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Norah Dahl
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1995-01-20 (24 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages
    English, Norwegian
  5. Relationship
    Magnus Helgarson


  1. Height
    157 cm
  2. Weight
    53 kg
  3. Hair
  4. Eyes





Norah was raised by her father after her mother died in a car accident when she was only two years old. Her father started drinking and blaming himself for what happened to her mother and as the only child, she didn't have anybody to support herself on. Her father was often violent towards Norah when she didn't behave so Norah built some walls inside herself to protect herself from the outside world. As she grew older she became more and more "closed". She didn't let people get close to her until one day she meet a beautiful charming man. Life was finally looking brighter, she was in love and had hope for the future. He was a few years older than her so he had his own place so she quickly decided to move in with him. It all started out just like she imagined, but without her noticing the signs beforehand, he beat her, he beat her so bad that she had to go to the hospital. When she got to the hospital and they asked her what happen, she looked at her once beautiful charming man who now had become a monster, and said: "I fell". She knew deep down that it was all a lie and she should have gotten away, but there was something inside of her that told her it will change, he will change... They lived together for many years and one day she got pregnant, her life once again had meaning and hope. She gave birth to what she thought was the most beautiful baby girl in the world, and she was happy.  Years went by and Norah stayed alive for the sake of her daughter, but Norah also had a plan, a plan to get away from her prince charming.




Norah packed some things in the middle of the night and grabbed her daughter as they quickly drove to the airport. Norah was relieved that she managed to get on the plane with her daughter, they were finally free. They ended up in Chernarus and they stayed at a place with a nice family. One day, people started to panic and pack their things, trying to get away from something. Norah left her daughter inside the house as she ran outside trying to find out what was going on. Norah turned around as she heard her daughter scream behind her, and infected charged at her daughter, tearing her daughter apart in front of her. Norah grabbed the closest thing to her and beat the infected until it was no longer moving, as she held what was left of her daughter, crying and screaming. Norah turned around to see more of those things come so she picked up her daughter and ran to the forest. She buried her daughter in a beautiful place with a stunning view. Norah spent hours by her grave until one day, she stopped. She turned her grief into anger and hate, she wanted revenge on the cruel world she knew. She started playing with people's feelings, fooling them and luring them before she did whatever she felt like doing.










- Straight forward

- Big mouthed

- Clever

- Manipulative







- "X" carved into her right wrist

- "Kane" carved into the back of her left shoulder  Burn mark into the back of her left shoulder

- A circle carved into her left wrist












- Reading

- Hunting

- Taking pictures




- Liars

- Disrespectful people

- Curious people






- Polaroid camera















M8 your character is fucked.

Looks good though 😄

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13 minutes ago, Onyx said:

M8 your character is fucked.

Looks good though 😄

It's the world that it's fucked! Not her! 😛 

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