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Tony Vegas
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1990-02-05 (29 years old)
  2. Place of birth


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Eyes
    Brown eyes
  4. Alignment
    True Neutral


My name is Tony Vegas, I was born on the 5th of Feburary 1990 in Mexico but my mother and father moved me to New York when I was 8 years old because Mexico is a dangerous place for kids.

When I was 18, I went back to Mexico because I needed to work for someone. I met there a pretty lady, little did I know this girl named Julieta was going to be my girl for life. We got married after 1 years and now we have 1 kid a boy named Juan, so we left Mexico and go live at Chernarus we had my parents house in Chernarus so we had no problem with living. Our lives were seemingly perfect until Julieta got sick, at first she was coughing so I thought it was nothing. The day she got sick she said she got bitten by a random strange man while going her work place. The next day her hands were full of blood she was coughing up. I knew this was bad so i called a doctor to come over, he said she had a case of the common flu and I just wasted his time. I knew this was something very different than just the common flu. I held her hand for the whole night when suddenly, she attacked me. She didn't respond to me, she just groaned. When suddenly I heard explosions and people screaming outside. I knew it couldn't be a coincidence. I pushed Julieta aside and took Juan, we were getting the hell out of here. I felt heartbroken to leave Julieta alone but she wasn't herself anymore and her condition looked like the one the newspapers were talking about. While leaving, loads of people were roaming the streets and I felt Juan grasping my arm very tightly.

8 months have passed since the outbreak and me and Juan went back to our old house in Chernarus by crossin one oceans and two seas with my grandpa boat , a huge boat that he used for fishing , it was hard because a lot of people were after us with guns but we have done it and get back to our house first to loot the place when I heard something groaning in the kitchen. It.. it was Julieta... she was almost unrecognisable, but I just knew it was her. I couldn't see her like this and gave her forehead one 5.56 bullet. After 8 months of the outbreak, you just harden up inside, but Julieta started making me softer so I made it stop, I couldn't take it and started crying over her corpse and fell to sleep. When I woke up, Juan was gone and finding him has been my main goal since all of this happened.


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