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Lupin Mcbrave
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1981-03-24 (38 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages
    English, itllian , Russian



Lupin McLove was a long time police officer on an island in greece who fell in love with it after having spent two years their as part of a exchange program with Seattle police department. After his time on the islands he deiced to join NATO served as a local adviser for the islands and was instrumental in helping bring order to the daily life of civilians who's home was in the middle of a civil war. After the conflict ended Lupin was till bound to his NATO contract and had been told he would be getting reassigned to a new region were his skills may come in handy as tension between the CDF and Russians had exploded over night with Russia bombing a Chernarussian military base over night. He was told to back his bags and that he will be taking a the next flight out along with medical personal to join others at the local NATO base in Chernarusssian controlled area. On their way to the NATO base they were told of a change in plans and that they would no longer be going to a NATO base and would instead be joining a NATO fleet off the coast as their had been reports of some kind of chemical weapons used and solders and civilans had started to turn on each other like rabid dogs. For an entire week, lupin had been sitting on a boat waiting with little news coming in and ships gossip talking of everything from a civil war, to zombies having taken over since they set sail 7 days ago. Lupin was awoken in the middle of the night and told they were going, finally NATO had decised to send them in and that the mission was going to happen. As lupin walked out onto the deck he could see a lot of people had join the ship over the past several days a few hundred at the least, some he recognized as fellow peacekeepers others looked to be doctors. They were told that the gossip was true and that a virus of some kind had caused an outbreak and that in fact for lack of a better term their were zombies. You could hear a few people making jokes about and asking what kind of drill this was and how they got tricked into it when the lights went out and the played a video from the local news showing the outbreak. The ship was silent as they were told some of them would be heading to Chapaevsk to help set up a research center. Lupin had been running missions in Chapaevsk for about a day and a half when a call came in over the radio asking for support as riots had broken out in Chernogorsk and the US was looking to fall back to a more dependable and controllable part of the town. Lupin and few others had deiced to drive down and see if they could help in any way as things had been mostly quite at the base other than when they had been asked to bring zombies back into the compound for the doctors to exam. As they drove down to Chernogorsk Lupin had swerved to avoid what looked to be a civilian walking into the middle of the road and crashed into a tree. This caused his fellow peace keepers to be ejected from the jeep and flying into the forest. Lupin had been wearing his seat belt out of habit and awoke to the sound of tapping on the windows. Their it was the civilian he had swerved to miss was just another zombie, he should have hit it he thought as he sat up and could feel he was bruised from the crash. He reached down for is pistol and flung open his door hitting the zombie so hard it fell to the ground and before it could get up he had already fired a round into its skull. He looked back a the jeep to see where his friends were and only could see the broken windshield. He wondered had they left him, did they die in the crash, but where were the bodies ? He set off looking for them after all they couldn't have gone far. For two weeks he searched and waited for help but nothing came, no radio calls no conveys nothing, he was a lone and stuck in chernarus with zombies.


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