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Theodore Lachlan
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  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1973-08-20 (45 years old)



Theodore Lachman

3:25 AM May 4th, 2017 - Toronto , Canada

Theodore leans over, and pulls the cover back up over his wife as he quietly sneaks out of the bed, slowly shuffling to the bathroom. He looks in the mirror and sees a middle aged man, with grey in his stubble looking back at him in the mirror. "It's too damn early" he thinks to himself as he prepares himself for his early flight to Chernarus. Equipment in hand, Theodore heads out the door, and to the airport. It's there he meets up with Oliver Foster, a long time friend and co-worker, who've worked for the same news company for several years now. This is definitely the most dangerous job he's been sent on. Theodore has been working for the news outlet World Outlook for his entire reporting career, but this is the farthest from home he’s ever been. The assignment was to go report on the unstable conditions of South Zagoria , and he had a feeling that things were going to be a bit different from his usual assignments.

7:42 PM July 7th, 2017 - South Zagoria

It's been months that he's been covering the unstable province of South Zagoria, and it doesn't look like it's going to improve anytime soon. Theodore didn't want to do this job this time, he knew there was going be additional risk, but with his newly arrived daughter he needs the money. Military movement is high today, people are uneasy, but this is the perfect chance to get the right shot. He knew he had a money maker today, and when World Outlook posts these videos of people being rounded up by military, he knows he'll make a good paycheck. If only it was that simple... The air was stale and there was no wind, the streets were dark, but he had gone out to find a shop to buy a snack. The road was a path that was traveled earlier by the military convoy that had taken people to the school. The lights were on in shops, but no-one to be seen. People are missing he quickly realizes, and that's when down the street he locks eyes with a local soldier. Quickly he turns, and cuts through the alleyways to lose the man that's pursuing him.

4:12 AM July 8th, 2017 - South Zagoria

Theo sits rested against a hay bale on the edge of a farmers field, staring into the woods as he gains his breath. Camera on his lap, he stares in the woods, feeling as though he's being stared back at. That's when he sees it, three people shambling out of the forests, looking as if they've been hit by a bomb. He slowly pulls up his camera and snaps shots of them, and that's when he notices that there is no way they should be capable of walking. Quickly he circles the hay bale and hides himself as he keeps an eye on them. As the men continued out of the forest, Theo quickly realized that they were headed for this farmers livestock. He couldn't believe his eyes, he began snapping as many pictures as he could. That's when he noticed that they were turning, in what appeared to be his direction. Quickly Theo turns, only to be surprised by a bloody many in green fatigues shambling towards him only about 5 feet away. Theo looks into the mans eyes, and that's when he realizes... That's no man.

6:45 AM March 17th, 2019 - Chernarus

It's been two years, and Theodore has not been able to gather any sort of communication to Canada. Separated from his long time friend and co-worker, Oliver Foster, he heads to Gorka. Beard grown, Theo has become a man of his environment with only one goal on his mind; find a way home to his wife, and daughter. Currently Theo is trying to regain contact with Oliver, as he is his only hope for being able to set up some sort of communications with his family. The following goal is to find a way home. Theo is motivated to manage a way back to his family, and is willing to do whatever he has to , to survive to make sure he can care for his family.


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