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Brutus North
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1981-04-24 (37 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Religion


  1. Occupation
    IT Expert.
  2. Affiliation
    Dead Batteries and Red Room.


Pre-Dead Batteries Character Lore.


In the begginnig, we were needed. We were valued members of communities and tribes. Our kind were called upon to do the dirty work of others, to keep their own innocence. Time past, then in the old world, we were labeled and thrown in prison, but now in this new world, we can be who we were born to be, without judgement or consequence.

The Dark Net attracts a wide range of people, those who want to stay private, people who may be looking to purchase something illegal, and those with a more sinister agenda. The Others: Red Room was created, it started off as an imageboard site. The site was run by Admin_01. It had wide variety of different boards, from porn to violence. It attracted some hundred users per month, but it wasn't until a live feed went up before the site gained some crazy viewership. On the screen, a dark room with a swinging red light and a chair with a sign placed on it reading " Coming soon, live torture". Days passed without anything happening. The sites active users grew immensely, and for days hundreds of people shared images and spoke about the legitimacy of the feed. The feed changed and a count down began. From 10 down to 0, and someone was sat and strapped in the chair. As the chatbox exploded with all the users typing there messages. Admin_01 posted "Session 1". And thats the moment a simple but sick imageboard site transformed into a live kill feed. Three men entered the room and stood behind the person sat in the chair. And what happened next, was sickening.

Month after month the site grew in active users all there to experince The Others: Red Room, 'Torr' for short. A bitcoin service was introduced, allowing people to donate. Competitions were held, highest bidders got to chose what happened, who sat in the chair and more. Just who was Admin_01, was it one person or a collective? One thing is for sure, this was only the begginning of 'Torr'.

Everything evolves, whether you like it or not. Could a live feed really become a live performance, in the flesh, right in front of you, so close you could touch it? A new message appears. 'Come see it live, donate and reveal the location' Users clicked the link and were asked to donate, after the donation they recieved a code that they would have to decipher that would reveal a secret location. A live feed would also appear, a small stage with a chair, on the chair a sign "Come see for youself". Chairs were placed facing the stage, it looked to be a woodland area. A countdown clock appeared at the top of the feed. Many donaters did not attend and criticized the legitacy of this. Weeks passed, the countdown clock only had an hour left. On the feed, some people started to appear, sitting down on the chairs, they all wore masks or at least something to cover there face, the looked around looking at each, all very skeptical. Many of the donators who did not attend used to he chatbox to communitcate. The clock reaches zero and like clockwork several unidentifiable people appeared on stage, a victem was dragged on and sat on the chair. The audio wasn't great but good enough to hear the sickening laughter and cries that would occur.
'Torr' had now reached a whole other level. A cult had now formed, this was only the first theartical performance, and it wouldn't be the last. Requests were made for these 'shows' to come to different countries around Europe, everything evolves.

Scott born in Britain and Nadezhda in Russia, met each other in France when they were younger. Both were from wealthy families and studied Business and mental health. They would get married and inherit money from their families. Together they would then start their own mental health organization. They would name it Svyatilishche, a hospital for mentally ill to get better.
The hospital is quiet. A loud thud. Another, followed by another. Scott sits in his office with Nadezhda, they look at each other lovingly. Who knows how long its been since the outbreak. There hospital has fallen, the staff have all abondend the Sanctuary. Patients roam freely, taking over and doing what they want. Inside the office, another loud thud on the door, it won't hold for long. They know there time is almost up, they housed some seriously dangerous people. They know what will happen when they break down that door. They share a loving hug, Scott presses the barrel of the gun to her head and pulls the trigger. The gun drops to the floor. The lean against each other, slightly propped up against the table. The door smashes open, patients trash the room and one of them picks up the gun. Gun shot after gun shot, it echoes throughout the hospital, outside into the court yard and into the streets. A man stands outside the main gate looking in, he signals and very slowly people start emerging from the forrest behind him. He bites into an apple, on the inside of his middle finger on his right hand is a small tattoo, it reads. Admin_01.

Patients had a choice, join or die. Its fare to say most joined. Some were killed anyway, they were to unstable or their minds were to far gone. A place of Sanctuary for malignant people, the city of Kyzyl has a cancer. Its name is 'Torr'. Torr roam the streets, gathering supplies to survive. Every now and then they would find a lonely traveller, they would end up on stage for the pleasure of 'Torr' members. Word would eventually get out about the Sanctuary. There were still groups of good people in and around Kyzyl. War would come for those who call Sanctuary Home.
A quiet night. A light shines in the dark, an explosion. A bright light fills the courtyard of the Sanctuary. The main gate is blown open. Torr members spring to there feet looking out seeing the destruction. Men and woman shoot at the windows from outside. He stands up, pulling on his jacket. An apple in his hand, he takes a bite and orders his users to fight back. All hell breaks loose. Out manned and out gunned, how long can they defend the Sanctuary. Causualty after casualty, they get weaker. The fight continues throughout the night. The attackers stop and retreat. They shout insults and warnings as they sprint and drive off. A second wave would come, and he knows they would not survive.
The sun starts to rise, as the attackers return. They fill the courtyard, breaching into the hospital. To there dissapointment no one is home. He stands out in the Forrest looking in, speaking into his radio. They hear a loud engine coming from outside, they see a bus come crashing along the outside wall and quickly stopping out side the destroyed gate blocking the main entrance, they start shooting but no one is there. One man runs from the bus into the forrest, a molotov is thrown over the wall. The courtyard is set alight as the fire starts to spread throughout it. They all panic running out, more molotovs are thrown over different areas of the wall surrounding the hospital and courtyard. Its not long until the whole place is up in flames. Some burn to death and others escape. A woman manages to escape running frantically away. She stops, catching her breath. She suddenly stands up to the sound of a voice behind her. She quickly turns around to the sight of several masked people, she drops to her knees, begging for her life. They move in surrounding her, a hand grabs her face. She notices the tattoo on his hand. The shuts her eyes as they fill with tears, and then looks up at him. He throws her to the ground as others move in and hold her down. He takes out a knife and carves "Torr" into her cheek. She screams in pain. They let her go as she cries laying on the ground, they walk off further into the woods, the sanctuary burning behind them. Who knows where The Others: Red Room will end up next.

After escaping Russia and losing his group, Brutus found himself in Novigrad. Not wanting to be alone, he allied himself with a group led by Bogdan Bulavard and his men. Slowly integrating himself into the group, this was a change for him. Being 'The Man' to being just another man in a group of men. But Brutus being Brutus, he will take his time time, he has not forgotten about his true self, his vision. His Red Room.


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