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Clayton Hunter
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1995-09-24 (23 years old)



Clayton Hunter, the son of a Australian mother and British father and younger brother to James Hunter.
Clayton and his family moved to Chernarus to visit his dying grandmother, where his family owned a little house in the countryside, where he farmed, studied and cared for his family.
His grandmother passed away, and his family life started to fall apart. Clayton became isolated from the world and his family, but his brother kept close to him and ensured that his little brother was okay.

The outbreak happened, and Clayton's family tried there best to survive. But his mother was infected.

She turned, attacking them in their sleep. The dad, died to his injury and turned also.
James, with his dying strength protected his brother and allowed Clayton to flee. Scared, confused and alone. Clayton will survive at all costs to honor his brother sacrifice.

Clayton, alone and lost, is searching for a new home, a new place, a new family.


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