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Anastazie Sladkova
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1996-03-01 (23 years old)



Ana is a twenty-three year old girl. She was raised by the Eastern Orthodox church in Miroslavl, and found a nice job inside of a super market. She lived a majority of her life sheltered by the church or half-way houses. Even when government financing waned, she made sure to work hard and reciprocate the generosity she was given. While working in the supermarket, she'd often send money or personally go back to the orphanage and church she was raised, and visit the children there. 

She also helped to establish a modest scholarship for Orphans from Miroslavl. Thanks to this and her work ethic, she quickly rose to the manager of the supermarket she worked at, and enjoyed a cozy and relatively peaceful lifestyle in Miroslavl.

Following the outbreak and the enactment of Martial Law, Ana was quickly trained by the military supply corps to properly supervise and distribute rations through her Supermarket. She did so efficiently and after a while, the military asked her to help additionally supervise other city districts, due to lack of personnel and general lack of populace. Throughout this she still managed to bring food and other needed supplies to the church and orphanages, however due to the quick increase in orphans, as well as the continual rationing, she has realized that she can't procure enough supplies to keep this going. 

Ana has set off with other Kratka Street members, pursuing a goal of aiding the orphaned children, and the struggling church. She is looking for food perishables, sweet things for the children, and some additional supplies such as books or other things children would enjoy. She brings with her box loads of surplus canned food which the majority of the city has gotten tired of or don't trust eating.


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