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Jacen Vance
Character information
  1. Alias
    Radio no where
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    good morale standing
  4. Date of birth
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    89 kg
  3. Build
    fair build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
  8. Equipment
    depends on what I get my hands on
  9. Occupation
    radio man
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Jacen Vance was a little known radio man back in Oklahoma where he started to pick up speed and brand himself by the radio name "Radio No Where". This new found popularity found himself a job opportunity of becoming a co-host at the Altars radio station before all hell broke out. Jacen is a white male of the age thirty two, he has blond hair and green eyes. Jacen currently has no other family besides his parents which live on an old farm in the country side of Oklahoma. He is a person who enjoyed spending time at the range and was even a club member of the local 'Guns Almighty' firearms enthusiasts. He weighs roughly around two hundred and twenty pounds and is the rough height of six foot one. Jacen is a rather kind soul with a big heart, he is not afraid to go out of his way to do the right thing. He is also very protective of those around him who he trusts. Jacen has his basic high school diploma and rather enjoyed riding his bike to school. Jacen had gone through a few different careers before finding his calling as a radio man, he first tried his hand out as an pest exterminator but found the job was going no where for him since his boss had no intentions on giving Jacen any raises or promotions in the business. Than Jacen partnered up with one of his friends to start a meat delivery business which was profitable for about three years before he found out his good friend Jake had a gambling issue. Jakes gambling ended up taking half of the businesses revenue and made the Meat business call for bankruptcy. So one day Jacen was driving in his truck after losing a legal battle with his ex-business partner Jake, as he heard this man talking on the radio about this opportunity of becoming a co-host at the local radio station. Jacen at his lowest decided "Screw it." and applied the next day. The following week he found out he landed the job and thats where he founded his love for being a radio host man, only 1 year later he got a promotion to be the main spokes man at the radio station. Now days Jacen is just trying survive out in the waste lands of Chernarus. He still hopes and plans on building back up his radio popularity even though the whole world has gone to shit. He can be commonly seen in black and will always be carrying around some form of radio for communication and possibly broadcasting. Jacens favourite food is canned peaches and his favourite drink would have to be a good old can of sprite. Jacen still holds onto whatever little pieces of humanity he can and continues to do so for as long as possible. After a long flight Jacen had finally landed in the North East Airfield, while he was here he seemed to notice a few people were coughing but this seemed rather the normal since it was the flue season he thought. After stepping out of the airport he called over a cab and asked the diver if he could take him to to Cherno where he had previously booked a hotel to stay in. While they were driving along the main highway they came to the outskirts of Berezino in between the broken English of the cab driver, and the loud music playing from the radio they could see something rather odd looking ahead. There seemed to be a military roadblock set up in the middle of the road, Jacen peered over the divers shoulder trying to get a better view. The military men where having a heated argument with a random man who got out of his Sedan, the man started yelling at the military men and Jacen could see the military man lift his rifle and aim at his chest. Jacen started to have sweat roll down his head while unsure of knowing what would happen next. As Jacen glanced down at his phone trying to bring up the video recorder he heard some loud yelling and a shot rang out, with two more following the first. Almost immediately after this happened the diver put the cab into reverse and pushed the pedal down to the ground, he tried telling me to stay calm in some more broken English which didn't really help. While the cab was backing up as fast as it could Jacen peeked out the back window, it didn't take long for him to notice what looked to be a woman running their way. In an instant before he could even warn the diver they hit the woman, in a panic of driver swerved the back end of the cab into a tree. In a bit of a daze after hitting his head Jacen crawled over to the other seat pushing the door open, he fell out of the car and slowly pushed himself up; He could hear the cracks of the sound barrier and these loud noises ringing out as the military men continued firing off shots. Jacen turned looking the way of the military men and he saw a mix of those who were trying to run away, and those who were running straight at the military men like man men.
He could see this large mob of what looked like to be people dashing towards the military men, after the men noticed the mob they turned and started firing into it. It didn't take long for the mob to reach them or for the military men to run out of ammunition in their rifles. What Jacen saw next was truly horrifying, this mob started ripping into the military men without mercy, Jacen quickly turned to the drivers door and opened it to wake the cab driver. But to Jacens horror the cab diver had been shot from a few stray bullets that the military men shot off, Jacen turned and vomited on the side of the road. It didn't take long for Jacen to gather the survival instinct of flight, he grabbed what he could carry out of the cab as quickly as possible and started his run off ito the forest off the side of the road. Jacen spent two days in the forest before he ventured out to upper Berezino, while he made his way walking through the seemingly empty town he head some loud yelling. Jacen walked up the street and peered around the corner seeing four people standing around a man and what he could guess was his wife, the man was bagging the four to let them go but they simply laughed.
One of the four had a shot gun while the other two had handguns, Jacen didn't know what he could do besides stand there and watch. After about 5 minutes one of the four lifted his handgun and shot the man in the head, than he turned to the woman and shot her in the chest. After these shots a few loud shrieks could be heard off in the distance and the group quickly started running, it didn't take Jacen long to figure out that something was coming and it was coming fast. Jacen ran through the streets of Berezino and quicly came uppon a house, the door was closed and locked so in a panic he started throwing himself against the door. Jacen could hear something coming up behind him and right before it got to him the door gave in, this thing of a man lunged itself at Jacen while he was on the ground. It became a contest of strength while he held it back with both his hands, Jacen was able to put his one arm to hold it a little of a distance away from its face while it was trying to bite into it. Jacens free hand was franticly moving across the floor when it came to a can of food, in a fit of pour survival he started bashing in the side of this things head until it went limp ontop of him. Jacen pushed it off of him and rolled pushed himself back catching his breath, the new blood stains all over himself was more than enough to start a panic. After a short while Jacen caught his breathe while looking around, he got up and went over to the counter where he saw a few pieces of plywood and some nails, he took those and closed the door that was wide open. Using the can as a makeshift hammer Jacen fortified the door with the plywood and nails to his best ability. After this he went searching around the house gathering what he could and prepared to bunker down. Jacen rationed what food and water he had for what seemed to be a few months after almost starving himself, and drinking up the water that he had filled the bathtub with before the utilities were shut off. After he had run out of supplies Jacen decided it was for his best interest to leave the house he had stayed in for survival and venture off to find what little amount of humanity he could.
This is the world he lives in now and he will slowly but surely continue to adapt to its environments and conditions it will bring, no matter what it throws at him.


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