hit in the back of my head by someone and knocked out.
We were attacked by some Runners as some people called them, killing those who shot at them and enslaving the others. Next couple of days I was being threatened by death every here and there if I didn't do what they want me to...oh, and rape included.
At first couple of days I took up with it and did as they asked me to, I was scared for my life. But it couldn't go fo too long for me to not get into a moment of having enough of it, one evening a man came to me looking for some good time, for himself mostly. One angry ass motherfucker, he did it the day before as well. I said NO, but would he care? Of course not, he went for it anyway. I shouted at him to leave me be, so he slapped my face and threw me back. Closing up to me I kicked the man in his face just making him more angry, trying to fight the man to get away from him failed for me as he was bigger, and stronger than me. At one point just minute after I gave up on fighting he did not stop and because I tried to fight him he beat me as well now, I pushed myself close onto him literally hugging the man. Where I suddenly have bit him into the side of his neck with as much force I could do causing him a deep wound and his neck was heavily bleeding, he tried to push me off and as that happend I bit him in the same place again making the wound even worse. From pushing me I ended up on the ground and him sitting on the couch trying to realize what just happend I took my chance and quickly got myself up grabbing a lamp with metal stand that was on a desk next to us, using it to beat him in the head with it in rage repeatedly.
When it seemed like he've had enough...actually more than that, I've dropped the lamp on the ground and stepped back and sat on the ground looking at the lifeless body with beaten head while some of the other Runners ran into the room and stood in the doorway looking at what just happend.
One of the Runners, friend of the man that just died I suppose, walked to me and was about to hit me with a hatchet but he suddenly stopped. When I looked more closely I saw that someone else standing behind him stopped him by grabbing his hand, the other guy told him that he shouldn't kill me. Afterwards they took the body and walked outside, as the last one was leaving the room he gave me a quick look telling me that I earned my place...




Cheeto faced thot tbh

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want some juice for those cheetos?

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