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Ways Nioh
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
    Chinese / American
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Chinese / English


  1. Hair
    Jet Black Hair


Ways Nioh was 28 at the time of the outbreak but he was originally was born in Beijing. His family lived in China for most of his childhood. Ways attended his private school regularly that his parents sent him too and participated in the after school sports that were offered. Ways was as good as the next kid at sports but what Ways really excelled with was modern day technology. Ways was always tinkering with peoples broken gadgets and gizmo’s and fixing things up. Whether it be his families computer, or his next door names phone or some other sort of electronic appliance, Ways was almost always able to fix the device himself with his tools. It wasn’t until Ways was a teenager that he moved to the United States down in South Carolina. There Ways lived a pretty much ordinary American life other then the fact that he and his family were all originally Chinese. Five Years later Ways was attending an American College and part of an American fraternity at that school. 1000’s of alcoholic beverages later and a diploma, Ways had a beautiful Chernarussian girlfriend that he had met during his time at college and they both got accepted to the same law school after attending the same college. They were deeply in love and she got along very well with Ways parents. On one of there breaks from class at law school, Ways went back with her to her home in Chernarus to visit her parents, and to secretly ask her father if he had his blessing to take her fathers daughters hands in marriage. But to Ways dismay, when he got there, his father denied him the permission to marry the daughter and acted offended that Ways would even ask. Distraught his girlfriend tried to plead with her father but Ways left the home eventually, and wandered off into the town. He called his friend back home in the states leaving a message on his phone in complete distress over the situation, then wandered into one of the local bars. He proceeded to take shots and drink heavily until he was extremely intoxicated. Another completely drunk man was being obnoxious and started shoving him, so Ways fought him, but when the police came, everyone backed the man who had started it because the man was a local. They carted Ways off to the police station and confiscated his cell phone. Ways awoke hung over and desheveld the next in a cell in a completely empty jail. Three days passed and no one ever came by no matter how much Ways shouted and cried out for help. Then finally one day Ways could hear a ton of commotion out side as someone came bursting through the door with a torn up covered in blood — it was unclear though whether or not it was his own. Ways pleaded with the man in English, being able to understand bits and pieces of Chernarussian from hearing his girlfriend speak it, but not being able to talk any words of it himself. The man hesitated for a moment and went to keep running but Ways shouted at him again begging him to unlock him and give him water. The man said he had no key, and Ways pointed to the desk and the key rack behind him. After fumbling through a bunch of keys the man finally found the right one and unlocked Ways cell, just then though what ever had been making all that noise behind the door came bursting through into the room. The man and Ways then began to run from what Ways could only describe at the time as… creatures, and started to sprint for the other door that the man who saved Ways was originally heading too. But before they both could make it the man was overwhelmed and Ways looked back but then kept running and he witnessed for a split second the horror of the man being torn to shreds by the creatures. The mans blood curdling screams of panic and wretched ungodly pain rang out into the night as Ways slammed the door behind him then looked at the streets around him. Down one of the roads at the intersection he could see and hear the screams of others being chased down and eaten by some of the creatures. A set of crashed cars burning with flames and other fires scattered around the city illuminated the night sky. Ways then started sprinting in the direction he could best remember as being where his girlfriends father house was. He needed to find his girlfriend, save her, and ask her to marry him.




Time played: 0.3 hours

Total wounds: 0

Total deaths: 0

Recent events:


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