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Tyler Smith
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    chaotic natural
  3. Date of birth
    1988-03-29 (31 years old)
  4. Nationality
    United States
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
  7. Family
    Henry Smith


  1. Height
    204 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
    Stronger then the average person
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
    has a scar that goes over his right eye but doesn't effect vision
  8. Equipment
    Tends to run with a M4 with a Acog or a long range sniper rifle with a suppressed pistol as a secondary
  9. Occupation
    Armed Courier


Born and raised in Arlen Texas
as a child he would help his father work on cars
joined the us Military at age 27
Prefers not to be alone on missions but will if he needs to
wants to fight for what is right
not afraid to get into fire fights to save innocents or friends
Loves to joke arround but when it comes down to it can stay calm and level headed in the worst of situations
had a wife and a kid but the wife died at child birth
loyal to his leader no matter the group he is in "His words are like my bible" unless it goes against his coad of conduct(meaning harming innocents or doing something that would harm others not in the conflict)
served 3 years in the military
got the rank of corpral but never went any further
Grunt in the marines
Rifleman (0311)
3rd Marines batalion, 5th Marines Regiment, Weapons Company, 56' Platoon
ammunitions expert
EDPIP: 1153459657
Trained: Camp Pendleton, CA
CO: Bryan Hamble
specialized in long range
favorite gun to use is either the M4 or any long range rifle
active duty
has good grouping in close range but can also pick up a long rifle if needed
Physical stranght was above average because on his off time he would lift weights or do something to make him stronger
Has basic medical training(just enough to save someones life aka chokeing, bullet wound or stab wound)

Age: 30
height: 6'7"
weight: 200
sex: Male
race: White

Pre Outbrake:

While Tyler was at Camp Pendleton in his second year The base was attacked by a group of terriorists. RPG's and gun shots are fired randomly hitting anything and everything they could. Though Tyler wasnt the first
person to see the attack he was the first to suit up and get to work. Helping anyone and everyone he could. When all of the smoke cleared he saw someone laying in a pool of blood. It was his CO Bryan Hamble.
Tyler quickly rushes to his side. He notices Bryan has been shot 4 times, 2 to the leg and 2 to his chest. Tyler rips off his shirt to slow the bleeding of his leg and applies pressure to the wounds on his
chest. Bryan laughs and says "Hehe *coughs up blood* We need more soldiers like you, your always looking to help." Tyler calles out for a medic and helps rush Bryan to the infirmary, but didnt make it Bryan
past in his arms. That day Tyler swore that he would never let something like that happen again while he was arround.

Post Outbrake:

Tyler was on his third year in the military when his higher ups called him in to talk to him. He walks in quite confused because he doesnt know what is going on. He looks over and sees his brother Henry Smith.
Tyler then jokeingly says "What did he do now" and lets out a sigh. His brother punches his arm. They all chuckel when one of the people in the room the neither of the 2 brothers reconize says "alright thats enough."
He said this with such a look in his eye Tyler know something was wrong. The 2 brothers look at eachother kinda to see if they came to the same conclusion. They both knew it was something serious. The man speaks again
saying " This isnt a joking manner, I know you like to joke arround sometimes but this is not the time for it." " We have a new mission for the 2 of you. There have been reports of some sort of outbrake in Chernarus.
We are sending the 2 of you to check it out." Tyler starts to look confused and says " But sir we dont have any experience in disease control." The man looks at him in the eyes with a scared look in his face. He says
" Son this aint the normal kind of disease." He pauses for a second. " This is a worst case scenario, reports of the dead comming back to life, people eating other people. If these reports are true, well son you arent
going to have a fun time. We are putting the 2 of you on a plane in 0500 hours. When you get there check out the situation and report back. Good luck Smith brothers." Tyler knew he couldnt just sit by and do nothing.
He looked at his brother with a determended look Henry knew immediatly what was going trough Tyler's head. The 2 brothers left without saying a word and started to get ready. When the time came to leave Tyler didnt say
a single word and mentaly prepared him self for the worst. When they got there the 2 brothers were told they were being split up Tyler huged his brother and told him "Dont worry if shit hits the fan im comming to get you."
The 2 part ways Tyler didnt know where they were going to station Henry all he knew is that he was being stationed at Tisy Military Base. After a couple of days the worst gets confirmed, its a full on zombie outbrake. And
sets out to find his brother and help anyone who he can.


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