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Edward Connolly
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1990-09-23 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Chicago, U.S.A
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, Slight russian


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    63 kg
  3. Build
    slim yet muscular
  4. Hair
    Dirty blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Affiliation
  7. Role
    Second in command






Edward is a simple man from Chicago. Lived an average life with his wife and daughter. he worked an average desk job. Nothing was was special about him. he was someone you could easily forget.

Summer of 2017, 

Edward was tired, depressed and bored with life. He often contemplated suicide as a means to an end of his dead end life. He often referred it to a snowglobe effect, stuck in the same pocket of reality for the longest time. until one day he just said fuck it. he needs a vacation. He got home and started talking to the wife about taking a cruise with him. he saved up enough money, why not? 

"Lets just go.. Sofia will love it as well" "I'll have to cancel day care. and put my job on hold as well. its not as simple of just pack up and go honey" "Darling you know how much i need this. with how depressed I've been feeling recently. it will be such a nice change of pace for a bit." "... Alright... I'll start calling places telling them we'll be gone for a bit. where are we going anyway?" "i found this amazing cruise through the green sea, could get to see some beautiful russian and chernarussian tourist spots. And make some memories for little sofia" ...

The start. Edward never expected this cruise to be the end of his life as he knows it. and the birth of his darker self. The day of the cruise went well. his family payed on the deck of the ship. having a wonderful time. and Edward was feeling better than ever. days became shorter as the time flew passed them. a couple days later the waters started to get a little rough. people on the ship were starting to worry as the captain tried to get them closer to port to wait out the storm. blue skies became grey, and rainy. calm waters became rapid and angry. The ship was thrashed about violently as edward and his family stood on top deck. trying to get to a safe spot they ran. for the bedrooms but there wasn't time. before they reached the hallway the ship hit a huge rock. the impact sent a shockwave throughout the entire ship throwing Edward and his wife and daughter into the wall violently. The impact of the wall fractured the poor 7 year old Sofias head. causing her to go into a seizure and dying minutes later. Holding his loved one s in his arms the ship was ripped apart and the rest of the crew sank with it. in the panic of the water Edward lost the hand of his wife, the water thrashing him about he was dazed lost and confused. not knowing which way was up or down in the ocean before passing out. He later woke up on the coast. of russia. not knowing how he got there or what to do next. he wandered into town trying to find help but was only met with panic and anarchy throughout the city. It looked like some sort of apocalyptic scenario going throughout the city. he didn't realize that's exactly what was happening.

Months passed and Edward managed to find survivors of the ship crash. in the apocalypse. they banded together to create a small group. keeping eachother safe. there was no time anymore for sadness. of the past only to look towards the future. The group was rather small with him being the sixth member. the groups single rule. was that everyone had one favor. when using this favor any of the group members could do what ever they wanted no questions asked. and the group would follow and help see it though. no matter how horrible the favor was.



What became of this world is still a mystery. what will become has not been shown yet but all that is known is if you don't find friends to watch your back. you will die.

Edward quickly found himself with a group of survivors from the ship crash. years into the apocalypse has left everyone ruined and washed out. what was left of these people he called friends was just anger. They've been kicked down chewed out so many times they because the very thing they hated. Rapists, Thieves, cannibals.... Monsters. while they all withered away in anger and rage Edward managed to keep hold of his humanity. The only thing that kept him going was the thought of his family. The thought that if there was a god. if there was a haven and they were watching down on him. that they would be happy. Thoughts like that didn't last before one of his own got into trouble.





Daniel was an Idiot. The hell of the apocalypse warping his mind thinking he was gods gift to humanity. Pompous asshole is all he was. he went off radar for a week before showing back up on radio. Had told us how hes using his one wish. "the world fucking owes me for all the shit its put me through. so i seized the opportunity" "What opportunity Danny?" "Two beautiful women. they were just standing their on the road. sooo I took them" "You TOOK TWO WOMEN HOSTAGE?" "The world owes me and this is what i want. besides you cant really stop me or do you want to break the rules of the group. My one wish? hmmm?" "you should see them... they're.... Hmmm great. ones a little young but beggars cant be choosers. and the other's older but has a bit of mental issues.. They're beautiful little things hmm" Edward stopped listening at that point. thought of him made Edward sick to his stomach. Thankfully it didn't last. a week later o complete radio silence and the leader of the group had tasked Edward with going to Daniels safehouse and checking on him. radio silence like that usually means trouble. He didnt want to. where ever Daniel went hes better off there. but orders were orders he wasnt about to disrespect the group. as he got to the safehouse the door was wide open. and he was found dead on top of his bed mutilated to all hell. the two women he took, nowhere to be seen. with the news he had Edward walked up the hill into the trees before noticing two girls walking back to the cabin. obvious at who they were he would watch them from the hills as they dug a hole and dragged daniels body into it. burying him before leaving.

After the group found out about his death they went on the hunt to find the girls that killed him. looking for weeks until they finally found them.




"Khandra Myska is cute, A type of person you would never expect to be still kicking in the apocalypse. Innocent, yet deadly. Her smile could light up the room, her fear could plunge it into darkness, She is too good for this world, My biggest regret is what i did to her." 

Khandra was one of these slaves that daniel took. Since Edward was the nicest in the group, the rest liked to annoy him with it. while everyone else didn't care about hurting killing and raping. Edward did. The leader tasked him again to find and deal with Daniels runaways. Told him the only way he stays in this group is he finds them and "punishes" them. the thought disgusted him but he had no choice. You dont leave this group you only die. so Edward did what they wanted from him. he found Khandra and Penny and did what he had to do.

after a little while he got numb to his humanity, forced to ignore it. after a little while the group decided to follow in Daniels footsteps. getting involved in slave trade up north in russia. Meeting a few groups, The bears, Nexum, Dagomys, and The Olympians 

The bears

The bears are a group of people ran by a russian woman in the northern side of Sochi, They deal with slave trade and ocasional protection missions for the good people in the Olympians

The Olympians

The olympians are a group of people that took over the Olympic stadium In sochi. Currently home to upwards to 2,000 People. an entire city living inside the stadium. they are huge, full of doctors, civilians, military, .ect Anyone that lives in or around Sochi knows their names, and you can usually find a few with Olympic papers on them


Run of the mill Slaver group. anyone they think is a good candidate is taken. its hard for you to come back if you run into Nexum


A slave safe haven, They take in beat up and destroyed slaves, and give them a new life. They also take charge organizing meetings between the big groups and the slavers to negotiate peace 





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You are a very handsome man. 😘 

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