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Klaus J Franks
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1995-12-25 (23 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality


  1. Alignment
    True Neutral


The first character I wanna play as is a Marine. It has a lot of meaning in it for myself and I believe I can get ahold of the roleplay a lot easier if I go with something I know. This characters name will be Klaus J Franks. Born in 1995 Klaus, who also goes by James (his middle name), is a strong dependable rancher from Wyoming. Klaus joined the Corps after an attack in Washington DC. He slowly progressed in his MOS and became more comfortable with an bolt-action M24 sniper rifle. Shortly after his enlistment he was deployed to Chernarus, an area bordering Russia. Him and his team were sent to supply support to the Chernarussian troops. As he left the mainland of the USA he was told that they would only be there for 2-4 months, this was not the case while patrolling the roads for enemy forces the team was ambushed. Klaus and his team returned fire on the hostiles but there were to many of them. Klaus watched as one by one his men went down first Duke, Robbins and then Johnston. Finally Klaus was hit once in the shoulder twice in the gut. Severely wounded Klaus thought he was going to die. His world started to go dim till it went black. After Klaus was unconscious he was thought to have been dead so the hostiles left him bleeding out. He was found by the locals and taken to a nearby hospital where he laid in a coma for weeks until he woke up alone in a room and as he looked outside only to find that the world he thought couldn't get any worse just went down the rabbit hole.


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