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Oliver Foster
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1982-01-17 (37 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages



He is a camera man that worked for World Outlook.During Oliver's time working for World Outlook he was paired up with Theodore Lachman. Oliver has had previous experience filming and being in chaotic and war torn countries. Him and Theodore were sent over on May 4th to South Zagoria to report on the rumors and ongoing events with this so called run down storage base. Just after 2 months of no leads or big breaks Oliver and Theodore kept going from place to place hoping for and information anyone would share. Once the military presence from the CDF seemed to grow expediently and begin locking down any way into the base. Shortly after the residents of Kamensk and Nagornoe were rounded up Oliver and Theodore knew this would be their break they have been looking for and decide to keep going and try to find what was actually going on. Over the next couple days Oliver was trying to find any information he could to figure out what the cause of this is and where the people of Kamensk went. Once the attacks happened Oliver grabbed his camera and began taking pictures and recording what chaos he could. When the bombing started in the distance Oliver knew he had to try and get as close as he safely could. Many hours after the bombing stopped Oliver went to return to the town only to see what looked like riots breaking out. Upon getting closer he seen what looked like people bloodied and missing limbs he ran in to provide what help he could. After running up to a person that looked bloodied and beaten and the person not responding to anything Oliver was saying the person turned, began swigging wildly and snapping their jaw towards him, Oliver managed to get away and noticed other people were acting the same and attacking others. Oliver managed to find Theodore in the madness and took off as far away from the madness as they could. With no way to leave and no communication he knew he was stuck. Over the next 2 years him and Theodore tried to do what they could to try and rig an old radio tower and get in contact with anyone back home to see if they still have a home to go back to. Shortly after getting what he thought was needed they were over run. Separated from his friend, with nothing but the clothes he manged to get out with he knew he would have to keep fighting and hope that its not for nothing.


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