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Dan Evans
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1994-01-03 (25 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  2. Occupation
    In the us military


my character is named Dan Evans and was part of The Limited us forces that were in chernarus at the time of the outbreak. Him and his unit consisting of around ten other men were sent to cherno to help with the evacuation of us forces from the area. during the initial fly over of the city they agreed the best course of action would be to land in nearby farming land and then push into the now mostly ruins. as they started making there way down into the city they noticed a massive wave of infected coming from the treeline. They knew the wouldnt be able to reach friendly forces in time do to the riots going on in the streets, so they radioed it in to the forces being evacuated at the docs with small amounts of citizens. They then called in immediate evac and started running back where they came from almost parallel to the incoming threat. After being forced to open fire on some infected they finally made it into the chopper only loosing 2 men. As they got ready 4 take off a infected that branched away from the main horde hit the tail rudder. they still tried to take off so that they wouldn't be eaten alive by the massive amounts of shambling corpses. They ended up crashing in a nearby field. Dan somehow survived the crash landing and bolted for the treeline when he saw more infected coming in. he always regretted not checking for survivors


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