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Mike Baner
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1994-09-14 (24 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages



Job before outbreak: Mechanic / Air force pilot from NATO.

Languages: English / some french

Goal in game: get a working car and use it to help other survivors find cars. Eventually set up a shop where it will be noticed and spread the word. Maybe setting up near an air base

Get a map and figure out what the area looks like as I am unsure of my surroundings.

I first heard about the outbreak while on an aircraft carrier on the way to Chernaurus. Up until this point the outbreak had been hushed by western media so as to not frighten the public and cause government issues.

I Ended up in Chernaurus with the US Navy on an air craft carrier off the coast of Elektro. Our mission was to conduct bombings and to protect the US air force bases in the area as well as search and rescue.My secondary classified mission was to take aerial photographs of the major cities in Chernaurus to be used to study the zombies. My plane crashed in the woods after being struck by a missile and I have been surviving off the land since then. I suspect it was a Russian missile but don't have evidence or know why I was fired upon I was taken hostage by USSR forces while taking shelter in the woods so lost all of my air force gear. I was able to barely escape when my captors will killed by zombies. I plan to use my ingenuity to flee from Chernaurus. I have a strong knowledge of using firearms and a hard time trusting any characters who were residents of Chernarus originally. I want to travel to the air field to see if I can find any friends of mine who I was with in NATO.

I have memories of hunting with my son back home so I enjoy hunting animals and especially sharing with other players. Making fires in the woods and cooking the food.

In my free time before the outbreak I would restore cars and and them to my collection thus developing a strong mechanical knowledge.


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