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Jayne Hobbs
YNW Jasper
Character information
  1. Alias
    Jayne, Mr. Mayor,
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    High, getting paid good and has a stable group to roll with.
  4. Date of birth
    1993-03-21 (26 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Seattle, Washington
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    None, fuck that apocalypse wife shit.
  10. Family
    All dead
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Occupation
    Former Diver and Marine Biologist
  8. Affiliation
    The Jackals
  9. Role
    Hired Gun




Jayne Hobbs was born and raised in Clearwater Florida. There he took up a passion in the same line of work his father was involved in. He became a scuba diver by trade, diving for trash cleanup as well as diving for people's wallets, watches, phones, whatever they lost and were willing to pay to get back from the depths. He spent most of his Middle and High School days doing this, not really considering what he’d do with is future until the day both of his parents were killed. They both died in a tragic boating accident that left the pairs ship capsized a few miles off the coast and the two stranded out at sea, eventually succumbing to the elements. After moving in with a childhood friend, Chips Dubbo for a few years, he began going to school to attain a degree in Marine biology.


He picked up the trade as it paid decently well, and he was able to keep up his lifelong trade in a manner of speaking, only with less fishing for wallets and more studying and science involved. After spending a few years with this and eventually convincing Chips to join him, the pair soon found themselves in dire financial straits. They simply couldn’t find decent work in their field of expertise that would have them, and those they did find didn’t pay hardly enough to keep a roof over their heads. Eventually the two landed a job on a research charter ship that promised a massive payout at the end of it’s several month long journey.

Unfortunately this was just before this time that Jayne had picked up his worst habit. Drugs. He became a closeted addict, someone who knew how to hide it well, but make no mistake was very addicted. His drugs of choice were Roxicodone, Xanax, and Heroin on a particularly dull day. While it was certainly treatable if something went awry before the world went to shit, a few months from now, being an addict would prove to be a pretty dangerous trait to have.  Put this will come into play later.

Thinking this was the opportunity of a lifetime and a golden ticket to escaping their less than ideal money situation, they gladly accepted, not knowing what awaited them towards the end of their journey. Then again, how could they? The job seemed easy enough, the crew was teaming with a group of more established Marine Scientists to study sea life in several areas, starting in the Balkan sea and ending in the Black Sea.

Once they reached the black sea in June of 2017 things took a grim turn. When they stopped at one of the local marinas in Chernarus for a resupply and refuel, several of the crew members began to feel ill just hours after being back at the sea.


Chalking it up to fatigue and the flu, the captain of the show and leader of the expedition and study decided to pause the Studies for the day and resume in the morning. That night several of the crew that were sick arose from their bunks in a flurry of rage and madness and began attacking the 30 man crew that remained. It was chaos, many dying in quick succession until the non infected could exit the bunk rooms and manage to make it to the deck, locking the sick below. By the time they managed this only a mere 14 crew members remained. The rest were either dead, bleeding out, turning into one of the grey skins, or were already among them.

Not particularly keen on remaining on the ship awaiting to starve, get sick, or be eaten by those below, Chips and Jayne volunteered to take on of the motorized life rafts along with some food and water and head back to shore to try and get some help, since they only seated two, and if the fuel couldn’t take them both to land they each had enough diving and swimming experience to make it the rest of the way - or at least had better odds of making it than all the others did.

Eventually convincing the Captain to let them try their luck, Jayne was gifted with a flare gun to use to try and signal the crew if they fell into some trouble, or, if they were on their way with some help. And off they went, spending hours heading straight for the coast of South Zagoria. After nearly three hours of this they were close, but not quite there, and very out of gas. The pair donned their diving suits, scuba tanks, goggles and flippers and took to the frigid waters. They swam for another two hours before finally reaching shore, where things weren’t looking too much better.


The rest is history. The pair were stranded in Chernarus, with only each other and a kind stranger named Mongo Okeke they found along the way to keep eachother company. About two days after making it to the shore, they watched in horror as some Jet blew the research vessel to shit from the shoreline. Confused at the time, they were later informed that the ship had no remaining humans on it and the deck was full of dormant infected and was destroyed in an effort to Quarantine the virus, or so they were told by one of the Chernarussian soldiers they met at a checkpoint.

These days the boys can be found wandering the country, occasionally taking on contracts but largely keeping to themselves. Chips and Mongo taking on more of a combative role in the new world, whereas, Jayne prefers to keep things diplomatic if he can help it, but over the months has become a whiz when it comes to guns thanks to training from Mongo and his friend Bosco, both former Liberian and Nigerian military. Lately he's taken up work for the Jackals as an extra hired gun along with his pal Bosco Bakala.

Currently he's working as a way to purchase drugs in exchange for ammo from local dealers and hopes to find a more steady supplier than a shady guy who walks around towns every now and then. 

More recently he's been working for and with the Jackals and Green Dragons. To put it in simple terms, he could be the mayor of Kabanino, now renamed Tombstone, if he continues to do what they say and spread the good word of both groups during his time as Mayor of Kabanino. In exchange he gets the respect from those that pass through the town, mostly makes the rules and is in charge of the town, along with being paid pretty handsomely for his services. 



(Friends, Neutral, Enemies)



- Joe Dewski

"Not much to say really. He's an alright feller, and one of my bosses, so there's that. Leads well enough I guess."

- Nik Khaos

"Also my boss. Also the scarier boss. Crazy cunt sometimes, but get's the shit done and keeps me paid."

- Puncture Smith

"Best Doctor in the country aside from that Witch Doctor feller. Nice guy."

- Dr. Hope Pisces 

"OK. I lied, she's actually the best Doctor because she actually knows what she's doing. Helped me out with that uh...drug situation. Seems like a pretty alright gal."


Scars - A carved 'W' just below his right eye 

Wounds - Infected mark on his arm due to being sold bar heroin, unknown if it was just a dirty needle or something more sinister...

(Causes his skin to be flushed more than normal, dark circles around his eyes, and consistent pain in his left arm)

Tattoos - A highly identifiable Kraken tattooed on the side of his neck 





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Oh this guy! The draco look alike from skeleton twins haha, I watched that movie because of you!

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